Dangerous Survival in The Apocalypse Ch24.3


Translator: Onion
Editor: Katie is a wandering fujoshi

“Everyone, calm down first!” A man with glasses and a gentle temperament walked over to the crowd, “Please calm down and understand the other side’s point of view. The reason why we are now in dispute is because we are afraid of the zombies. We want to do our best to live. Why do we want to live? Because we are all living human beings. They are also fellow human beings. There are so many human eating monsters outside, why do we fight each other on the same side? Let’s calm down first. There are not only two methods to solve the current problem.”

The quarrel soon subsided, and someone asked, “What solutions do you have?”

The man smiled softly, “There are two problems at present. First, how to deal with the bitten gentleman, and second, how to deal with the survivors with wounds on their bodies. Don’t panic, let’s discuss one by one. First of all, “

The man turned his head to the bitten gentleman. “No transformation had occurred yet, but the infection was obviously terrible. Although I am sorry, this gentleman should know for yourself that a person who had been bitten by a zombie will never stay a human, and will eventually become a zombie. But you can rest assured that if you can still remain conscious, then you are still a human. Killing zombies is justifiable defense. Killing human beings is murder. I believe that everyone will not do such a thing. So how about we tie you up first, and then confirm that you have become a zombie and then solve it? You can’t feel the pain at the time, so you will get no pain and our lives will be assured.”

Everyone fully accepts this method. The bitten man’s lips trembled, and the gentle man patiently persuaded him, “I assure you that we will not hurt you when you still have your human reasoning. Think about it, what if you bite someone else, do you want it?”

The bitten man finally agreed. He also had to agree that everyone was on the same page on how to deal with him. The reason why he could stay alive until now was because of Shen Shian’s help. He mustn’t waste his effort.

Someone found a barrier belt outside the display area, tied the bitten man very tightly to a chair, to ensure that he could not move completely.

The glasses man continued, “The next problem is about the wound checking. First of all, everyone must check each other again. The consequence of not doing so is right in front of us. We came here with a lot of effort, any human death is a huge loss. But don’t worry, even if you have a wound on your body, we can’t be sure that it’s a zombie’s injury. So the safest way is to be tied to a chair and constrained for hours. Later, if there is no change in the wound, then the others will help untie you.”

The people without any wound completely agreed and some who had wounds on their body hesitated.

The glasses man lowered his tone, “It’s still the same sentence. Please think about it from the perspective of the other party. If you find that someone else has a wound and you can’t determine whether it’s a zombie injury. Before you can determine the problem, don’t you also want to restrict the other person first? And the previous explosions and collapses made it more confusing. Maybe you thought it was a bruise but what if it’s actually a wound after a brief contact with a zombie? The most responsible solution for everyone is to tie the wounded person to a chair.”

The glasses man’s words were obviously very convincing. In the end, the two sides agreed on this solution.

After the crowd began to work, Shen Shian took the child down and carefully observed the zombie that had suddenly mutated.

Originally, he wanted to block the eyes of the child, but he was stopped by the child, “I am not afraid.”

Also, the zombies who were outside were more terrible than this.

The survivor who mutated into a zombie was a young girl, about 20 in age. She was lying on the ground with her turbid eyeballs. Her eyes only kept the crazy desire for flesh and blood, and there weren’t any human feelings.

Her face, neck, palms and wrists had no obvious wounds. Shen Shian observed her several times and finally found a tooth print with a fleshy and fuzzy shape on the outside of her right arm. The oozing blood was absorbed into the dark sweater fabric and was inconspicuous, so it was not discovered.

Finding the wound was what Shen Shian had expected, what he really cared about was the time she took before mutating into a zombie.

She must have been bitten before entering the door, which was beyond doubt. It had been nearly an hour since Shen Shian entered the door. In other words, after the other party was infected with the zombie virus, it took at least an hour to completely mutate into a zombie.

On the first day of the virus outbreak, there was a girl bitten by a zombie at the entrance of the dissection room. According to the process described by Mo Feng and Fan Guoping, it took only about five minutes for the girl to mutate to a zombie. It was not more than ten minutes.

Fan Guoping’s mutation time was delayed for several hours because he had drank the spring water, so it is not informative.

But the mutation time for the girl in front of Shen Shian was several times longer than the previous girl.

Was it because of individual differences? Or was the aggressiveness of the zombie virus weakened? Or was the survivor’s resistance stronger?

While Shen Shian was thinking, other people started to check on each other’s wounds.

Shen Shian stood up and it was not surprising that everyone’s eyes were focused on him.

“Do you want to check me first?”

Shen Shian looked the same, put the child down, took a bottle of mineral water from the bag, wet the sleeves and wipe a trace of the blood on his face, revealing the smooth and flawless skin underneath,”It’s not my blood.”

The scratch on his face and the bruise on his face healed as soon as he entered the door.

After half an hour, the people checked each other and several women came out of the bathroom.

There were a total of fourteen people with wounds on their bodies. The rest of them found all the things that could tie people and tied them to the chair. For safety, they deliberately kept a certain distance from the bitten man.

After everything was done, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief and each found a place to rest temporarily. It was not until this time that someone thought about the problem of electric lights, “Is there not a power outage? Is the power restored? Does this mean that the disaster had been brought under control and the country will soon come to save us?!”

Shen Shian shook his head, “The electricity was not restored. The library had a backup power system.”

The disappointment in the crowd was obvious. Some people even questioned, “How do you know that it is a backup system rather than a power recovery?”

Shen Shian swept the crowd, “You can choose not to believe.”

His mother was the administrator of the city library before her death. Before her body was so bad that she had to stay in bed, the city library was the longest place for him to stay away from home and school.

However, this reason obviously did not need to be explained to others.

Whether it was power recovery or not, it was the backup system that worked. It was obviously a good thing for everyone to have sufficient lighting.

Humans loved nature and light, and there was safety and hope in places with light.

“Maybe the rescue team will arrive soon.” Someone muttered on the pillar.

At this time, beyond the hoarse roars of the zombies, at the altitude of hundreds of meters away, the booming sound of helicopter propellers was rapidly coming.

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