Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 68

Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 68

Come with me to meet someone!

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Liang Xi Cheng glanced at her. A moment later, he raised his eyebrows and handed back the design to her. “Since it is seventy, go back and modify it until you think it has full marks, and then hand it over to me.” 

Yan Liang did not have any idea what this inscrutable man meant. This was… He didn’t blame her for selfishly deciding to modify the design? And he also intends to let her continue to modify? 

She hesitated, and did not reach for the design, “Chairman Liang, I …” 

“Do you like doing things halfway?” Liang Xi Cheng seemed to know what she was going to say, hence, he simply interrupted her words, “Take this. Since you had already modified it. Do you expect me to help you with the rest?” 

Yan Liang was astonished. She reached for the drawing and thought carefully and asked: “Chairman Liang, do you want me to modify the whole design according to my ideas?”

“I don’t have any habit of picking up things that others have done.” 

Liang Xi Cheng has buried the information at hand. He did not appear to blame her for deciding to modify the design without his permission. Instead, he let her do it without his permission. Yan Liang’s heart was not surprised, but flattered. 

“Secretary Bai.”  

Seeing her face as bleary and unresponsive for a long time, Liang Xicheng raised his eyebrows, knocked on the table again and said: “Don’t stand there being silly here and go back to work. Also, this drawing needs to be submitted to me by tomorrow. Understood?”  

Yan Liang just came back to her senses. She felt like she was dreaming. She couldn’t help but stretch her hand and squeeze her thighs. It hurts! It was not a dream… 

Liang Xi Cheng really gave her a chance. 

“Thank you, Chairman Liang.” She withheld the excitement in her heart and held the drawing tightly in her palm. 

People need to have their own dreams in life so that they will feel that their lives were complete.

Over the years, she had been working as a secretary, thinking that she has lost her enthusiasm for design, but a few simple words from Liang Xi Cheng managed to arouse her long-lost soul in her heart. 

It turned out that she was not content being mediocre. 

When she exited from Liang Xi Cheng’s office, she was still a little excited. She was in that state all day long, and the lethargy of these days seemed to vanish for a moment. Her work efficiency was particularly high today. In the middle of the break, she went through many websites, read the award-winning designs in recent years, and booked several books on the Internet. 

Before leaving the workplace, Yan Liang went to Liang Xi Cheng’s office as usual. As soon as she entered the door, she saw that he was preparing to leave. 

She hurried forward. “Chairman Liang, if there’s nothing else, I’ll get off work first.” 

Liang Xicheng took a look at her, and those three words came out of his thin lips, “Work overtime today.”

“Overtime?” It did not seem like there was a lot of work at hand these days, and she was dealing with it pretty much the same way. What overtime did she have left? 

“I’m going to meet someone. You’re coming with me.” Liang Xi Cheng reached for his suit and coat and walked towards the office door with his long legs. “Let’s go.”


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2 thoughts on “Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 68

  1. Thanks for the chapter.💖
    I like how the chairman is gradually warming up to her. And it looks like he’s giving her opportunities not just because of romantic interest but because he believes in her ability.😊


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