Every World Seems Not Quite Right – Summary Arc 3

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Summary Arc 3 – Western Fantasy


MC (Shao Qian): Jesse, Male Lead: Vincent.

Plot of the world:

This was a western fantasy world, where angels and demons coexisted. This world’s Original was a pitiful eight-year whose both parents had been killed. After growing up, he took revenge on the Vatican before taking his life in the end. But when MC had first come to that world in the past, he was already 18 years old and had learnt some alchemy. The system was incomplete and couldn’t his queries. The ML in this world is supposed to be the other half of the god of light, and in the future will overthrow the unfair Vatican and nobles who unscrupulously kill and hunt magical beasts to become the new god of light.

Summary of the Arc:


The arc starts with MC’s father hiding him and asking him to run away, because the Vatican caught his wife and wanted them dead as they were magic beasts that could transform. When he came back for his wife, she was already dead and in order to stop the Vatican from fining his cub with his blood, he self-destructed. Meanwhile, MC hides in a treant (magical tree) and goes over the plot of the world. He then grows up spoiled by all the magical beasts in the forest and meets the ML once when he was a child. He saved his life and then threw him out of the forest to let him grow stronger. At this point, he’s not really sure if the ML is the same as in the previous world but he has a feeling. When he grows up and leaves the magical beast forest, he meets the ML who was completely obsessed with him and only grew stronger to meet him again. They both then go to seek answers for MC’s father’s death and find out his mother was a demon that only wanted to have him as her contractual beast as he was a high ranked one. MC and ML kill her for revenge and then embark in a series of fights to defeat the god of light of that world and ML becomes the new god of light. After an unknown long period of time, when the new generation decides to revolt against the god of light, MC decides to leave and ML follows after him.


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