Dangerous Survival in The Apocalypse Ch25.1


Translator: Onion
Editor: Katie is a wandering fujoshi

“Airplane. It’s an airplane. I heard the sound of a plane!!” 

The atmosphere in the quiet library instantly boiled up.

It was indeed an airplane. Shen Shian listened for a moment, and it should be three.

Everyone was ecstatic, like a blind person who suddenly recovered his vision. They quickly joined forces to send a sound from the bookshelf in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in that direction. Through the adhesion of a thick layer of dusty glass, they looked almost greedily.

The survivors who were tied to the chair could not move. They asked anxiously, “What is it, is it an airplane? Is someone coming to save us?”

“It’s a plane, there are three, flying over the pedestrian street. It seems that it’s military aircraft. “The respondent was so excited that even his voice was shaking. “Rescue is coming, the national rescue is coming!”

“Why are they going away from the street? Where are they going, why don’t they stop? When can they come and save us?”

“Don’t worry, H city is so big. The survivors will definitely not be only us. The rescue team going to other places to search and rescue is normal. As long as the country has dispatched the army, they can find us here sooner or later.”

“Great, we are all saved!”

The survivors almost cried, hugged, prayed, cheered and laughed, and the library was filled with hope and great joy for survival.

Shen Xun raised his hand and touched Shen Shian’s eyebrows, “An An?”

Shen Shian held the child’s hand and relaxed the furrowed eyebrows, “I’m fine.”

He didn’t join the cheering crowd because he was not as optimistic as everyone else.

The rescue team’s appearance was what he had expected, and according to the direction of the helicopter, the destination could almost certainly be the H City Medical University. In the current situation, helicopters were fast and safe, and were the best tools for emergency rescue, but they also mean that the load capacity was extremely limited. This shows that his original guess was not wrong. The first wave of rescue will only be based on high-end scientific research talents and medical personnel like Professor Li. Others can only wait for the next wave.

Even if the next wave of rescue arrives, will the city library where everyone is at that time really become a rescue target?

On the square outside the library, the crashed passenger plane still had a small explosion from time to time due to the fuel tank or the engine. The deafening explosion was wrapped in the fire and it was estimated that it could be here from all parts of the city. Without seeing it, Shen Shian could imagine how many zombies were gathered around the library at this time, and how many zombies were attracted by the fire and explosions.

For survivors of all other locations in the H city, the people near the explosion were the best targets for attracting zombies.

The more zombies that came here, the fewer zombies that would be found elsewhere, and it would be less difficult to rescue. If he was a decision maker, in such a national and even global disaster, the city library, and everyone in the city library, could only be abandoned in a rescue operation that must take into account the least number of losses.

There was no rescue at all.

Shen Shian gazed across the faces of everyone who was cheering, and was unexpectedly confronted with a pair of equally dignified and worried eyes.

The glasses man smiled at him gently. Shen Shian’s face did not have any expression, and he withdrew his line of sight.

Just a few minutes after the survivors in the city library heard the sound of the aircraft, the atmosphere in the medical hall in the water auditorium also boiled up because of the sudden hope.

At this time, compared to the water auditorium when Shen Shian had escorted Professor Li, it had changed a lot . He had asked Professor Li to record and placed the recording on the stone monument. The recording not only gave the survivors information on a safe refuge, but also attracted the zombies around the school building. The students hiding in the classrooms regained their hopes because of Professor Li’s voice. The confidence restored their calmness. When they found that the zombies were all gathered in one place, more than half chose to escape from other directions and rushed to the water auditorium. Then Professor Li and the others met.

Coupled with Fan Guoping’s rescue, the number of survivors in the entire auditorium had reached more than 2,000.

It was not an easy task for more than two thousand people to live together and not able to go anywhere. Because of the limited space in the small auditorium, hundreds of people had to spread out on the corridors, steps, and open spaces outside the auditorium. Fortunately, the temperature was not low at this time, otherwise it would be a big problem to sleep.

The problem of drinking water was solved as well. There was tap water in the auditorium. Even if the number of people doubled, it could supply more than enough. But the problem of food wasn’t that easy.

The 78 students who first arrived in the auditorium not only harvested the specialty snacks prepared for the expert group, but also collected a large amount of materials from the supermarket under the leadership of Mo Feng, but who would like to share with the latecomers without compensation? No one knew when the rescue team will come, and it was too risky to go outside to search for supplies, and food is a necessity to live. Even they themselves have to eat. Who can give it to others?

The dispute over food had been unresolved, and even Professor Li’s mediation had not helped, and it became more and more intense over time. But no matter how fierce the quarrel was, the ecstasy and tears were the same when they heard the sound of the propeller.

“The rescue is coming! The rescue is coming! We are saved!”

The three helicopters were parked on the playground with the least number of zombies. Dozens of heavily armed rescue workers jumped out of the cabin and began planning. Focus on search and rescue of the entire campus, especially the research lab on campus.

It didn’t take long for them to find that the water auditorium was the largest gathering place for survivors in the medical college, and because of the strategic location and security of the small auditorium, it was chosen as a temporary base for search and rescue operations.

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  1. “Thousands of heavily armed rescue workers jumped out of the cabin..”
    How did they get thousands of people in only 3 helis? :’D

    Wish An An good luck when he plans to leave, with that sea of zombies in front of the door.

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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