Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 65

Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 65

Pretending to Have an Excuse

Translated by IAllsIsAwe at

Proofread by Fox23


               It’s actually very simple, but she never helped a man put on a tie, and the man’s presence in front of her was so strong.. Yan Liang couldn’t help but feel tense for a long time.

               She was so close to him. She had a very light smell which was different from the smell of the women he had encountered before.

               Her hair was very long. However, when she went to work, she tied her long black hair into a ponytail which stuck to her back.

               Liang Xi Cheng’s sight fell on her fingers again. Her nails were clean and not painted with any nail polish, but at the moment she was somewhat clumsily tying his tie.

               His body was originally much taller than her. So, when she reached out to knot his tie, she still needed to tiptoe slightly and keep her chin up…

               His mind flashed back two months ago. When they were on a business trip in B City, she was drunk. She threw herself into his arms and kissed him.

               Liang Xi Cheng’s eyes dimmed. He felt like his body was in chaos. Before he could respond, the woman in front of him suddenly moved two steps back.

               “Chairman Liang, it’s done.”

               What Yan Liang didn’t know was that while she was helping him fix his tie, the man’s mind had already turned in countless circles.

               Liang Xi Cheng saw her take two steps back, maintaining a decent but alienated attitude towards him. He almost instinctively wanted to–

               He reached out, grabbed her wrist, and dragged her whole body into his arms.

               Yan Liang’s heart startled

               Her eyes widened and seemed to be lost on what to do.

               He, what was this ?

               “Chairman Liang…” She moved her lips, wanting to say something. Nevertheless, there was a short sound of a new message coming from her cellphone. It wasn’t that loud but it was like thunder that immediately hit Liang Xi Cheng.

               Once again, he realized that his behavior today was so abnormal, yet he was not surprised about it.

               “Well, just now I saw a mouse running behind you.” He coughed lightly and opened his mouth as if nothing had happened. Although this excuse felt too lame, he had to make up a lie again. “The sanitation here is not very good. Tomorrow, change the coffee in the pantry room. Then contact the cleaning company and let them to clean it again.

               He dropped the remark, turned around, and strode toward the elevator.

               Yan Liang watched his back disappear in the elevator, stunned.

               Mou… Mouse?

               She turned around. The glossy floor could reflect her own shadow, so hygienic and clean. Was there really a mouse?

               At this time, the cellphone started to ring happily. Yan Liang comes back to her senses and took a look at the number. It’s Qin Zi Yin’s.

               “Zi Yin, what’s the matter?”

               Qin Zi Yin cheerful said: “Let’s go together to the hospital tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock to do a medical examination. After that, we can just come to work”


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