Certificate of Conformity 20


Chapter 20- Face-slapping the Entertainment Circle Bigshot (4)

Because this destructive ending was too perfect, Chen Heng did not want to change it.

But if he allowed the situation to go on like that and failed to rewrite the ending, everything he’d done on the last world would all be in vain. Continuing on would allow the chaotic code that he had created in the first world be covered up by the newly generated scum code of the Second world. If that happened, it meant he had to start all over again in the third world.

Thus, he must not absolutely fail on this quick-transmigration journey.

To change the outcome of the plot, there were two he could take

First, he would have to devise ways in order to get Su Yi’s love and cutting off his route to fall in love with Meng Changfeng by the roots.

Secons, he could also devise ways for Su Jue to fall in love with others besides Meng Changfeng. In that case, anyone would do.

Chen Heng directly made a pass off the first path. He was not the original host. He was not interested in Su Jue. For him, it was more interesting to dig up a dead body than to obtain Su Jue’s heart.

Making Su Jue fall in love with others was the most effective way to attack this world, but it wasn’t the only way. For a more complicated way, he could try to mend the relationship of Meng Changfeng and Su Jue during their rocky relationship in the later stages. That could also serve its purpose as rewriting the ending. However, this more complex method may not be as effective as the first two methods and the chaotic code generated may be ignored. He would not consider this method unless necessary.

Chen Heng had thought about preventing the meeting between Su Jue and Meng Changfeng. However, if that happens, the world’s plot will be completely overturned and that would surely attract the attention of the scum system. He can only manipulate things in small parts without damaging the overall situation.

After going over the following plan in his mind, Chen Heng’s lips formed an ice-cold smile and he slowly closed his eyes.

The next day—

When Chen Heng was having breakfast with the youth, he pretended to be casual and asked: “Are you still in school now?”

Su Jue shook his head, “Not anymore.”

“You’re still young. You should keep studying.” Chen Heng took the opportunity to propose. “Let me keep an eye out on a school for you. When the time comes, you can continue to study or if you want to, you can just stay at home.”

What schools don’t lack most were young and popular[1] beautiful men and women. Su Jue was at the age where people experience their first bout of spring[2]. With the right time and the right place, it’s almost impossible for people to not get together. As long as Su Jue is in love, even after he encountered Meng Changfeng, the possibility of him liking Meng Changfeng is greatly reduced.

As for why the original host had been kicked away by Su Jue, Chen Heng felt that Su Jue had abandoned the original host because of his mix of not so good qualities. Old, uncultured, tacky, not that handsome—the only good thing was that he had a nice figure. He wasn’t at the same level with Meng Changfeng. No wonder Su Jue didn’t hesitate to choose Meng Changfeng.

As long as creates the right circumstances for Su Jue to find a lover that is definitely not inferior and even younger than Meng Changfeng, Su Jue would definitely not like Meng Changfeng.

Su Jue did not know what Chen Heng was thinking. He hesitated for a moment then whispered: “Thank you.”

Chen Heng smiled and took out a napkin to wipe his mouth. He then conveniently took pulled out the agreement contract from briefcase beside him. He lightly tapped it with his finger twice, “After you eat breakfast, don’t forget to sign your name on the contract.”

“….En.” The youth’s expression was indifferent.

The contents of the contract were very clear. The duration of the contract was 10 years and during this period, Chen Heng would provide Su Jue with a hundred thousand every month and would continue to increase after each year. Other basic necessities and living expenditures would all be paid by Chen Heng. There was only one condition that Chen Heng proposed—Su Jue must be obedient.

In fact, the contract was already drawn up even before Chen Heng had transmigrated over. It was also quite straightforward. It stated that Su Jue should satisfy the original host’s sexual desires. Chen Heng revised it a little and added an astronomical figure as a penalty for breaking the contract.

The youth read the whole contract and without blinking signed his name.


After breakfast, Chen Heng right away took Su Jue to sweep through all the large famous men’s clothing stores and bought him a lot of clothes. Originally, this kind of trivial matter could have been done by an assistant, but as an infatuated and lowly person, anything related to Su Jue’s affairs should definitely be personally done by him.

The original host’s tastes were not good. Chen Heng’s tastes were also not so good. He used to be so obsessed with research and had no time to study the current popular trends and classic combinations in fashion. The clothes in his closet are always only three classic colors: black, white and gray.

At this point, Chen Heng was sitting on the sofa letting the youth pick the clothes he liked. He just had to swipe it on his card anyways.

After Su Jue picked up the clothes, he ran to Chen Heng and compared it with him. Chen Heng’s expression looked somewhat indescribable, “What are you doing?”

“I rummaged through the clothes in your closet.”


“Too much flowers.”

“….” This proves that the original host’s tastes were worse than his.

Chen Heng raised an eyebrow but still listened to the youths indifferent voice: “Try on these clothes ba. In the future, we’ll be living together and I don’t like seeing you wearing those gaudy clothes.”

The man only chalks it up to Su Jue’s eccentricity and didn’t object. He took the clothes with both arms and went into the fitting room to try them on one by one. The result was pretty good. He did not know how the youth chose the clothes but it fit him pretty well.

After buying clothes and a lot of daily necessities, Chen Heng returned home with Su Jue.

Chen Heng didn’t like to be disturbed in his personal space. Inside the huge villa, all the servants have their own rooms. They usually do not come out and only come out when they need to work. Moreover, they were very efficient with their work.

There are almost a thousand rooms inside the luxurious villa which included a private theater, gym, sauna, open-air hot springs, a sunroom etc. There is also usually a special guy who delivers the vegetables and meat to the underground refrigeration room.

After lunch, Chen Heng headed to the sunroom alone. He quite liked the feel of the sun shining down on his skin. When he relaxes his mind, there is the illusion that he is becoming one with the light. Lazily closing his eyes, Chen Heng bathed in the sun for as much as he liked and enjoyed this brief tranquil period.

Behind the transparent tempered glass, Su Jue motionlessly watched the man inside. His distinct and profound eyebrows were deeply furrowed.

For a moment, he suddenly wanted to lock the man inside.

He was startled by his train of thought.

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[1] 飞扬 which means rising, so those popular kids I guess.

[2] First love

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  1. Another yandere. This mc really brings the psycho out of the other characters… Cheng Heng might as well stick to the flower patterned clothing, just in case it serves to disuade his newest “fan”…

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