Himajin, Maou no Sugata de Isekai e Tokidoki Cheat na burari Tabi ~ Chapter 6

Translator: Kuze_Rokuro

Editor/Proofreader: Est_Zwei

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There was an interesting word in Rue’s story.

 ‘God’s Yoke

 She had also mention about the ‘Genesis’.

“Rue, what is this God’s Yoke and Genesis?”

“Oh, it’s a term that was coined after you disappear.It means—-”

 In the days when the world was set to the existence, there was a being called ‘The Concealed God’ who was not the object of people’s faith. However, it was a time where the rules of the world were established by existences like him who possessed tremendous power. Speaking about that, isn’t that the “game era” that was managed by “management”?

 Anyway, it seems that Rue couldn’t find a person who had the memory of the game era.

 The time period when Rue was in a party and was born inside this forest for the first time is the Genesis era.

  It appears that there seems to be a blank era between “God’s Yoke” and “Genesis” but, Rue said even she have no knowledge on that matter .

 And the “Genesis” is a turbulence era where the new “Seven Stars” left by the gods began to show signs of activity. It seems to be a turbulent era when various magic techniques, systems, countries and organizations were born to seal it.

 And at the end of it, Rue was sealed along with “Ryujin“. (T/N:Dragon God)

… The thing is there are also the remaining six monsters. No, I knocked one down.

 In any case, it was a definite decision to go on a journey, and Rue also started preparing for it.

“Well then, I’m ready for my journey. But to be honest, it’s enough if there’s only one thing.”

“It’s a rugged bag. Is it packed with travel goods?”

“Fufu, let me open this up for you.”

  The quick handed Rue brought out a slightly larger bag.

 It looks like a mountaineering backpack, but it has a big zipper and a handle. Just as I was told, if you open that chuck――

“The hell is this, you can’t see anything?”

 The darkness was spreading.

“It’s linked to the warehouse of this house. So if you have this, you can pull out anything.”

“What a convenient bag … so you can put all your luggage in.”

“No, unfortunately, this is a one-way trip. So if you take out something that is too bulky, it will be difficult to dispose of.”

“I see, but I can convert the things that are likely to sell with this and use it to fund my trip.”

 In the warehouse, there were a lot of equipments and treasures that looked like magic prototypes, weapons, silver and gold and in the middle of it…..valuable goods?

Who gave those things to her?  

Talking about tributes, don’t tell me it’s like that, like the story of kaguya-hime?

 Like Dad, I won’t forgive you?

“What with the funny face? Well, that’s the last resort anyway. I’ll take the guild’s job request and earn a fortune.”

“Oh, the guild. Don’t you have an adventurer guild or something like that?”

“Well there are a lot of travelers, and that’s not a mistake, but I’ve been working outside for a long time, so that information is not so reliable anymore .”

  Although it’s too late, the common sense that I’ve learned from her might not be usable on the outside world anymore.

I have never thought that she was a hikikomori for such long time already . 

I thought about it on the way, but when I was watching her happily teaching every day, I couldn’t say it.

 However, according to the story that I heard, “Guild” seems to be a place where a short-term job is arranged from day-to-day labor, and I felt that it was the same as “Adventurers’s Guild” in novels and games in the fantasy world.

 She also used to subjugate demons and doing escort missions when she lived outside.

“So, why not register for that guild in the nearest city?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna do that. Just that…”

“What happened?”

“There is a lake as soon as you go through the forest, and the opposite side becomes a sightseeing spot. I remember going out to the street and going to the town from there, right?”


“… no sign of water”


 Since Rue uses ice magic, she can grasp the signs of water and ice.

 Moreover, now that she no longer needs to seal Ryujin, her ability is no longer comparable.

 If she doesn’t feel the presence of water …

” It can’t be, I have mistaken the direction? “

“Oh … maybe the lake has gone … we may not be able to reach the city.”

 I haven’t heard the exact number of years, and she may not remember it, but it seems that time has passed long enough to change the terrain.

 But if that happens, the worst is that there may not be even a city near here.


“In reverse, development and the like is unexpected.”

“Why is it then? But this person is great.”

 After leaving home, I was able to pass through the forest in 4 days thanks to the march at a pace unthinkable by ordinary people.

 Therefore, if you were originally going to the lake, you could see the city walls in the distance.

 I thought I would pass through the former lake as it was, but when I looked closely, the ground was only slightly white.

 When I thought about this, I looked into it and apparently it was a salt lake.

 On the contrary, I think that there is a possibility that it is made into an industry, and it is not good to step into into it, so it is already three hours to detour around it.

 I could see the city gate which was quite large even from a distance.

“What do we do? Do you want people to notice you?”

“What do you think? I don’t know what it’s like to be in the elves’ position now, so let’s wear this for the time being?

   That’s what I’m saying … isn’t that my clothes!

 She put it on like a thief, hiding the cheeks and ears.

 Is there no other way?

 I don’t mean to say that Rue is fashionable or obsessed with appearance.

 Her food was also like a man, I think she was wrong about the sex she was born with?  

“Don’t you think that’s rude? I just like the warmth of Kai-kun and I just felt like it.”

“Why do you always say that kind of thing?”

 Surprise attacks like that are not good.

“Please show me your pass or ID”

“Here you are”

 At the entrance of the city, people other than us lined up and were doing some kind of procedure.

 In addition, Rue presents the old guild card with no use.

 On the contrary, it’s going to make a fuss, but it’ll do something.
I’ll hold something that looks like the worst money you can get.

“Ho, a Hokuriku card? That’s rare.”

“Muh, is that so? I still don’t have an ID yet, what should I do?”

“Uh… why do you look like that ?

That’s right. Why are you wearing this man’s shirt on your head?

