Congratulations, Empress Chapter 73.1 Wang Fu is on Fire

Congratulations, Empress Chapter 73.1 Wang Fu is on Fire

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After playing enough, Chunyu Yan brought Hua Jinglan to the study. A full-bodied sandalwood smell filled the whole room. Hua Jinglan saw a landscape painting hanging the middle of a wall. She looked at the inscription and read, “If one’s mind is lacking peace, the landscape is in the pen.”

“In the future, if you aren’t a Wangye anymore, you can consider selling calligraphy and paintings.”

Hua Jinglan said it very seriously; making Chunyu Yan couldn’t help but laugh. He said, “Benwang will seriously consider your suggestion.”

He took out a list. “Benwang only needs these two herbs.”

Hua Jinglan turned to look at him. “What makes you think I can find something your Xiaoyao Wang fu can’t?”

“Benwang naturally has reasons,” Chunyu Yan said calmly.


Hua Jinglan looked at the list and a figure suddenly came to her mind. She restrained herself, but the gaze she looked at Chunyu Yan with was colder.

“Lan’er [suffix added to denote intimacy], don’t look at Benwang like that,” Chunyu Yan smiled and said words that may or may not be true. “Benwang doing all this is not just for himself.”

Hua Jinglan was not angry. The weak were prey. This was the principle in the world. Her being controlled by others was because she was in the position of the weak!

Turning without a word, Hua Jinglan opened the door and went out.

When she went inside, she didn’t feel that the plum blossoms in front of the study were growing so gorgeously. She was surprised, but felt that something was wrong in the next second. Looking back, she found that the study a few meters away unexpectedly disappeared!



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3 thoughts on “Congratulations, Empress Chapter 73.1 Wang Fu is on Fire

  1. She so hard to please. I really hope the original readers that followed this novel, find out this has been picked up by a new translator, thanks.


      1. I literally only found out a few days ago, as the other translator had not translated this for 2 years, she had quite a lot of readers. Thanks for translating, I’ve put a comment on the last chapter of previous translator site just incase. I’m also following another of your novels Generals Granddaughter. Will definitely keep reading and supporting you.


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