Every World Seems Not Quite Right – Summary Arc 1

Written by Aytise on foxaholic.blog.

Please read the note I wrote about the chapter number in the TOC in case you’re wondering where are the ‘missing chapters’ (since last chapter on sleepy ant’s blog was chapter 53, or so sleepy ant called it…).

Summary Arc 1 – Metropolis’ Black Transformation


MC (Shao Qian): Zhang Zi Hui, Male Lead: Zhang Zi Xuan, Female Lead: Zhang Qing.

Plot of the world:

The female lead had a father who was addicted to gambling, and an ignorant and incompetent delinquent younger brother always playing in the streets. Due to not receiving any money from his sister, he had gotten people to kidnap her. However, he failed in demanding money from the male lead, who was already his brother-in-law at that time. He had then given instructions to two other hoodlums, planning on tarnishing his own sister. In the end, it went without saying that he was caught by the male lead who had promptly rushed over. But as he was unrepentant about what he did, in the midst of the struggle, the male lead’s bodyguard had ‘accidentally’ struck him in the vitals, leading to his death. The female lead who had lost her brother whom she didn’t really like, had casually found a place and buried his body. The father then dug him out and buried him elsewhere to let him rest in peace.

Summary of the Arc:


MC is female lead’s brother who actually was being manipulated into deliquesce by his sister and mistreated by not giving him enough allowance to starve to death. When MC fixed his delinquent appearance (green hair and smoky eyes) his father was moved to see his dead wife’s face and got himself back together. He actually went back to his Zhang family home that turned out to be super rich and brought his kids back. MC meets the ML there, who’s actually his oldest cousin. ML dotes on MC since first sight, and this gets on the nerves of the FL who has the impression that everything must revolve around herself. In the end, she got so mad she actually kidnapped him and planned on throwing him into the sea, she got found out by ML who rushed to his rescue but actually pretended not finding him later. MC was declared dead to his family while ML turned into a yandere lover who imprisoned MC into a villa for 10 years. MC didn’t really love ML during all that time but still felt a strange sense of familiarity and didn’t completely reject him either. He spent his time leisurely waiting until he received a system notification that the female had jumped off a roof. Once the system was fueled with enough soul energy thanks to FL’s death, MC was finally able to leave the world. ML was heartbroken about MC’s leaving, he sent a text to their family informing them of their location, he wore a black suit and made MC wear a white one then he swallowed a bunch of sleeping pills and hugged him on the bed to sleep peacefully until their next meeting.


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