Dangerous Survival in The Apocalypse Ch21.1


Translator: Onion
Editor: Katie is a wandering fujoshi

The Medical University was located in the outskirts of the city’s main urban area. Although it was slightly inferior to the bustling city center, relying on the sufficient traffic also nourished a large and booming business district.

Outside the South Gate of the medical university was a commercial street. The shops and restaurants were row upon row. Walking along the commercial street is a main road. After crossing the road, it is the residential area where Shen Shian is located.

When the virus broke out, it happened to be during the first class in the morning. Few students came out to buy things. Therefore, the density of zombies in the commercial street was much smaller than that of the teaching area. There were only a few zombies scattered and wandering aimlessly around, rolling their turbid eyes to find prey.

The only trouble was that there was a car accident in the middle of the commercial street, and the car crashed into another car parked by the road. The harsh alarm sounded straight into the sky, and most of the zombies in the whole street were attracted. There were zombies constantly coming from the main road and were surrounding the cars, blocking most of the road.

“Fuck me,” Yun Feiyang hid behind the security room outside the South Gate, looking at the zombie group in front of him. “This road is tightly blocked, let’s go.”

If they want to go back to Shen Shian’s home, they must go from here. Otherwise, they will have to go back through most of the campus and then go far from other gates. The risk will definitely increase.

Shen Shian carefully observed for a moment, and turned to hear Mo Feng and Fan Guoping’s opinion. “We can stay close to the doors of the shops and must quickly rush over.” As long as they pass the blocked section, they can run straight into the community.

Mo Feng and Fan Guoping have no qualms. Protecting one person is much easier than escorting seventy or eighty students.

The four men adjusted a little and checked their weapons and protection. They looked at each other and with an “ok” gesture, Mo Feng headed first, Yun Feiyang followed closely, Fan Guoping was the rear, and the team walked quietly forward.

The location of the car accident was on the right side of the road, so the four choose to walk from the left side. According to their previous combat experience, Shen Shian and the others have learned that zombies will not only be attracted by sound, but also be able to find prey by smell and the remaining vision. Therefore, after starting the action, they were prepared for the zombies to find them and besiege them.

But they don’t know why, this group of zombies on the commercial street seem to be extremely attached to the alarm. The four people have already advanced for several tens of meters but they were still unwilling to leave the two cars. Those who ran into them were solved silently by Mo Feng and Fan Guoping.

When they were only about 30 meters away from the car accident, Shen Shian finally understood why they were unwilling to leave the vehicle. Through the gaps of the zombies and the broken glass, he saw someone.

Someone was in the car. The driver who drove the vehicle did not escape from the car.

The driver was a male, and the age can’t be specified. He was wearing a medical staff uniform, and was probably a teacher in the school. According to the situation of the car accident, the other party should be driving to escape after the virus broke out, and may be because he was panicked, or perhaps to avoid pedestrians, the vehicle slammed to the right and into the parked vehicle on the side of the road.

Judging from the impact of several meters of brake marks on the road and the impact of the two cars, the driver was afraid and increased the speed to the extreme before the accident. Therefore, the car suddenly slipped after braking, and the whole vehicle drifted half a circle after the impact point. When it fell over, the front of the car just slanted in the direction of Shen Shian and the others.

The airbag that is completely popped up was dripping with blood. With such a strong impact, the driver is likely to faint in the moment of the car accident. When he woke up again, he faced the zombies. The window glass on both sides of the driver’s seat was broken, the front of the car was sagged, the seat was stuck in place, and the seat belt was tightened. The driver could not escape without any chance of surviving.

More than one zombie passed through the window and drilled in more than half of the body. The bites and sticky chews were mixed in one place, and with the screaming of the zombies that could not eat. The dark red blood oozes out along the door and the blood has not yet solidified. It is obvious that the time of the car accident happened not long ago.

Shen Shian quickly took his eyes back after a few moments of observation, veins popped up from the back of the hand holding the steel pipe. Although it sounds cold and ruthless, the driver’s sacrifice has indeed given them a vital escape opportunity. If it is any later, when the driver becomes a member of the cannibal monsters, his flesh and blood cannot attract any zombies.

The four people once again put light footsteps and moved forward close to the shop. On the left side of the gathering place of the zombies is a café with a classic and romantic style. The wall facing the street was filled with a dark, one-way glass, which is the kind that the one sitting inside can clearly see outside, but standing outside, you cannot see the inside. This confidentiality was very popular with customers.

