Every World Seems Not Quite Right – Summary Arc 5

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Summary Arc 5 – Wuxia World


MC (Shao Qian): Bai Qing Xuan, Male Lead: Lu Ao.

Plot of the world:

In this time, many great heroes gathered together to compete for the title of the greatest martial artist — Martial Master. In this dynasty, the power of the imperial court was weak, whereas the martial world dominates. In the end, the ML defeated all the other heroes and obtained the title of the Martial Master. MC’s identity was the son of the head of a rich family, who listened to a certain person’s instigation and became a wanderer. With only a hundred taels on him, absolutely no knowledge of martial arts, and also not bringing along a servant boy in fear of being stopped, he had set off. The first time Shao Qian crossed over and became the son of a rich family, he had even wondered: Was the system making him suffer on purpose? At that time, when he had first crossed over, it had been at a little later point of the story compared to right now. And after that, the system had given him his lines that consisted of a mere three sentences: Don’t kill me. Save me. Ahhh… According to those kidnappers, it was very likely that he had been framed by a certain someone in his family. This rich family’s son was born from the Di wife and it could be said that he had been doted on by both parents until he grew up. Especially his mother. Towards this Di son, she doted on him to no ends. This also directly caused the rich family’s son to have a naive and innocent nature. This time when he had run away from home, it was due to him reading about those chivalrous knights in books. A story about robbing the rich to give to the poor, along with the instigation from a person with high aspirations, immediately made him hide some money within his clothes and stealthily leave the house. However, he just left the town and walked a few Li before he was captured by mountain bandits. Naturally, he lost his money, and also immediately lost his little life.

Summary of the Arc:


while MC was fighting with the bandits, ML rescued him and brought him back, then he declared he’d marry him as his husband


Aytise’s corner: Sorry, I got a little lazy with the last two arcs >.< I just wrote down what I felt was the most important, please free to comment additions or even little summaries of your own, I’d be glad to add them to any of the Arc summaries ^^

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