How To Say I Love You – Ch 18 Part 1

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Xiao Jia Shu only smoked when he was depressed. Now he’s in a good mood and naturally does not need the comfort of nicotine. He put out the cigarette butt and told Ji Mian not to smoke too much, then he left.

Ji Mian started at the mischievous person’s back, laughing and shaking his head. 

“How was your chat with him?” Shi Ting Heng came out of the private room (in a restaurant) with a cigarette in his hand. “I just had a couple of shots with Luo Zhang Wei and I heard something. “ The Xiao gongzi[1] family rich background is so good that he was able to get the role of Ling Feng without even going to the audition. No wonder no one on the table took offence and even the director gave him face”.

  [1] Gongzi: son of an official or nobility. Usually an honorific title

“That old problem of Luo Zhang Wei hasn’t changed yet” Ji Mian unknowingly smiled. Luo Zhang Wei is usually talking a lot, but he still knew what to say and what not to say.

However, once drunk that distinction goes away and that mouth becomes a loudspeaker. If one asked a question, he would say the answer just like that. As a result, he has been used several times by an unknown number of people.

“It’s much better than before. I have hired an assistant to help him stop him from drinking”. Shi Ting Heng lit his cigarette and continued, “I heard Xiao Jia Shu graduated this year, reading financial management with no foundation in acting at all. You’re the one who’s going to act with him the most in the crew, you have to be mentally prepared.”

“We all belong to one company. It’s nothing, just taking care of the younger generation”. Ji Mian waved it off.

“You really have a good temperament; my biggest fear is taking on a newcomer. Does a newly-graduated finance student of a wealthy family, think he has any acting skill he doesn’t know about? If his background wasn’t too strong, Director Luo would not have agreed to hire him. No wonder Director Luo drank all the drinks he was toasted, it’s a fire in his heart”.

Shi Ting Heng seemed to think of something and shook his head, “These rich second generations are truly….studying and they are not capable, work and they are still not capable. They think that they can get quick money from entering the entertainment industry. Is it that easy to be an actor? Can one rely on face alone to be popular? Tut[2]….”

[2] Tut: to click one’s tongue


Ji Mian was silent for a second, then he extinguished his cigarette and said seriously, “He may not be good at acting, but he knows what he’s doing. Didn’t you find out clearly? He graduated from Wharton Business School with a master’s degree, by the way, he just turned 20 this year”. He then left.

Shi Ting Heng was dumbfounded for a good while: “Fuck, if I could get into Wharton and graduate with a master’s, what enter into the entertainment business? I can’t understand it!”. 

 Xiao Jia Shu returned t the private room in the restaurant and found that the director was already drunk and was being assisted by his two assistants as he prepared to leave, the remaining crew were still socializing, and it seemed that they are not planning on leaving early.

If you know that Shi Ting Heng and Ji Mian has not gone, whoever lets this chance go to make connections is a fool.

Huang Mei Xuan waited for Xiao Shao ye to come back, and quickly pushed the glass full of wine over to him, whispering, “Go, get to know the actors in the cast, everyone will give a toast, no need to don’t drink too much”. 

“I don’t like drinking”, Xiao Jia Shu said, pushing away the glass. “I also don’t want to know anyone on the crew. I will leave after filming. What’s the use in someone getting to know me?”

“You this child…” Huang Mei Xuan was interrupted by Huang Zi Jin before she could finish speaking. “Jie-Jie, don’t force Xiao Shu. He just got into the circle, he has to adapt to it first”.


“What’s there to adapt to? Its basic communication….” The brother and sister quarrelled over toasting, but the good thing was that their voices were low, it was also hard to see from their expression and so they didn’t attract attention.

Xiao Jia Shu sighed with relief and quickly picked up the chopsticks to eat some vegetables. He hasn’t started acting yet, and he’s already worn out of this circle. It’s no wonder outsider call the entertainment industry a vanity fair[3].

People here don’t look at your origins, education nor your moral character. As long as you have the face that can turn the world upside down, you can skyrocket. In this industry, you climb very fast to a high position, but the speed of falling is equally amazing.

[3] Vanity fair: famous for fame and fortune

Since it was a vanity fair, there will be a distinction between master and subordinate? When arranging the banquet, the crew and ordinary employees will naturally not be in the same private room; the director, lead actor, producer, investor and actor with limited screenplay will also not be at the same table.

If the position is arranged according to rank, Xiao Jia Shu could never have been able to sit between the director and Ji Mian, yet all he does is sit. His attitude was so arrogant, and does he have to be this eye-catching. 

Xiao Jia Shu was not interested in the glitz and glamour of this industry and naturally does not like acting. Fortunately, his scenes are not many, if it goes smoothly, he could be done in a month. The actors at the next table were watching him, as he buried himself in food.

The no. 1 female lead, Miao Muqing should have been sitting in Xiao Jia Shu’s place, she discovered her name was placed at the next table just before the dinner party. She since then had a fire in her stomach.

She placed her hands on her chest and her complexion ashen, now only waiting for the seat-snatcher to come so that she could make a fuss. However, the people who came made it practically impossible for her to do anything.

This was because the agent of the other part was Huang Mei Xuan and the assistant Huang Zi Jin. What’s kind of top match is this? Kneeling in admiration, she knew immediately that this Xiao Jia Shu’s background was not simple.


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6 thoughts on “How To Say I Love You – Ch 18 Part 1

    1. He is humble in his opinion. He just had a simple mind unlike everyone that easily makes assumption and all (that is why he himself humbly feels that he is unsuited in the industry). I think his mom and that director that is friend of his mom intentionally putting his seat at that table pushing the female lead just to gives warning to others. “Don’t try to make it hard for the kid, he had strong backing” kind of warning.

      If he toasted others, it is inevitable some of the brainless performers will lash out to him; not thinking deep of his background and believing he is just a failed business management student aka stupid with only great connection. His social awkwardness actually saved him.


  1. Thank you for picking this translation, I really like ” How To Say I Love You ” so much and always look forward to the next chapter.
    Can i ask your permission to translate it into Indonesian and upload it to my wattpad account? I will be course put you on the credit so that people will be interested to read your work. Thank you very much for your attenttion, i would be waiting for your reply😊


  2. Hahaha it is Wharton Business School with master’s degree. Shi Ting Heng, stop believing rumours and talk to the kid first or did proper research. Though now I am anxious if Xiao Jiashu truly can act like his mother believed him. Her mother only had that memory of him role playing the script that is looong ago XD


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