Mo Feng held the metal rod, and once again, the knife fell and silently sliced down a zombie. His back was close to the glass wall, and he quickly gestured to the three others behind him. Yun Feiyang and the others immediately followed up. The group of zombies on the right side still only cared about eating flesh and blood. As long as they passed through this small section quietly, you will be able to see the door.

Yun Feiyang is tall. And when they tried to walk like a cat, it was a little difficult. When he walked to the side of Mo Feng, he raised his head and wanted to signal him to continue moving forward. Then there was something moving at this angle and under the light, there was a faint glimpse of a shadow behind the glass wall.

The brain hasn’t had time to think clearly before the body has reacted. He grabbed the arm of Mo Feng and pulled him back, “Be careful.”

“Kacha” with the sound of the glass cracking, a zombie wearing a uniform of the waiter of the cafe broke through the one-way glass, and screams came from the place Mo Feng had stood earlier.

Mo Feng reacted quickly, and his backhand inserted the metal rod into the zombie brain. But such a sudden movement immediately attracted the attention of the zombies.

A zombie pulled its upper body out of the window, his face was full of dark red blood, and he only had half of his cheeks. They could see the flesh and blood that was constantly being chewed between the teeth. The turbid eyeballs followed the sound and just happened to be right where everyone was.

After the silence of zero point one second, Shen Shian shouted, “Run fast.”

The four people don’t dare to delay, so they rushed out and fought over a dozen zombies along the way, until they left the commercial street, crossed the road, and came to the door of the community, then they dared to stop and let go.

“Fuck me,” Yun Feiyang held his knees and gasped. Because of the violent running, he could taste iron inside his throat. “This is too fucking dangerous, and I was almost wrapped up.”

Mo Feng turned and looked at him, “Thank you for saving my life.”

He spoke a little, and he sounded particularly serious. Yun Feiyang was a little embarrassed. “ Wei, I didn’t do anything. Besides, Brother Mo, you saved my life before. I wouldn’t be here to save your life without your help. Isn’t this the case?”

Mo Feng nodded and didn’t speak. Shen Shian glanced at the chaotic scene of car accidents and vehicle wreckage everywhere. He took his eyes off and said, “Let’s go.”

Today is Wednesday, April 3rd. The virus broke out during school hours, so there are not many people in the community. Only those who have not yet reached school age, old people who have retired, and those who are infected with the flu at home.

After encountering the fourth familiar and unfamiliar old face, the ridges on the back of Shen Shian’s hand became more and more obvious. Yun Feiyang went to him and worried that there was something wrong with his brother{note2}. Many of the old people in the community were friends who were very good friends with Grandpa Shen. After Grandpa Shen passed away, they took Shen Shian to their homes to eat. Seeing this situation at the moment, he was afraid that he won’t feel good.

Note2: Not a blood related brother.

Shen Shian shook his head. His lips were cold, and after careful thinking, they first entered the building. The four did not dare to take the elevator, so they went up the stairs one by one. Most of the zombies seem to have been trapped in the house, they solved some zombies wandering around and climbed seven floors, and finally successfully arrived at the door of Shen Shian’s house.

Shen Shian found the key to open the door, moved sideways to let the other three advance. Yun Feiyang and Mo Feng went one after another, but Fan Guoping took a step back.

“I trust that I have accomplished my mission to send Mr. Shen safely to the door. Please go in,” he said. “I won’t enter.”

Shen Shian sighed, “Why? Are you going back to Beijing? I’m not going to go in.”

Yun Feiyang heard it and quickly replied, “Big Brother Fan, you stay with us. The airports and trains are definitely out of service at the moment. There are zombies outside everywhere. It is too dangerous for you to go alone.”

Mo Feng’s brow wrinkled, “It’s better to think long term.”

Fan Guoping smiled and sorrow showed on his face. “I’m not going home. I can’t continue to stay with you. I was scratched by the zombies.”

There was a moment of silence in the air.

Then Yun Feiyang shouted incredulously. “You are scratched by a zombie. But you are not mutated, Brother Fan, you have not mutated right? Maybe it is a wound that you made yourself, not by the zombies.”Yun Feiyang thought of another possibility positively, “Or maybe the virus spreads by saliva, so a scratch is fine.”

This time, Fan Guoping’s smile brought some bitterness. He avoided the vision of hope and expectation from Yun Feiyang, put down the steel pipe in his right hand, untied the cuffs on the wrist of his left hand, and rolled up his sleeves, little by little.

On the back of his hand, there was a small scratch, not too big, it was a little more than a centimeter. If now isn’t the zombie apocalypse, it will not be visible after two days of sticking a band-aid. But at this time, the scar was red, swollen and purple, and a faint dark black liquid was still oozing out. What was even more chilling is that from the wound to the shoulder, the skin on the whole arm was dark and stiff, not like a living person. The blue veins under the skin are protruding and bulging. And it has covered the whole arm and into his shoulder, don’t know where they have spread to.

