Every World Seems Not Quite Right – Summary Arc 2

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Summary Arc 2 – The Taoist Exorcist and The Ghost


MC (Shao Qian): Chu Liang (called doll by ML), Male Lead: Song Dao, Female Lead: Yao Yao.

Plot of the world:

Chu Liang was an unlucky youth who was scared to death by the ghost FL, however he wasn’t able to let out the anger within his heart and also turned into a ghost. Moreover, he was a trapped within his own house, and could do nothing but wander around the building all day. The house was later haunted by even more ghosts and nobody was willing to approach it. Its growing reputation finally alarmed the ML who was a Taoist priest. He also brought the FL along. She cried before him saying ghost Chu Lang was the descendant of the man who killed her a 100 years ago. In the beginning, that ancestor had harmed people and now, his descendants were also just as evil. FL in this world was a ghost for 100 years because she was seeking revenge from that ancestor, but she killed the innocent youth and even made him into a ghost unable to reincarnate, and trapped within his house. Afterwards, the little weak ghost was exorcised with a talisman by the ML.

Summary of the Arc:


Every day, MC could only bask in the yin energy of the moonlight to get stronger and eventually be able to break out of his restraint and get out of the house to avoid directly meeting ML and FL in this world after his terrible experience in the last world. In order to avoid his body from falling into anyone’s hands, he turned in into ash with his soul energy and sculpted it into a little porcelain dol. However, just a few days later, when he finally got strong enough, he ended up being noticed by ML who wanted to exorcise him at first but upon seeing him, and feeling that familiarity and bond between them, ended up sealing him in the little porcelain doll and brought him out to his own home. Afterwards, the FL started turning evil by absorbing live people’s yang energy and killing them while colluding with the son of the ML’ master who had adopted him when he was younger. They finally had a pretty hard fight with arrays, talismans and all kinds of Taoist priest magic before being defeated by MC and ML. since the FL ghost was exorcised, MC got enough soul energy to leave anytime. Yet, ML suddenly confessed to him and beseeched him not to leave (even though he was planning to restrain him forever even if he wasn’t willing, well, yandere tendencies). MC was actually moved by ML because earlier in the fight, he had blocked and attack for him using his own body. So, he decided to stay until ML got better. Unexpectedly, he started to develop some kind of feelings for this shameless ML who until his old age kept begging him to stay by playing tricks like crying, throwing tantrums, acting cute, etc. ML died at 121 years old, but before dying he told MC that he would definitely find him in the next life. MC looked at him solemnly before placing a strand of his soul energy on ML’s soul and told him: “Remember me, find me. Wait for me.” That was the first time that MC accompanied someone to old age and was reluctant to leave. When he returned to the white space, he carefully thought about ML and their relationship and regained a bit of his feelings. He decided if he were to encounter ML in his next life, he would definitely accompany him in old age again.


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