How To Say I Love You – Ch 20 Part 2

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Lin Le Yang was not able to bring himself into the scene before, but this time he tried too hard. Looking at Shi Ting Heng’s collar, there was indeed a red mark. He was both embarrassed and frightened. He quickly apologized. Fortunately, Shi Ting Heng’s temper was good and didn’t mind.

Looking at Lin Le Yang hiding in the corner and covering his head in regret, Ji Mian’s eyebrows furrowed deeply.

“Would you like to go over and have a look?” Fang Kun asked in a quiet voice. Lin Le Yang was after all under Ji Mian’s care. As the carer, Ji Mian has to go and say some comforting words.

“No, I used to be worse in the past. Let him adjust to it himself”. Ji Mian shook his head.

Xiao Jia Shu, standing beside the two men, stared at his phone in concentration. Oh, Lin Le Yang’s expression of eating NG was very wonderful. Other actors were already accustomed to his and usually smiled or waved it off with an apology. However, Lin Le Yang’s cheeks, neck and ears were all red. His expression wavering between embarrassment and fear.


Xiao Jia Shu liked this type best. He has watched it repeatedly on his phone engorged in happiness. Hearing the directors’ call “Be in position”, he quickly raised his mobile phone to prepare for a more fascinating shot and did not realise Ji Mian staring deeply at him with cold eyes.

This time, NG! Seeing Lin Le Yang’s steps and eyes drifting, Xiao Jia Shu silently prayed.

Lin Le Yang’s self-confidence had been exhausted in three, four times of NG. He entered the stage with fear and performed with fear. The tense state matched the plot, and the performance was very good. When they were almost caught hiding in the corner, Shi Ting Heng murmured, “believe it or not, I didn’t betray the police”. He then broke free from Lin Le Yang’s grip and ran down the stairs.

At this time, Lin Le Yang had to catch up with him. He pulled Shi Ting Heng’s collar from behind and caught his hand. The two fought in the narrow corridor. Seeing his colleagues were about to search this floor, Lin Le Yang finally chose to believe in his friend. He took off his police uniform and lets him put it on, knocked himself unconscious, into the garbage dumpster.

The martial arts part of the scene was not difficult and both of them had also worked together many times. However, because of the injury to Shi Ting Heng from before, Lin Le Yang was afraid to use his hand. When fighting, he inevitably shrank like an old lady. Luo Zhang Wei held his forehand and used the other hand to raise his speaker, “cut! Lin Le Yang, did you eat enough for today? Do you want me to order you some boxes of rice?”

Lin Le Yang stood in place dazed, his face pale and frightened, like a lost child. He looked around and saw Ji Mian, his eyes slowing brimming tears too stubborn to hold back.

TN: won’t lie. I felt this

Can’t cry, Ji Ge is watching! He trusts you so much. Don’t disgrace him! In this way, Lin Le Yang gradually calmed down. He apologized to the crowd again, found a quiet corner and closed his eyes to sort out his emotions.


Ji Mian’s step moved slightly, but he still held back.

Xiao Jia Shu watched the video he had just taken and was elated. His nerves were relatively thick. After all, he grew up with his father and grandfather’s scolding. At the end of the day, if you have a thick face, you still need to practice. After a whole, you will get used to it. Once Lin Le Yang returned, he silently raised his phone, readily awaiting the next NG.

But what was surprising was that this time, Lin Le Yang performed very well. As soon as the shooting started, he grabbed Shi Ting Heng and dragged him to the stairwell. Then there was the short dispute and fight between them. At last, Lin Le Yang chose to let his friend go and stunned himself. He looked at the back of his friend hastily escaping, the light in the half-closed eyes was extinguished. The feeling of doubt and wanting to trust were intertwined violently, and finally, he was relieved. In any case, he can’t watch his friend walk into a dead end.

The lighting engineer moved slowly, and shadow shrouded him. Only one garbage dumpster was piled up in the corner, waiting for the police to discover.

The scene was finally over…


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6 thoughts on “How To Say I Love You – Ch 20 Part 2

  1. I understand where Xiao JiaShu is coming. He must have long developed thick skin from being degraded constantly by his father and his family. And seeing the reaction of Lin Le Yang must be refreshing as well as spectacular. I had to admit, if I was there, I too will be interested in recording Le Yang’s NGs moment. But if I was in Lin Le Yang’s shoes, I will remember this and maybe hate Xiao JiaShu for doing so 😅


  2. Rereading was a great choice, haha! Xiao Jia Shu developing the thickest skin that lead him to being carefree to the point of being an insensitive jerk is such a delightful character flaw. I can’t wait to see how he and Ji Mian resolve their differences to get together. No, even before that, I want to see how they clash and Xiao Jia Shu being blissfully unaware because of his negative EQ!

    Liked by 1 person

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