DOTA Madness

DOTA’s Madness

Chinese title: 疯狂的多塔
Author: 奥丁信使/Odin’s Herald
Link: piaotan

He has won some games, lost some games, but it always entertained him and made him happy. However, one day when DOTA is linked to his life, Zhao Dingguo could not be calm anymore. Because in his PC, there was an unexpected DOTA battle platform!

If he lost a game on the platform, he could be obliterated!

However, when Zhao Dingguo was careful and triumphant, he found that the magical rewards he received were actually brought to reality. Whether it’s skills, equipment or bloodline, as long as he has survived a brutal Death Match, everything is possible! After many difficult battles, Zhao Dingguo finally could walk calmly on the narrow path between victory and obliteration. His unchanging pursuit is the victory!

Translator’s note:
This novel is based on DOTA 1 (the Warcraft map), not the game DOTA 2.