– Cannon Fodder Counter Attack System Ch17 (Part 1/4)

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It was still early in the morning when he took a taxi home. Although he was in good health, he was still tired after a long night.

Ye Si Nian took off his glasses and pinched his eyebrows. Although his body was clamouring for rest, his spirit was very excited. After all, he wanted to see the parents of the original. He could not be too suspicious and unchanging. Although imitating the original’s character was a piece of cake for him, the cowardly and autistic character was not suitable for his next plan.

Fortunately, after graduating from University, he left home and went back to China. It would not be normal not to have had any personality changes over several years.

He didn’t tell his parents about his return in advance, so the villa was still quiet, only the chirping of birds came from the garden.

Ye Si Nian slightly clenched his lips. The adoptive parents of the original started to walk away from the business once their eldest son grew up and moved to this quiet town to live a happy life. At present, this exquisite villa was designed and built when they retired. It seemed like from a fairy tale at a distance, full of warmth and comfort.

The smell of grass mixed with the breeze came, Ye Si Nian paid and got out of the car. Standing on the side of the road, he took a deep breath, his tired body and mind seemed to be relaxed a lot.


Now, I am Pei Xiuning. I will guard this family in my heart and never let them experience such heartache and sadness again.

Ye Si Nian smirked and his phoenix eyes covered by glasses was also slightly raised in a determined arc.

Pushing the fence and standing in front of the blue door. Ye Si Nian looked around and bent down to lift the flower pot in the corner, as expected.

With a warm smile, Ye Si Nian put the flowerpot back to its original place, and a small key lay in the palm of his hand.

This was a custom that their family specially developed for the original. Because the original often forgot to bring the keys when he was young, his parents used to place a flowerpot at the door and hid the key under the flowerpot. Even though they have moved home for a long time and the original owner hasn’t come back for several years, the habit of keeping the key for the little son who doesn’t like to talk hasn’t changed.

The warmth in his eyes passed away, and he thought of the culprit who had lost the key every time. Ye Si Nian grimaced.

The original had been very afraid to recall his childhood life in the orphanage. He buried that memory deeply in his heart, that even though his adoptive parents loved him so much, he wouldn’t dare to behave like a child. Because he was scared in the bottom of his heart, scared that it would be like everyone one said, because his parents didn’t like him and would be taken back to the orphanage, where the thing he was most afraid of was.

The original was almost sensitive due to his childhood experience. Later, when he met his brother who was gentle and polite to him, he was even more scared. Because what he saw most in his childhood were all kinds of child abusers. He was afraid that Pei Xiuyuan would hit him, even though Pei Xiuyuan merely yelled every time.


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4 thoughts on “– Cannon Fodder Counter Attack System Ch17 (Part 1/4)

  1. People don’t develop autism as a result of childhood trauma. It’s something they’re born with. The only signs he may have of very mild autism are the possible inability to read facial expressions or lack of interest in connecting with other people. There’s nothing mentioned about hypersensitivities to sensations like touch or color, and nothing’s been said about his obsessions with certain topics either.

    At this point in the story, he doesn’t appear to meet criteria for a diagnosis of autism, especially in regards to criteria B: https://www.autismspeaks.org/autism-diagnosis-criteria-dsm5

    Rather than having autism, the text probably means to say the MC was withdrawn or guarded.

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