How To Say I Love You – Ch 19 Part 1

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Xiao Jia Shu’s role was of Ling Feng, a returning student majoring in business administration and his brother Ling Tao was the biggest villain in the drama.

The Ling brothers were born in the Mafia family. His father was the leader of the largest local drug trafficking gang. He died of a vendetta and his mother was raped and then split. Even worse, was that when their parents had this done to them, the two brothers hid in the safe house built secretly by their father and watched it all through the monitor.

There was no doubt that this brought them a psychological shadow, hard to be erased for life. After being rescued, the two brothers made the decision together- never to enter the underworld in this life. Uncle Howard adopted them and helped them fight for their family property.

What they didn’t know was that Howard was also involved in the drug trafficking gang. When Ling Tao had not yet grown up, he slowly turned the Ling Shi Group into a tool for drug dealers to launder money.

Ling Tao inherited the company once he was 18 years old. He found that if he didn’t enter the underworld, his brother would suffer revenge from the drug dealers and had t board the ship.

His body became soaked with wolf-like blood due to his childhood experiences, his means were particularly cruel as he gradually fell deeper.

In the end, even Howard was not his opponent and had to leave the group to avoid confrontation.


Ling Feng who was five years younger had been living under his brother’s protection and studied abroad for many years without any idea about the group affairs. If Ling Tao was night, then Ling Feng was the day. Everything about him was sunny and positive. He embodied all of Ling Tao’s longings and expectations.

Xiao Jia Shu studied the script seriously and found that the role was not too difficult for him, so he was full of confidence in the next shooting.

His gradual gray hair has been dyed back to pure black, and his perfect facial features matched the noble temperament which had been nurtured for a long time with that of Ling Feng who had been well protected since he was a child.

What’s more, his eyes were very clear with an air of naivety that had just entered society. When standing with Ling Tao played by Ji Mian, one was bathed in the sun, the other hidden in the shadow, forming a very strange tension.

The director called out “Action”. The two held hands and looked at each other with a long-time reunion smile on their faces, then they hugged. Sitting down in the garden, they talked about each other’s current situation.

In the middle of the conversation, Howard’s actor joined them, and the three walked into the villa. The scene was over. This was also Ling Feng’s first appearance in the movie. In the conversation, Ling Tao and Howard kept whispering, keeping Ling Feng out of the situation from beginning to end that led Ling Feng to think that his brother and uncle really had a harmonious relationship.

To be honest, Xiao Jia Shu didn’t really use much acting skills. He just needed to show his usual state of speaking with Xiao Ding Bang and Xiao Qi Jie. Anyway, he was always the one who was excluded, laughing like a carefree fool is right.

“Ok, this one’s over” Luo Zhang Wei stared at the screen for a while and then waved. Originally, he was extremely dissatisfied with Xiao Jia Shu’s joining.

If it wasn’t for Xiu Chang Yu and an increase in the investment, he wouldn’t have approved. Fortunately, the first scene was shot successfully, and it was no joke that you can’t even take your eyes off them.


The pictures show two men, a youthful light, a dark restrained air and a mutually conflicting atmosphere creating for a strange tension that the movie needed.#

It should be noted that Ling Feng’s role, though not much of it, ultimately led to the collapse of the Ling family and even the entire Southeast Asian drug cartel. It was the fundamental reason for Ling Tao’s transformation into animal nature. The quality of the movie rested on whether his part could be played well or not.

Luo Zhang Wei went back to watch the video several times. He said, “Good, next.” For now, it seems it was a good decision to choose Xiao Jia Shu instead of other fresh meat. To speak pf the light and positive, “little fresh meat” who has been in the entertainment circle for many years is no match to a real and honest newcomer.

Huang Zi Jin and Ji Mian also looked at the result of the scene. Seeing Xiao Jia Shu just being idle as he laid down in the chair. Huang Zi Jin helplessly said, “Xiao Shu, come over to see your performance just now.”

“I am allowed to see it?” Xiao Jia Shu hurriedly turned off his game he was playing on his phone and walked over. Fuck, is this me? How am I so handsome? He glanced at the Movie Emperor and himself on the screen. He said: “Well, it’s not worse compared with Ji Ge!”

The only difference was just that tiny height gap. Next time, the director can just put a brick under my foot.

Ji Mian stared at him, his mouth seemingly smiling. “It’s a good shot. Keep it up.”

“Ok.” Xiao Jia Shu straightened up subconsciously.

“Well, the mood is right, and the lines are good, but the later scenes will become more and more difficult. When you go back, you should study the script carefully and ask if you don’t understand.” Luo Zhang Wei said some encouraging words.

“Thanks, director!” Xiao Jia Shu straightened up even more, like primary school student facing the principal.

Huang Zi Jin patted Xiao’s stiff back and tried to make him loosen up. Others think that he is forced to be n assistant to a newcomer by power and humiliation, but who knows the truth? Xiao Jia Shu is a very intelligent student and was able to teach him almost everything, he also seems to know how to red lines by nature. This live scene can be used directly without any post-edit at all. In time, he will be successful in the entertainment industry.

However, unfortunately, he seems to have no interest in acting and only regards this movie as a task that has to be completed. Huang Zi Jin shook his head and thought to himself, he must find a way to stimulate Xiao Jia Shu’s love for acting, so as not to waste Xue Jie’s arrangement after he finished shooting this movie.

The filming of today was completed smoothly. There was no part pf Xiao Jia Shu’s role next week, but Huang Mei Xuan didn’t give him the chance to be lazy. He was sent to the studio early to learn and study from how others acted.


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3 thoughts on “How To Say I Love You – Ch 19 Part 1

  1. Xiao Jia Shu “anyway, he was always the one who was excluded, laughing like a carefree fool he is” really hit close to the home 😭 And that inner comment of adding brick to add his height 😂
    Really, Xiao JiaShu, you are such adorable man inside yet arrogantly handsome on the outside (seemingly at least). I am anticipating him blooming as an actor~


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