– Cannon Fodder Counter Attack System Ch16 (Part 3/5)

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Ye Si Nian licked his lips and continued reading this world’s story.

Finally, with the pure and beautiful embodiment of his heart, the original owner can be said to serve Huang Dezheng everywhere. However, Huang Dezheng’s character was not suitable for modern human society at all. Although he had a good reputation, his life was still very bitter. After he got together with the original owner, he had a good life. On the one hand, he was satisfied with the original’s unreserved love for him, but on the other hand, he had an inevitable self-inferiority, after all, he didn’t earn as much as the original.

Because of his noble character’s high temperament, it made him unable to stand this kind of life as if he was being taken care of. Also, he was ostracized by his colleagues at work, so his attitude towards the original was worsening. He would vent his anger on the original and dismiss the stench of the businessman he was covered with. However, the original’ brain seemed to have been covered with shit, instead of being angered he continued to comfort…

Ye Si Nian sighed in silence, shook his head and read on.

As he expected, the resignation of the original not only didn’t wake Huang up but also made him more and more ambitious. He was not satisfied with the original. The original was usually extremely tired because of his busy work and frequent business trips, the two couldn’t get together for a long time.

When the original was exhausted, the teacher encountered the designated male protagonist, who was deeply attracted by Su Yibai’s purity and innocence. He not only generously supported Su Yibai, whose family was in poor condition but also cared for him. He even took him back to the original’s house to live as Su Yibai was unable to stay in the dormitory because of his part-time job. However, Huang Dezheng was afraid of scaring the pure Su Yibai and worried that the original would be hurt by stimulation, so he dared not confess his love. He was oppressed and could only be twice as good to him.


Su Yibai, who worked in the nightclub, also met the man who was the destined male lead, Rong Buping, the leader of Tianliang Wang Po’s international financial group. Su Yibai was accidentally taken into the hotel by a malicious guest. He was able to injure the person and escaped. He inadvertently fled into the lead’s room. The drug which had been injected into him finally began its effect and he began to feel dizzy. Rong Buping, who was drunk, thought that it was the person sent by his subordinates.

He was unable to stop all night.

When Su Yibai woke up, the person who humiliated him was no longer there. He returned to his original home and was comforted by Huang Dezheng, who was extremely distressed. He seemed lifeless. He said with a vigour that he didn’t mind! Su Yibai felt extremely dirty, and at the same time, he was shy and moved. Under the teacher’s expectant gaze, the two sweetly confirmed their relationship.

TN: I am so sorry I didn’t update these past few days. I had 2 essays to submit and became stressed. But it should get better now. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and are enjoying your weekend. The next part will be released later today, so stay tuned.


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3 thoughts on “– Cannon Fodder Counter Attack System Ch16 (Part 3/5)

  1. Pei Xiuning: Ye Si Nian’s current host, a 24-year-old successful businessman. Huang Dezheng’s boyfriend. Cannon fodder.

    Huang Dezheng: A holier-than-thou university professor with an inferiority complex. Dating Pei Ziuning but fell for Su Yibai instead. Cannon fodder?

    Su Yibai: The shou (?) protagonist. Pure and with no money, Huang Dezheng is infatuated by him. After being given a date-rape drug, he escapes only to be raped by the ML, Rong Buping. Because rape turning into love is a common trope in Chinese web novels, they will undoubtedly fall in love.

    Rong Buping: The gong (?) protagonist. He had such a good time drunkenly raping Su Yibai, that he probably falls in love with his victim.

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