Yun Feiyang shook his head, and the voice began to tremble. “Impossible. Big Brother Fan, you are so powerful that you can’t be caught by the zombies. Maybe it’s just an allergic reaction to something or just the skin color has changed. Maybe, it won’t turn into anything.”

“Yun little brother,” Fan Guoping interrupted him. “I know that you can’t accept it for a while, but that’s the truth. This is my own body, I know the best. I’m afraid there is not much time left.”

Shen Shian stared at his arm, and his throat seemed to be stuffed with sand. Then they heard a sound, “When did this happen?”

He looked up at Fan Guoping’s eyes, only to remember his eyes had begun to become bloody in the bathroom of the water auditorium. He saw that Fan Guoping’s eyes were a little red, and thought that he was worried about his family. When he thought about it, it was probably then that Fan Guoping’s body has begun to mutate.

Fan Guoping gave a sigh of bitterness, “I was scratched when the virus first broke out. This is probably life.”

Mo Feng reacted, “It is the student you helped on the stairs.”

Fan Guoping nodded. Before the outbreak of the virus, he and Mo Feng guarded the stair window outside the anatomy class. They saw a student who was sick and swayed down, and reached out for a hand. Who can expect a sudden virus outbreak, the student suddenly turned into a zombie, turned to bite on him. Although he managed to not get bitten, but his left wrist was wounded.

Before leaving the anatomy room, he listened to Shen Shian explaining the precautions. He also thought positively in his heart. Perhaps only the bite will be infected with the zombie virus. It is only a small wound. Maybe this is nothing.

It was not until he arrived at the small water auditorium that he saw the changes in his own body from the mirror. He realized that this virus could not be avoided.

Looking at the heavy grief of the three faces, Fan Guoping laughed, “Don’t be sad. People will eventually die. Some die early and others don’t. This time the zombie virus broke out. The dead people increased and that’s that. It’s my luck to have a group of people to kill those zombies.”

He took a wallet out of his trouser pocket, took a photo from the wallet, looked at it with a loving look, and kissed it, then he handed it to Shen Shian.

This was a family photo. It should have been taken during a picnic. A beautiful woman on the left side of the photo sat on a tablecloth. The breeze picked up her hair. The woman seemed to be laughing. Not far from her, around the age of three or four, a lively and lovely little girl, holding a half human sized dog rolling on the grass. Under the bright sunshine, the bright and enthusiastic laugh seemed to echo through the photo.

“This is my wife Xu Shiya, and my daughter Fan Xintong,” Fan Guoping looked at Shen Shian’s eyes, and the gradual turbid eyes were full of pleading, “After Mr. Shen contacts Mr. Gu, find my wife and daughter. If both of them are not able to survive, then we will have a family reunion. If both or one of them survived, I must trouble Mr. Shen to look after one or both of them for me.”

Shen Shian took the photo, his chest was stuffy, and he looked back at Fan Guoping’s gaze. His voice was hoarse but he shouted, “I swear by my life that I will do everything I can to inquire about the news of the both of them. Big Brother, you can rest assured.”

Fan Guoping’s eyes were tearful and he bowed deeply to him. “Thank you.”

Yun Feiyang grit his teeth and his tears rolled down uncontrollably. He strode forward and wanted to give Fan Guoping a hug. He was stopped by the other party. “I am definitely a zombie now, be careful so I won’t infect you.”

Mo Feng asked, “Where are you going next?”

“Go back to school,” Fan Guoping said, “There are many children inside. I can at least save one before I become a zombie completely.”

Mo Feng’s legs were straight and he stood upright. He gave a military salute, “Brother Fan, farewell.”

Shen Shian lifted the palm of his right hand to the eyebrows in the same position. Yun Feiyang wiped a tear and followed it. Although the movement was not really perfect, the feelings at this time were very sincere, “Fan Big Brother, farewell.”

Fan Guoping’s lips trembled, and a layer of water quickly emerged from his eyes. Going forward, he returned the military salute, smiled and said, “I will give Laozi{note3} a good life.”

Note3: A term which means ‘I’ but is more respectable like ‘this old master’

After watching Fan Guoping leave, the three stood at the door for a while before they turned and walked in.

Hello, Onion here! I would like to tell all readers of DSA that I will split each chapter to part 1 and part 2 and if really needed, part 3. So there will be a new chapter every Monday and Friday or sometimes Tuesday and Friday. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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