Congratulations, Empress Chapter 78 Part 2/2 Jinglan Appears

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Feng Chen looked at the dagger that was embedded in the stake. Then she looked back at Hua Jinglan. Her eyes were bright. She had never seen someone so suited to wearing white. She was obviously a woman, but had the aura of a man. She looked like an immortal standing there quietly with her hands behind her back on top of the water. Her face was light and clear, but held a powerful aura that people dared not ignore!

Hua Jinglan lightly smiled. She said to Feng Chen, “Can you leave this person to me?”

Feng Chen was startled. Such simple words were filled with oppression. She threw down the broken whip in her hands. “As you wish.”

Everyone still did not know what was going on. Feng Chen had flown out of Qianmei Lake. People felt it was regretful, but a lot more people were nervous. Feng Chen obviously won that battle. But half-way through, a knife sliced through her whip. This was interesting!

“Jie, look!” Yue Zhuang grabbed Yue Fuyao’s sleeve. “That’s Hua jiejie.”

Yue Fuyao smiled. She said to her husband He Changan, “That’s the person I told you about before.”


He Changan exuberantly looked at the direction she was pointing at.

On top of the plum blossom stake, Hua Wanyu was confused. “Why are you here? Weren’t you…”

Hua Jinglan smiled. “I will return the big gift Hua family gave me to you!”

She turned to face the four envoys. She coldly said, “Hua Jinglan!”

The crowd stirred. Everyone had heard this name before, but those who had seen her before were few. They heard of her when her reputation was bad, but it didn’t compare with the outstanding temperament of the real person standing in front of them. It was really unbelievable.

“Hua Jinglan, I won’t be afraid of you!” Hua Wanyu took the preemptive strike. Her whip lashed towards Hua Jinglan.


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