Certificate of Conformity

Alt name: 合格证[快穿]

Author: 波三折

Raw link: www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=2970766


Chen Heng is called a pervert.

For killing his sexual partner, the dejected gong forced him to bind with a cheap system.

He has played a series of roles such as: the Holy Mother, a foolish idiot, a wretch, a very perverted and very cruel tyrant… The goal is to get rid of the cheap system, and return to the original world.

Confessions of the small gong:
My lover is a pervert, he is very violent, arrogant, black belly, and vicious.
But I still love him.
I want to break his wings and cut off his limbs.
Capture him, possess him, collect him, and let him be mine.

Small shou: Scram! Don’t talk to me!

Small shou: arrogant, cold, black belly, vicious
Small gong: more arrogant, colder, more black belly, and more vicious

Note: the story is HE although there may be a lot of non-con/dubcon scenes.

Table of contents:

Arc 1: The Thousand Year Spare Tire

Arc 2: Face-Slapping the Entertainment Circle Big Shot