Certificate of Conformity 24 (1)

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Face slapping the Entertainment Circle Bigshot (8)

In the evening, Chen Heng took Su Jue to the nightclub where the original owner used to frequent.

Lined up on each side in the dazzling splendor [1]of the hall were young boys and girls wearing the same clothes, awaiting them. They were all about the same fresh and youthful age as Su Jue. Each of them was very eye-catching. Their looks could be said to be among the best along with their temperament. They all had different types: Weak and submissive, Muscular and fleshy, child-like □□, each one was different.

The manager of the nightclub was a slightly fat man with mediocre looks. Standing together with so many beauties, his originally mediocre appearance became even more ordinary. His pair of clever beady eyes turned, and he saw Su Jue walking beside Chen Heng. His eyes brightened “What a handsome man!”

Seeing Chen Heng’s eyes darken, he quickly took his eyes away from Su Jue’s figure. “Boss Chen, I’ve brought all that you chose, just as you instructed.” His face contorted into a smile and said: “Do you want to choose a few from here? Or do you want one from group P, ah?”

“You go out first, ba” Chen Heng hinted at the manager.

“Okay okay. The room is already prepared, here is the key. I will not disturb Boss Chen’s fun anymore.”

As he said this, the man gave out a mischievous laughter. When his eyes slipped on to Su Jue’s body, it was like a feast. It was the first time he saw such a pure looking boy, with good looks equaled with an elegant temperament. He suddenly felt that the boys and girls he had meticulously cultivated and trained were inadequate when compared.

Sensing the man’s piercing sharp eyes at him, he resentfully took back his gaze and personally closed the door for them.

Clack Clack. The sound of leather shoes hitting against the marble floor could be heard clearly. The air was still that you would likely hear a pin drop among them distinctly.

Chen Heng walked towards Su Jue, his eyes slightly slanted. Looking at the row of good-looking men and women, he spoke to Su Jue, “Is there anyone you like?”

He heard no response from the youth so he turned around and looked at the youth, carefully, assessing him. He didn’t know when Su Jue, who was recently just smiling, had put his trademark shy smile away. It was hard to tell his mood from his amber-colored eyes. His small fair face was tense and his lips were in a thin straight line and he faintly saw that the corner of his mouth was twitching slightly.

“What about the gift that you said?”

Although he had already guessed what gift the man had prepared, his heart was still a little reluctant.

But then he saw the man give out a smile that made him feel soft, saying: “ You are already old enough to have a taste of the forbidden fruit. I have thought about it carefully. I think suppressing your sexual desires would be harmful to your physical and mental development.”


“Don’t worry. They’re still relatively new, so they’re clean.” Chen Heng explained attentively mistakenly thinking that this what Su Jue was concerned about.

He had never thought that the man would unexpectedly bring him to a brothel. His initial excitement over his expectations were suddenly lost in a flash. Anger and heartache filled his chest. Silently reigning in his feelings, he was itching to forcefully shake this insensitive man by his side.

It took a lot of self-control to push down the sourness that was bursting forth from his heart. Su Jue slowly blinked and enunciated each word: “ I don’t need it.”

“But the room is already prepared.”

This was the top suite. In order to provide Su Jue with the perfect experience, he also specially made people prepare roses and red wine.


“I….” He really wanted to get angry. But after seeing the man reveal a puzzled look, the anger in his heart deflated like a balloon leaking air. His mouth opened and closed. In the end, he mumbled: “I’m still small.”

Chen Heng absolutely didn’t expect to get this kind of answer and was stunned. He thought about the thing that pressed against him last night and suddenly smiled, “No. Not small.”

He said the sentence, purely stating a fact and not having any superfluous sweet notions. However, in Su Jue’s ears, it felt that he was implying something.

A familiar warmth hit his face. The youth summoned up his courage and reached out to pull at Chen Heng’s cuff. When the other turned to look at him, he slowly said, “I…..I’ll wait ‘til I’m twenty.

It was Chen Heng who originally used those words as an excuse. He didn’t expect that Su Jue would use those words as an excuse. Chen Heng had meticulously planned everything this night. Don’t tell him that he had been busy for nothing?

He thought about it and glanced at the group of people, “Isn’t there any type that you like among them? Which do you like?” With so many fresh and juicy meat placed in front of him, it was hard to imagine that Su Jue would not be moved by it. Was he sexually unresponsive?

No. Chen Heng quickly shook off that idea. Based on the youth’s enthusiastic response last night, it shouldn’t be that.

Su Jue hesitantly glanced at him, then at the group of neglected of boys and girls. Finally, he moved closer to Chen Heng’s ear and whispered softly.

The heat in his ear was still there. Chen Heng blinked. Just now… what did he hear?

—I like your type.

It turns out that Su Jue has quite intense tastes. Does he like the original host’s muscular physique and tough appearance?

Could it be that according to the original plot, it wasn’t that the original host onesidedly seduced Su Jue but that Su Jue was rather half-heartedly resisted the original owner when he defiled him? Then later his tastes had become normal so he abandoned the dregs of the original host and chose the jade of Meng Changfeng.

Thinking of that, Chen Heng’s complexion looked strange, “Then, do you want to call over a man of my type?”

He was determined to have nothing to do with Su Jue. Now that he knew Su Jue liked his type, it was easy to handle. Just choose a type similar to him. It’s just—

“That type of person should be very experienced. Would it matter if they were not as pure? As long as they’re clean and healthy right?”


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[1] Gold and jade in glorious splendor (idiom) – A dazzling sight


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