Dangerous Survival in The Apocalypse Ch26.3


Translator: Onion
Editor: Katie is a wandering fujoshi

Shen Xun was not interested in other things, but he hadn’t tried coke yet. Shen Shian rarely drank carbonated drinks. He had never bought it again since the space-produced tomato was made into tomato juice. Even the two cans bought by Yun Feiyang were used to cook cola chicken wings. Shen Xun always thought that this was cooking ingredient. When he knew that this was a drink that could be drunk directly, he immediately bothered Shen Shian to help him open the can.

He impatiently sat on the chair and drank a mouthful of cola.

The next second, his mouth was full of carbonic acid. He wrinkled his face and rubbed his tongue on his lips. This thing was poisonous, he was shocked, and wanted to throw it. He licked the cola and realised that it was okay. He then held his lips against the can and carefully took a sip.

This time, drinking less, the acid was not much, and his mouth had a very strange, unfamiliar numbness.

Shen Xun jumped out of the chair and rushed to Shen Shian to tell him, “An An I have fish blowing bubbles in my mouth”

The survivors and Shen Shian laughed. After he had drank the cola, he raised his hand and rubbed Shen Xun’s head, “I know, keep playing.” 

Shen Xun seemed to have discovered something strange. He brought his cola back to the chair and took a sip, he felt it and took another sip, sometimes accidentally drinking too much and wrinkled his face like an autumn chrysanthemum. After the numbness passed, he couldn’t help but drink again.

And while the child was holding a can of coke, Shen Shian was preparing a place for the two to sleep at night. For safety reasons, the stairs to the third and first floor have been locked and everyone was on the second floor for rest. The second floor was a reading room. The design was very user-friendly, there were not only tables and chairs, but also sofa cushions and tatami mats that they could sit on.

Shen Shian took out a tatami that was enough for him and the child to sleep. He took two pillows and found a side that was against the wall and lined up with the window. The thorn stick was taken out and placed next to the tatami. In this position, he took a piece of cashmere blanket from the space and shook it. He waved at the child, “Come on, sleep.”

The child held the cola can that had already been drunk halfway. He ran over and positioned himself between Shen Shian and the window. A pair of dark green eyes looked around.

Shen Shian put the cola on the ground next to him, “Drink it tomorrow.” Then he lied down. The child immediately rolled over into his arms and sneaked a few kisses on his neck, and savored the smell of An An.

The sky outside was already dark. Today was April 5th, the first day of the lunar calendar, and it was also the Ching Ming Festival{note1}. The finest new moon was almost invisible, only a few stars emitting a dark gloom, reflecting the hoarseness of the zombie army downstairs, faintly ridiculously bleak.

Note1: Ching Ming Festival/Tomb-Sweeping Day is a Chinese festival where Chinese families visit the tombs of their ancestors to clean the gravesites, pray to their ancestors, and make ritual offerings. This is usually done on 4th or 5th of April.

In order to save electricity, the lights on the first floor had all been extinguished. Only the table lamps on the second floor were lit up with the stars outside the window, which were the only light in the darkness of the whole city.

How hard it is to come, still they had to move forward. In such a night, it always led to infinite listlessness and hesitation. But no matter how much worry, as the night got darker, they all fell asleep into a dream with their tired bodies.

Shen Shian’s breathing was shallow and long, and when everyone had fallen asleep, there were only a few whispers in the reading room, and a pair of eyes quietly opened, reflecting the brilliance in the stars.

He gently pushed the child, and when the child opened his eyes, he gave him a “shush” gesture, and he whispered in his ear, “I will send you into the space, eat well, vegetables should also be eaten, don’t be picky, add a cup of milk and an egg in addition to rice, don’t forget to eat fruit. After eating and washing your face, make sure there was no smell, then I will let you come out.” With the taste of the child, it was impossible to eat at that point.

Shen Xun was irritated by the hot air ejected from his mouth and nose, he tried to not hide behind him. After listening to his words, his eyes brightened and he nodded.

Shen Shian used his mind and the child was taken into the space. At the same time, a pillow was taken from the space and placed next to him, at Shen Xun’s position. The place he chose was hidden, there were very few survivors resting around, and the pillow was covered with a blanket. Unless someone walked over to him and opened the blanked, it was impossible to find that Shen Xun was gone.

On the other side, Shen Xun entered the space and immediately ran to the second floor of the bamboo building. The cooked food cooked by Shen Shian before leaving the house was placed next to the stairs on the second floor. Containers such as the lunch box were sorted separately. Because the second floor of the bamboo building time was stagnant, it was still hot.

Shen Xun ate a large braised pork with rice and egg, took a bag of milk, placed an orange into his pocket, and went to the coffee table in the hall on the first floor. Fortunately, he grew taller, otherwise he might not be able to climb up and down the stairs.

Braised pork was with thin fat and half burnt mixed pork. It was fat but not greasy, it was also delicious, and with and attractive caramel color. The rice and soup were mixed well. Each grain was covered with the essence of the gravy. The soft and hard granule was distinct , when he bit into it, the sweetness was released.

Shen Xun took his own special children’s spoon, and ate the whole rice. Even the few rice grains on the lid of the lunch box were not spared, only a few were left. Green vegetables, lying alone in the corner, he did not care about it.

The child frowned, but when he thought of Shen Shian, he still put the green vegetables into his mouth and with a look of death, he chewed a few times and swallowed it.

“I am not a picky eater,” He lifted the lunch box to Shen Shian outside to see ‘all eaten’. Shen Shian, who could sense all the changes in the space in real time, couldn’t help but laugh silently.

After eating the rice bowl, he drank a bag of milk and ate an egg. Finally, he took the orange to the side of the creek. He washed his face and waited for the meat smell to go away. He peeled off the orange and ate it.

After confirming that there was no smell of food, Shen Xun shouted, “An An, I am done” in the air.

Shen Xun placed the pillow back and took the child out. After eating and drinking, the child was in a good mood. He whispered on Shen Shian’s ear, “You should go in for dinner.”

The hot breath made Shen Shian ear itch and instantly had goosebumps. He moved the child away from his ear and whispered again, “I can’t go in, I will be discovered.”

He was different from Shen Xun. He was too big. Once he disappeared from the blanket, as long as someone looks, they will notice that something is wrong.

Shen Xun heard this and widened his eyes. The expression was like he had a good adventure with others. He did what he wanted according to the requirements of the big adventure. When it was Shen Shian’s turn, he did not do it. He was angry and anxious, he whispered back, “You can be hungry.”

Shen Shian patted his back on the back. “I am not hungry. I ate ham and biscuits.”

The ham was taken from the space through the backpack, and the biscuit was the material that was distributed. The duck leg that he had given to the child was already very eye-catching. Although his backpack looked like a bulging bag because of the clothes, but no matter how much food was eaten, he could never take too much from the backpack. He should only take foods for the current situation. If he didn’t worry about eating and drinking, it would inevitably cause others to doubt, and feel that he had a cheat. So even if he only ate a biscuit, the spring water could replenish his energy. Even if he didn’t eat anything, it could still support him for a short time.

After Shen Xun listened, he was even more anxious.

Shen Shian, “Don’t make trouble, I am not hungry. Sleep.”

Then he kissed his forehead, “Good night.”

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    I want to see SXs face when he drinks the stale coke… haha :’D

    An An, isn’t it time to leave? Then you could eat too. See how anxious your little gong is xD

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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