Himajin, Maou no Sugata de Isekai e Tokidoki Cheat na Burari Tabi ~ Chapter 7

Hi, guys. This is your translator here. Honestly the novel itself is hard to translate since the author uses different kind of meaning in the sentences. Me and my editor had a bit of a problem so we like to ask for your comment below for any misinterpretation. Please continue to support our translations.

Translator: Kuze_Rokuro

Editor: Est_Zwei


“Fufu … Kai-kun, this is a guild!”

“What are you doing? After all, it was just in front of the red light district.”

“Iya~, hahaha”

 After all, this is where I arrived after asking to the people around me.

A sign that says “Saltberg General Guild” reigns over the head.

 The building itself is like a bar that seems to come out in a big Seibu theater, but it seems to be a place where where not only people who are involved in battle but also general people can easily visit

“Now then, let’s make a prediction here.”

“Hm? What’s gotten into you suddenly?”

“First of all, I apply for registration with the guild. Then, the bad guys who hang out in the back are going to follow me.”

“Hoho, so that’s it.”

 The template.

“And then they will look at Rue beside me and force you to break up with me and join them.”

“Hmm, that’s not interesting. I will kill them in return.”

“No, no, that’s my role. There’s no reason for you to do that.”

 When I entered the guild, there were no people who turned around because of the large number of visitors.

 But obviously the air hardens.


“Two pairs of …. jet black wings “

“Is that a high-ranked demon!?

“Wait … you even have more horns.”

 Oh, and even the demon hated?

 I ’m wearing a regular set because it ’s dressed up.

“Golden goat horn … golden means that person is connected to the royal family.”

“I never heard that both wings and horns exist at the same time”

 The commotion spreads.

 Which is different from what I thought!

“Kai, let’s go to the reception quickly.”

“Oh, oh.”

 Rue-san is at her own pace.

 When I went to the reception desk, I was surprised that the staff member started to get very nervous, and the woman with sheep-like horns who seemed to be a demon was excited and throbbing behind.

 …… This is bad, it’s not a situation that I can escape from.

“I want to register for this guild”

“Yes, yes. Please fill in your name and the rest.”

 With the form at hand, you could write in the column about your name, age, race, birthplace, skills, and etc.

 For now-

“I was glad that’s in Japanese.” (T/N:Nihongo)

“Japanese? This is the general character, but what is Japanese?”

“No, nothing”

 But first of all is my name,race and skills.

“ Kaivon, is it? The race is…errrr, a fake application is not recommended.”

“Isn’t it prohibited? But no lies are written”

“I understand. Special skills are battle and cooking.”

“Ah, I can do anything with magic and weapons. I’m good at swords in general.”    

 It is not a lie! I’m human!

 Also in the status column

[Name] Kaivon

[Race] Human (?)

[Classes]  Swordsman   Fighter

[Level] 399

[Title]         Fake Demon King

      The One Who made God cry

      Dragon Emperor Killer


[Weapons] Blunt Sword

[Head] None (El Capricorn) (Pains Persona) (Crimson Demonic Eyes)

[Body] Black Emperor Jacket Yarn Finish Ver – ‘Polymerization Armor Synthesis by Gu ~ Nya ♪’ – (Elder Wing)

[Arm]  Arms of Craving and Despair

[Foot] Black Emperor Cloth Gold Finish Ver  – ‘Polymerizaion Armor Synthetic Lower Body by Gu ~ Nya ♪’

[Player skills] “Dark magic” “Ice magic” “Flame magic”

       “Sword Technique” “Long sword technique” 

                     “Large sword Technique” “Plunder” “Martial Arts”

[Weapon Skills] “Enhance Vitality Limit”

        ”Rights of The Usurper (Fighter)”

        ”Rights of The Usurper (Dragon)”

        ”Rights of The Usurper (Sword)”

        ”Sense Presence”

        ”Ranged Recovery Effect”

        ”Golden Luck”

        ”Double Acquisition Price “

 The status is working well.

 Why is my race questionable? Because you don’t have to work like that, you don’t need that!

 And the player skill is well described along with the magic that I learned in this world. Very satisfactory.

