– Cannon Fodder Counter Attack System Ch16 (Part 4/5)

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Rong Buping, who came back from the business meeting, was very confused when he saw that the delicious little man disappeared. He called his assistant and told him to find out the information about the man. He couldn’t explain how he felt. Anyway, he was fond of the man and just consoled himself.

The more the investigation, the more the love, the deeper his desire to get closer, the kind of pure and innocent child who had seen the attraction of too many dark protagonists. In short, a bully president fell in love.

After finishing his work, the exhausted original came back and waited for his lover’s breakup message, but he still loved Huang Dezheng, so all his anger was vented onto Su Yibai. All kinds of traps were made to make Su Yibai’s life difficult. Soon, Rong Buping sent people to protect Su Yibai who found out and reported the situation to Rong Buping.
The man he was pursuing was being bullied! It was a slap to his face!

Rong Buping became angry. He took Tianliang Wang Po’s momentum and suppressed the company where the original worked. The original was then dismissed by the helpless president of the company. He lost everything and finally died in a car accident after being drunk.

But Rong Buping, who saved Su Yubai increased some good feeling between themselves. In addition, Huang Dezheng had a bad life without the original’s support. After Su Yubai broke up with Huang Dezheng, he threw into Rong Buping’s open arms.
Hurriedly sweeping through the sweetness the two men left behind, Ye Si Nian frowned back.


Sure enough, although the death of the original was not remembered by these people, it deeply stimulated the adoptive parents and elder brother Pei Xiuyuan who lived abroad. The business tycoons, Pei and Rong started an endless fight, but Rong Buping and Su Yibai were the sons of fortune in the world after all. Finally, Rong succeeded in annexing Pei and achieved incomparable glory.

Ye Si Nian reclined on the seat and breathed deeply.

Because of a man who was not worthy, it cost not only his own life but also affected his family’s. If the original knew, would he regret it?

Now that the body has been taken over by him, he will not let himself go that far.

He was not going to kill himself over a middle-aged uncle!


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One thought on “– Cannon Fodder Counter Attack System Ch16 (Part 4/5)

  1. This time I hope the face slapping reaches all the right people. I’m still upset that the person who killed the original in the first arc simply got to move his target to a different person instead of being properly slapped.


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