“Is it fashionable? It’s Hokuriku trend.”

I feel sorry for the Hokuriku people.

The gatekeeper who is in trouble about how to return it, looks back and heads for me.

 …… I’m not dressed strangely, so there’s no problem….?

“Are you a high rank demon? It is unusual. Uh, what’s your identity card other than a guild card?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve lost everything. Can I pay the toll instead?”

“Oh, no problem. Then it will be 1000 lux.”

“I understand. Rue, come on.”

 Apparently, Rue and I decided in advance that I wouldn’t be able to call myself an ordinary person.

 A fallen aristocrat, or an upper-class person with a reason, responds with such an image.

 I don’t know what to do, but I’m itching and I can’t get used to it.――

 There wasn’t much traffic in the city, and there were only passerby because of the time zone and the surrounding area.

 The streets were rather medieval, rather than the middle ages, they looked like medieval styles, but it was a feel that can be seen in post-civilization if you look closely.

 What line is this? Something like this is running between things like telephone poles.

 It is said that it is buried underground because it damages the landscape, but it does not seem to be the case here.

“What’s that? Is it transmitting magic power signals and remotely operating magic tools?”

“It’s a very specific guess, but has that been there for a long time?”

“You know about it? It’s the first time I’ve seen it in the whole city,this truly is the future.”


Is it like Urashima-san?

However, if this is the case, I can expect the standard of living here.

Just a little bit, the expectation for life from now on will increase.

“I don’t see an elf around here.”

“I still can’t judge this ignorant passerby. Let’s walk a little more..”


“Is it lunch time now?”

 If you walk a little further, the number of people will start to increase and you will notice a nice smell.

 And if you look at the people walking on the street, you can see the elf from humans to demons, as well as Rue.

If this is the case, you don’t need to hide your ears anymore. I mean, I thought I forgot the shirt.

“The smell of Kai-kun …”

“Perverted speech is prohibited.”

“It’s a joke. But I knew it from the gatekeeper’s reaction, but are there even demons?…”

 In the game era, demon is a race with small sheep-like horns, the wing of a bat, and etc such as succubus and incubus.

 In terms of position, it was a hard-to-use tribe with lower magical power than elves, more physical strength than human, and low skill status.

 However, it was popular for its erotic older sister type succubus and boasted a decent population.

 On the contrary, there were few men among demons.

 Hmm? Am I a demon? I’m human. I just customized the appearance.

“Is Kai-kun a human being?”

“Oh, that’s right. I was playing as a demon with special accessories.”

“I love it.But, although the number of people is small, it is no way that they are living together normally……”

“Is Rue not good with demons?”

“Well, there were various times.”

 During the game era, demons had various restrictions when using human and elf city facilities.

 However, there was the merit that the level was easy to go up instead.

 Because it is easy to absorb the power of monsters in the setting, somehow.

 However, in the game, the background and reason for such system were not told, and as a result of the player’s delusion, it was concluded that demons are hostile to other races.

Probably Rue’s reaction is coming from there.

“A long time ago, my friends seemed to have demon friends.”

“What do you mean?”

“I never met them directly, but I don’t think we were trying to avoid each other, but that’s just the way it is.”

“… Well, maybe there’s no such person?”

“Hum … I said before,but Kaivon … you’re not.”

I guess so.

And then, the events of the game era, I wonder if it is a condition that is incorporated into a part of their lives

There may be a difference in chat content and details, but the relationship is that the things at that time were taken over as they were.

 Then, if it’s a friend of the demon that she never met…

(I wonder if it’s my 3rd character)

 One of my last characters.

 The character’s name is “Wraith”

 This is an older sister type I made with the image of succubus with a nice body.

 Although it is satisfying to make it, it has been left without being nurtured too much.

 However, I was only eager collecting accessories and costumes.

(No, Rue is a “Holy Knight” and a “Sorcerer”)

 Classes can be broadly divided into three categories: “initial”, “advanced”, and “final”.

 The Holy Knight is a profession that is derived from a “swordsman” to a “knight” and finally opened up by leveling the class of the “priest” system.

 The name is amazing, but it has poor dexterity.

 The merit is that you can go anywhere solo.

 The “Sorcerer” that was set as a subclass is a profession that can be obtained if you are raising the “magician” system.

 If anything, this is the party’s main firepower, but because of its high damage, it is easy to be targeted by the enemy, making it unsuitable for solo.

 When I was growing up with this combination at the time, I was told, “How far do you think you can solo?”

 The holy knight’s abundant defensive techniques and recovery magic alleviate the disadvantages of magician’s being easy .

 And the sorcerer’s high-powered magic can compensate for the long-distance attacks that are the weak points of the Holy Knight, and at the same time, you can strengthen yourself with auxiliary magic.

 Although it is inferior to the classes dedicated to assistance, the convenient magic that slightly increases all abilities and the skill correction “Reduction of MP consumption ” were very compatible with the Holy Knight.

(I love this game, but I can’t play it anymore.)

 While thinking of such thing, I look at the current time.

“Kai-kun, would you please put on that cape instead? Pretty please?”

“… Haaa”

 How did this even happen.

 Even though I was concerned about the best armor and appearance, I was told that a painter in my family drew a picture of me that looks like a Holy Knight.

 Or rather, do I even have that equipment??

“I ’ve been leading the way, but where is Rue heading?”

“Oh, because the armed people were flowing in the same direction, I thought that if I stick together later, I will get to the guild.”

“……So that’s it”

However, I am firm even while I’m conflicted.

 It is not good to be captured by the memory of the game forever, but the current Rue is also Rue, and it is reliable enough.

 Umm, should we talk about that soon?  That “I created Rue”.

Hope to see you guys in the next chapter.

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