EVWNALM Ch 25.2 – Will you die without love

     The air of the mountains in the morning was the freshest. Taking a deep breath, and then exhaling the turbid energy of the night, her whole person felt refreshed. 

     Taking the opportunity as it was still early, Qin Zhi and Lou Yao Yao, the two of them, behaved like thieves, and left the small wooden house, for fear of attracting Ruan Si Nan and those other light bulbs. After walking a distance and confirming that they did not alert anybody, Qin Zhi and Lou Yao Yao then exchanged glances and smiled, taking a slow and leisurely walk. 


      When they walked to yesterday’s river path, they found that the grass on the opposite side was thoroughly burnt, and the whole ground was blackened. 

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     Days in the summer were originally dry, and when the night wind blows, the fire would naturally spread faster. Chen Hao and those people were actually lucky that they did not get burnt. 

     Feeling that the time was still early, Lou Yao Yao and Qin Zhi decided to go to the mountain opposite to walk. When they walked to the foot of the mountain, they found that on the top, there was a person sitting on the edge of the cliff. They couldn’t see who it was, but could tell that it was a woman. 

     The two slowly climbed to the top of the mountain. At this time, the sun was just rising. Bathed in the morning sunlight, the chill of the early morning was dispelled, and the whole body felt warm. 

     Originally, sitting on the edge of the cliff to watch the sunrise should be a beautiful thing. But, it has already been occupied by someone, so the two of them did not go over. They looked for a big rock to sit down and rest. 

     The person who was sitting still, heard the noise from their movement, and looked behind. And then, she turned back again. 

     But this turning of her head was enough for Lou Yao Yao to see her face. She was momentarily surprised and said: “Lin Fei!” 

     She finally remembered what she had forgotten. Yes, before she woke up, she had wanted to look for Lin Fei. No one in this world was utterly and hopelessly bad. She shouldn’t die because of a man like Chen Hao. 

     Hearing Lou Yao Yao call Lin Fei, QinZhi glanced at the edge of the cliff. Then, he frowned. Anyone sitting on the edge of the cliff could make people think that she was watching the scenery, except for Lin Fei. Even Qin Zhi instinctively thought that she wanted to commit suicide again.

     The two looked at each other and Lou Yao Yao said: “I’m going over to take a look”.

     “Be careful, don’t go too close”. Qin Zhi urged her. God knows if that woman will pull Lou Yao Yao down to accompany her in death. But since they already saw her, they also could not ignore her. 

     Lou Yao Yao carefully walked over there, and finally sat down at the place four or five meters away from Lin Fei. She did not dare to put her feet dangling over the cliff, but sat at a distance away from it. Qin Zhi stood not far away, paying attention to the situation here. 

     Lin Fei saw that Lou Yao Yao came over to sit, and after making sure that the other party was far away from her, she was then too lazy to pay heed to her. 

     Lou Yao Yao followed her line of vision, and saw the patch of blackened land. Then, she asked: “You saw it all?”

     Lin Fei did not answer.

     Lou Yao Yao also did not know what to say to her. The two, in fact, did not have much interaction. Every time they met, in her memory, aside from quarrelling, it was still quarrelling. Thinking about it, she really knew not much about Lin Fei. She thought and said: “You lower your head and look down. If you jump down from this distance, you will definitely not die for a while. If you jump in this position, you will certainly land on your face. At that time, your pretty face would be like a watermelon, smashed to smithereens. However, since you won’t be able to die for a while, your hands and legs will be unquestionably broken completely, and your neck will also be broken, and even if it was so painful that you’d want to die immediately, you won’t be able to move at all and can only wait painfully for death. Let me guess, you would die in one minute, or die in ten minutes, or half an hour, or even longer.”     

     “Lou Yao Yao, you are disgusting!” Lin Fei, who was disgusted by her, turned and glared at Lou Yao Yao. 

    Lou Yao Yao blinked innocently: “But I’m not lying. If you really jumped, your dying appearance will definitely be even more disgusting than what I said”.

     Lin Fei lowered her head and looked down. It seemed like she was thinking whether she would die immediately if she jumped. She had never jumped down before, of course, she wouldn’t know. After a long silence, Lin Fei said sarcastically: “Lou Yao Yao, won’t you be satisfied when I’m dead?” 

     “Whether you die or not, it’s none of my business.” Lou Yao Yao’s temper was also roused.  

     “Then why did you come over?”

     Lou Yao Yao smiled and said: “I just don’t want to dream of you falling to death everyday. It’s too scary, I will not be able to sleep.”


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