 I thought that “Sorcerer” would be added as a class, but “Swordsman” and     “Fighter” were the same as in the game era.

 The reason for putting a “Fighter” in the sub is simply to raise the attack power.

 In addition to the highest correction, this is a convenient way to expand the range of body techniques with and without weapons.

 However, it is the default that the main class is from the swordsman system and a martial artist system is added to the sub.

 For weapon abilities, I tried putting things that seem to be useful by saying that I’m going on a trip.

 If I have this, I won’t get tired! I did it!

 … That’s why I thought a lot, but why is this status really working?

 In many creations, the world originally said that such systems and laws are working, but when you actually get down to yourself, you always think.

 Is this the world that should be, and is the game just recreating it?

 However, this mystery, including me being here, will not give an answer.

 …… I still can’t live while forgetting everything.

 I spend a year in the woods, and my sense of values ​​in civilized society and desire for the original world are fading.

 Still, I haven’t completely organized my feelings yet.

 But still I will live here.


“Hey, Kai-kun, what should I put? How old are you?”

“This is appropriate and also appropriate”

 This is because there are people like a cute friend, daughter, and teacher.

 Well, I’m not sure if it’s safe, but Rue and I have already registered with guild.

 Well, in the case of Rue, she just updated her old card to this city, or to this continental style.

 Anyway, now that I’ve been able to earn some money, there’s things that      I have to do it before I get a job.

“Look, how long are you going to feel down, Rue?”

“Fuh … the man doesn’t understand … The sadness of rethinking about my age …”

“No, I don’t know because I haven’t lived for 1022 years.

“I hate you! I hate Kai-kun.”

 Apparently, there was a place where I thought about my age again.

 But it’s taboo to tease women for age.

 But did you think I wouldn’t do it because it was a taboo?

“Well … I hate you …”

 Try pulling instead.

 Then, it seemed that the idea was settled-

“Oh, I don’t hate you differently, so don’t look at me with that face.”


“Did you say something?”

 I’m worried as a father that she will be deceived by a bad guy.

 Like being fooled by a man who seems to be evil(Devil Look).

 We went outside without any tangling on the way home.

 But I don’t feel like going around the area.

 The sun has just passed, and there is still plenty of activity time.

“That’s why I’m looking for a base first. I have to find an inn somewhere.”

“Oh, that’s right. Are you going to stay here for a while with a long-term contract?”

“No, I still don’t know the about request or work of the guild, and Rue doesn’t know about the current world. Isn’t it good to spend a little of our time here?”

“Yes, we can afford it, but I have to learn the basics here to make money.”

 ……Isn’t that? But why does Rue have the money of this time?

 As expected, it doesn’t seem that monetary value and the standard of coins do not change for hundreds of years.

 Was it in that warehouse? Will it be sent from somewhere?

“I have a question Rue-sensei.”

“What is it, Kai-kun? If it’s about my three sizes, I’ll tell you later by palpation.”

“Oh yeah, that’s for another time. Some time ago, Rue, we’re paying using the current era currency, but is that also from the warehouse?”

“… That’s right. It’s not a huge asset, isn’t it?”

“I’ve been worried before, but what is that warehouse?

 I once asked the same question when I lived there.

 I was only told that it’s a tribute, but what is that thing and who is sending it?

“Is it okay now? It’s more of an” offer “than a tribute”

“… Rue, I don’t remember raising you to be rotten.”

“It’s a strange thing, I don’t remember being raised. No, it’s an offering for me.”

“Don’t hesitate to go to the next life”

“Will you listen to the end?”


 A sharp kick was a clean hit for me by Benkei.

 It ’s an attack with dexterity without changing their facial expression.

 What does it hurt when there is no damage?

“For the time being, I was treated like a sacrifice. I guess it remains a tradition among the elves. It spreads and is sent from all over the world.”

“So, in a sense, is it a target of faith?”

“I think that tradition was made by some of the elves who had left me … Maybe they were going to lessen their guilt.”

 Elf, I haven’t forgiven everything yet, but thank you.

 Thanks to that, I was able to use fresh ingredients every day.


 When we walk around the city, Rue starts to lead and begin to follow the people who look like traveler.

 As a result, this time I arrived at the inn.

