EVWNALM ch 23.3 – Contentment

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Regarding this awkward thinking of Qin Zhi, Lou Yao Yao did not know it at all. She was originally the kind of person who, once determined her goals, would then devote herself entirely to it. This time, she made up her mind to go all out to achieve success and would then naturally work exceptionally hard.

After eating dinner, Lou Yao Yao was lying on the sofa again. Qin Zhi, who was left out, could only poke at the keyboard to play game. 

At eight o’clock, Lou Yao Yao was present, and Qin Zhi poked at the keyboard listlessly, and looked at Lou Yao Yao from time to time.


At nine o’clock, Lou Yao Yao was present, Qin Zhi mopped the floor till one could see their own reflection, and looked at Lou Yao Yao from time to time.

At ten o’clock, Lou Yao Yao was present, and Qin Zhi reorganized the house, and looked at Lou Yao Yao from time to time.

Seeing that it was 10:30, Lou Yao Yao was a little tired. Looking around, she didn’t see the figure of Qin Zhi in the living room, and suddenly felt very strange. It’s no wonder that she kept feeling that something was missing this evening. Qin Zhi didn’t even say a word to her for the whole night!

After looking around in the house, she found Qin Zhi in the bed. He lied down facing the inside, motionless, as if he had already fallen asleep.

Upon seeing this, Lou Yao Yao gave birth to a feeling of grievance. He actually went to sleep alone and didn’t call her!

She frustratingly went to wash her face and brush her teeth, then she turned off the lights, and lied on the other side on the bed, very far away from Qin Zhi. 

After sleeping for a while, Lou Yao Yao couldn’t stand it anymore. She moved to Qin Zhi little bit by little bit, and finally hugged Qin Zhi’s waist from the back and softly called: “Qin Zhi.”

Qin Zhi seemed to really be asleep, and there was no reaction at all.

However, Lou Yao Yao was obviously not so easy to be dismissed, as her two small hands scratched and scratched at Qin Zhi’s chest. The moment this trick came out, Qin Zhi who was ticklish quickly broke his stance. He turned around and pressed on top of Lou Yao Yao, pushing down both of her hands above her head. The look in his eyes as he looked at Lou Yao Yao was like that of a wolf at night, emitting a green light. 

Lou Yao Yao wrongfully said: “Qin Zhi, you have been very cold to me recently.” Everyone says that men are fickle, when they were chasing women, even if it was the stars in the sky, they will find a way to get it down for her, but once they managed to chase the woman, they will then not care about her anymore. 

Lou Yao Yao carefully thought, and found that Qin Zhi had rarely talked to her recently, and even did not do it for a few days. Sure enough, she was a treasure when she was pursued, but when she was in his hands already, she was grass.

Hearing Lou Yao Yao’s words, Qin Zhi almost vomited blood. Have you ever seen such an unreasonable woman? Obviously, she was the one who was very cold to him recently! 

Qin Zhi grinded his teeth and looked at her: “Cold?”

Lou Yao Yao nodded undoubtedly, and she felt wronged till she could drop tears. 

Qin Zhi was angered. He was not the kind of person who was very eloquent, nor was he good at arguing with Lou Yao Yao, so he straightforwardly used his actions to explain. 

Soon, Lou Yao Yao lost her helmet and armour under his attack. Usually, Qin Zhi always yielded to her to take care of her feelings. But this time, he was probably really riled as he completely charged around violently, tormenting Lou Yao Yao till she was miserable.  

Bottling up for a few days, was it easy on him? This woman really was unable to differentiate good from bad, and blamed it on him. Didn’t know who it was that slept like a dead pig every night! No matter how she was tossed, she also didn’t wake up! 

In the beginning, Lou Yao Yao was still enjoying it, but at the end, she could only beg for mercy. 

“Do you still feel that I’m cold?” Qin Zhi whispered in her ear and asked softly. 

Lou Yao Yao shed tears and said: “Not cold, not cold at all!”


In the end, Qin Zhi softened as she was crying, and let this woman, who deserved a lesson, off. 

Being preciously hugged in Qin Zhi’s arms, Lou Yao Yao was still thinking before she fell asleep, look, when she was in his hands already, she was like grass. Not gentle to her anymore. 

The next day, early in the morning, the Lou Yao Yao who was still crying her heart out yesterday, was full of energy as she sat on the floor and drew her design draft. 

Qin Zhi woke up with empty arms, and sighed weakly. He suppressed his vexed feelings and got up from the bed. 

After making breakfast, washing the clothes, Qin Zhi opened the floor-length windows and went out to dry the clothes. The summer warm air blew the curtains and they fluttered in the air. The design drafts on the floor were blown everywhere. Lou Yao Yao laid on her stomach on the floor, shaking her two white and tender ankles, softly humming a cheerful tune. 

Qin Zhi looked back to take a glance and saw that Lou Yao Yao had just looked up and looked out of the window coincidentally. She showed a big smile on her face to him. Perhaps she was blown by the wind till she felt very comfortable and her mood couldn’t help but feel good. Although Qin Zhi wanted to ignore her, but in the end, he could only curve his lips to reveal a smile.

Forget it. Contentment; this woman was already his, what else could he be unsatisfied with? 

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hehe qt qinzhi feeling left out cause yao yao has no time for him

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