How To Say I Love You – Ch 20 Part 1

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Luo Zhang Wei picked up the loudspeaker and shouted to Lin Le Yang “How come it’s an issue of going out of place again? Didn’t Shi Ting Heng teach you? Come and see for yourself!”

Lin Le Yang was very embarrassed. He hurriedly went to look at the screen and found he was in the right shooting area at first, but after pulling Shi Ting Heng he stepped a few steps back and the camera was only able to capture one arm. This one was indeed useless.

“Sorry director, I’ll pay attention to the next one.” He sincerely apologized and discovered that Ji Mian was coming over. He seemed to have something to say to him. He quickly returned to Shi Ting Heng and prepared for the next re-take. Even Xiao Jia Shu who doesn’t learn anything can have a pass, but he always eats NG. This was bringing shame to Ji Ge. I’d better talk to him after the shooting, and the pressure will be less.

Some people may need the comfort of their relatives, lover and friends when they are in difficulty which can motivate them. But Lin Le Yang was just the opposite. The more embarrassing the moment was, the more he would want to face it alone, because only in this way can he not make himself more mortified.

He apologized to Shi Ting Heng again and engrossed himself in mindless chatter for fear that JI Mian would come to comfort him. Ji Mian who had previously prepared to go to him, went back to his position, his expression slightly helpless. AT this time Xiao Jia Shu squeezed to his side, stood on tiptoe to look at the stage. He quietly asked, “What happened just now, who ate NG?”

After spending a week on the set, Xiao Jia Shu found that he was still not interested in acting but loved watching actors eat NG. There are various as to why actors NG. Their expression afterwards was varied, while the director’s abuse was aggressive and endless, which posed an extremely vivid and interesting picture and makes him never tired of it. He also wondered if he could record these moments, make them into videos for his entertainment.


Seeing Ji Mian ignore him, he said to himself, “it must be Lin Le Yang. He and I are not of the same academic background and so has no foundation.”

Ji Mian still doesn’t answer, just frowned as he looked across.

The third shooting starts. Lin Le Yang and Shi Ting Heng were ready, they held each other collars and hid in the stairwell. This time the position was very successful. Both of them entered the camera rang, their expression and actions were in place. Lin Le Yang puls off Shi Ting Heng’s masks and says “Sure enough, it’s you!.” Shi Ting Heng’s mouth was slightly open and he seemed to talk, but he immediately stops and pushed Lin Le Yang into a dark corner, this was because if the messy footsteps coming from outside as the police search the building.

Of course, this “messy footstep” is completely absent in the shooting and will be added n the post-production. So at this time, although they have the expression of listening attentively, they actually have to rely on imagination to let themselves into a state of tension.

Shi Ting Heng had a good grasp of the rhythm, but Lin Le Yang allowed down for a beat. He doesn’t show a nervous expression until he’s pushed into a corner by Shi Ting Heng. He doesn’t look like one avoiding the chase but instead as if a little girl who had been insulted but frightened. In the script, they hear the footsteps at the same time and pull each other to hide in the dark. This is the tacit understanding that He Jin and Shi Yu developed from a small age.

As the shooting went further, Luo Zhang Wei gradually became more and more strict with even some nitpicking. Seeing this, he decisively shouted “cut”, and picked up the loudspeaker shouting, “Lin Le Yang, it’s you again! What did I tell you before? This is the police station and there are police waiting to arrest him. You dragged him into the stairwell and you think it’s finished? Do you think it’s your personal space that no one else can see? You have to be nervous, alert and at the same time suffer a severe psychological struggle! Your expression must be alert at any time and place, you can’t relax at all! Imagine that this building is full of people who are trying to catch you. Imagine, OK?”


“Sorry director!” Lin Le Yang blushed and looked ashamed. After he passed the being in the shot smoothly, he felt relieved and he, unfortunately, let it show on his face, so he couldn’t hold the rhythm. In the end, he still let Ji Ge down.

“Next, you must pay attention to putting yourself in the scene! Take a break and adjust yourself.” After all, he was a newcomer and inexperienced. Luo Zhang Wei didn’t scold too hard.

Lin Le Yang immediately walked out of the filming stage but didn’t go over to Ji Mian. Instead, h chatted with his agent, Chen Peng Xin.

“Don’t be nervous. You can act, you just haven’t entered the right state yet. Have a hot drink and relax.” Chen Peng Xin offered him a cup of coffee and finally whispered. “Ji Mian is on the opposite side. Let’s go say hello to him.”

“No, I don’t have the face to say hello to him. Wait until this scene is done. “ Lin Le Yang immediately declined.

“The more time like this, the more you can go meet him. You can ask him about filming. Once the topic is brought up, he will take care of you more or less. You are his artist after all.” Chen Peng Xin said, he was very keen on maintaining the friendly relationship wit Ji Mian and urged Lin Le Yang to let go of the past.

Lin Le Yang disagreed. The two men were arguing when Luo Zhang Wei picked up the speaker and said, “Ready…” It was only three minutes given to the newcomer to adjust his state. He was such a popular director.

Lin Le Yang was startled and quickly left Chen Peng Xin and ran back to Shi Ting Heng. Ji Mian’s eyes were always focused on him but he didn’t leave his spot. Xiao Jia Shu, stood beside him, stealthily taking out his mobile phone to video the next take. He had a hunch that Lin Le Yang would still eat NG.

Sure enough, Lin Le Yang’s movements, expressions and rhythms were well grasped this time, but new problems came up again. When he pulled off the mask, he pulled to tight and this led to the fact that Shi Ting Heng had to lower his head to cooperate leaving Lin Le Yang’s face appearing in the camera while Shi Ting Heng had only the top of his dark hair appearing.

If Lin Le Yang was not a down to earth newcomer with no previous filming experience, the director would have thought that he was deliberately competing for the show. “Cut, Cut, Cut! This retake!” Luo Zhang Wei once again loudly shouted into his speaker, “Lin Le Yang did you eat candy? You were almost pulling Shi Ting Heng’s head off! Look at his neck!”


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9 thoughts on “How To Say I Love You – Ch 20 Part 1

  1. I am feeling sorry for Lin Ye Yang or is it Lin Le Yang? He is too conscious, competitive and prideful; and all that isn’t helping him neither the crew 🙁 It makes me remember my own bitter lesson during high school national day class competition play. Now I am wondering who is it that going to help him to be that person that can talk his thought out.

    The translation keep switching between “Le” and “Ye” making me confused of the right name.

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  2. Lin Le Yang… ugh, that’s really embarrasing. But Xiao JiaShu’s reaction is hilarious. Don’t try to show that embarrasment to someone else or Ji Mian wil go mad.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Yihuuu thank you for the update! I am soooo curious what will happen next. His reactions are hilarious such a pure boy, i hope no one hates him for that. Even tho our mian mian’s lover is not a bad boy he is just annoying.. I don’t know I cannot really hate him for know, i will wait for him to cheat on mian mian i guess…*sigh* please do update again ((o(*^*)o))

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  4. 😢😥 I feel my heart hurts more for the current boyfriend……….because the similarity is too striking that I feel like I’m watching myself (when it comes to being a complete noob at a job you’ve been dreaming about for years! Just a little background, I suck at lab work because I can never remember how much reagent I’ve put in or I would start daydreaming halfway and ruin the experiment but I always wanted to do well in a research lab😅😂 Since then I’ve moved into strategy & consulting instead where I have way more innate talent and don’t have to use my hands 🤣)

    Le Yang fighting! Jiashu put the damn phone down 😬🔥


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