Every World Seems Not Quite Right – Summary Arc 4

Written by Aytise on foxaholic.blog. Feel free to leave your thoughts!

Summary Arc 4 – Ancient Imperial Court


MC (Shao Qian): Helian Xuan , Male Lead: Helian Jing Qi.

Plot of the world:

The little 12 years old emperor was intimidated by his imposing uncle regent. The regent monopolized power in the court and finally took the throne. However, even if he married a wife, he never touched her and had no heirs. The country finally fell to chaos.

Summary of the Arc:


MC is little emperor whom ML uncle regent fell in love with at first sight since MC cae to the wold. He greatly spoiled him and supported all his decision as an emperor and stabilized his power in the country. Meanwhile, the MC was now sure all the ML were the same person, his lover, and was seriously considering taking ML back with him into Xinhghai space once this world ended even if he had to injure his soul power. In the end, they accompanied each other until death, they had also raised a distant relative as the next emperor to succeed MC’s throne. When MC went back to Xinghai space, the system didn’t ask him whether he’d like to recover data as usual and the mark on his hand had slightly dissipated. He didn’t think too much of it and went to the next world.


Aytise’s corner: Sorry, I got a little lazy with the last two arcs >.< I just wrote down what I felt was the most important, please free to comment additions or even little summaries of your own, I’d be glad to add them to any of the Arc summaries ^^

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