 Why don’t you follow this person instead and get lost?

“What? Why are you looking at me like a kid?”

“I don’t care”

 The inn that arrived was a large three-story inn.

 If you look around, you can see a building with a bed-shaped signboard in the same way, and you can see that there are many inns around here.

 Rather than saying, it seems that the development of the city block is progressing.

 The presence of telegraph poles, and the apparent density of facilities by purpose, is much more modern than I imagined.

 …… It looks like a rat kingdom.

“I’m sorry, but do you want to change this appearance?”

“Wouldn’t it be okay to stay in this city? If it wasn’t, I should have removed it from the beginning.”

“No, in fact, it seems that the ability increases considerably when wearing this set.”

 Yes, somehow accessories frame other than equipment.

 Only when all the wings, horns, eyes, and masks that only affect the appearance are equipped, the same status is shown like in the game era.

 However, even if you remove them, the stats seems to be quite high thanks to the level.

 It’s kind of like a racer driving a race car compared to driving a normal car.

 That is the difference.

 …… A subtle illustration of me.

“Hmm, oh yeah, I thought of an interesting use”

“I’m listening”

“First of all, Kai-kun is someone who is living an ordinary life, but there is a city crisis!”


 It is a slightly similar wording about whether the prediction before entering the guild just entered the point.

“Kai-kun with a wounded knee, a city to protect in the background.


“Kai-kun was able to protect the city safely using his original power.”

“Yes, yes setting”

“What is it?”

 Where should we go from here?

“First of all, who is the Demon King, and is this is true or I am a human being?.”

“Well? But I don’t hate that figure but take it off before entering the inn.”

“That’s right”

 The clothes, or rather, this equipment, as expected, can’t be released with a single touch.

 When equipped, it can be done in an instant, but it is slightly inconvenient.

 After confirming that there are no people around, I remove the “Maou Set ()” that is handled as an accessory.


“I’m sorry, I would like to take a room for a long term.”

“Yes, yes, we will ask you in detail.”

 I enter the inn and speak to the uncle at the reception.

 If there are no extra items on me, people’s reaction is normal.(T/N:extra items is actually accessories)

“First of all, what is the price if we stay in two rooms for two months?”

“Uh … If you have two rooms, you can get breakfast and a discount at a nearby bathhouse.

 Is 1 lux about 1 yen? If you think so, it is 3000 yen per person per night, so cheap that you can’t think of it today.

 The question is whether Rue can pay the price-

“A little bit better. How much does it cost for two people in one room?”

“That would be 150,000 lux, because it costs 5000 lux per night for each person.”

“Well, can I ask you for that?”

“Wait a little Rue.”

“What is it,Kai-kun?”

 What a strange face.

 Temporarily young (appearance) men and women. He is a healthy boy in front of thirty thirties.

“Do you know the words of chastity?”

“If I can imagine it, it’s like a delicious fruit in the forest.”

“Would you like me to eat that freely?”

“Rather, haven’t we lived in the same house for a year now?”  Oh, is that so too?


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6 thoughts on “Himajin, Maou no Sugata de Isekai e Tokidoki Cheat na Burari Tabi ~ Chapter 7

  1. To be honest, there is a lot to correct here. The translation isnt bad i think, but the sentence structure is not good. Because of that, the last part of the chapter is pretty hard to read.

    “For the time being, I was treated like a sacrifice. I guess it remains a tradition among the elves. It spreads and is sent from all over the world.”

    “So, in a sense, is it a target of faith?”

    “I think that mechanism was made by some of the elves who had left me … Maybe they were going to destroy the guilt.”

    What mechanism? Isnt it supposed to be tradition?

    And what the heck does destroy the guilt mean? There are some parts that just dont make sense. Dont get me wrong, im no english genius and im not trying to be mean or anything. But wouldnt it make more sense if it was like this?

    “I think that tradition was made by some of the elves who left me imprisoned there … (“Maybe they were going to destroy the guilt.” i still have no idea what this means)

    Im happy you guys picked this one up, hope this helps a bit! Thanks for the chap 😁


    1. The “destroy the guilt”probably just means the elves that used Rue as a seal felt guilty so they would send offerings as thanks to lessen their feelings of guilt


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