How To Say I Love You – Ch 21 Part 1

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On the screen, two men fought in the dark stairwell. The slightly slim build man slammed the tall man to the ground with a gnashed expression. He asked repeatedly “Is it you?”, but he kept his voice so low that it seemed hoarse. The tall man maid on his back and said, “No it wasn’t me, believe it or not!” The two men stared apprehensively at each other.

“Take off your clothes.” The slim man said as he began to undress out of his police uniform. The tall man quickly response and took off his cleaner outfit. After the tall man left in the police uniform, the slim man threw the cleaner’s uniform on the ground, and then grabbed his hair with his right hand and hit the wall hard.

After a muffled sound, he began to shake, but gritted his teeth and refused to fall to the ground. A pair of eyes, half open and half closed, stared t the corridor tightly, and the light in his eyes slowly went out. Eventually, he lost consciousness and fell head down into the dumpster, while the stairwell was completely engulfed in darkness.

Luo Zhang Wei looked at the video and clapped, “Yes, it’s over. At last, the struggling eyes were very good. When you fell into the dumpster, it was not fake at all. How realistic was that? It’s the kind of dedication you have to have to be an actor”.

Lin Le Yang breathed a sigh of relief and finally smiled. Shi Ting Heng patted him on the shoulder and said, “I thought that if you at more NG, your mentality would collapse. I didn’t expect that you could adjust so quickly. Your aura came through in your performance. Keep believing in yourself. When I first acted, I had more than 20 NGs, which is far worse compared to you.”

“Thank you for your cooperation. If it wasn’t for your tolerance, I would have collapsed.” Lin Le Yang expressed his sincere appreciation as he clasped his hands together. But no one knows that the one who really let him through this crisis was not Shi Ting Heng but Ji Mian who was standing not far away from here. He told himself again and again not lose face to Ji Mian which brought back his near collapsed mind back to a stable state. Ji Mian was his spiritual pillar.


At the thought of that man, Lin Le Yang hurriedly looked up to search for him but realised that he had already come over to his side. His eyes full of tenderness, “Well performed, worthy of being an artist under me. Director Luo, I have to ask you to teach him more in the future.” Then he raised his hand and touched Lin Le Yang’s forehead.

“No trouble Xiao Lin is very smart and willing to learn, I have no problem teaching him”.

What Luo Zhang Wei said was not just for the sake of being polite. New people like Lin Le Yang who have no acting experience, only have to NG several times, which was pretty good. Once he met a fresh newcomer who cried for an hour without end. In the end, when there were no tears to shed anymore, he could only muddle through with eyedrops. He almost hit people that day with the speaker!

Ji Mian chuckled twice, patted Lin Le Yang on the shoulder again, and finally, he relaxed his furrowed eyebrows.

Xiao Jia Shu stopped to look at the screen near Luo Zhang Wei’s side and thought to himself: How did it go? If this time also NG, Lin Le Yang would definitely cry out. This scene was not difficult. It’s just to pull, hit and finally plant self into the bin. Having said that, I haven’t eaten NG even once. What a genius! He touched his face, his eyes curved into crescent-shaped and suddenly felt cold. Turning around, he found Ji Mian staring at him.

“Ji Ge, what’s wrong?” He hesitantly spoke.

“Come here.” Ji Mian reached out and pulled him aside. “Take out the mobile phone and delete the video you took.”

“Why?” Xiao Jia Shu quickly hid his phone behind him.

“You didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement before you joined the crew? It’s forbidden for actors to take videos or photos with their phones and even more forbidden to leak them.”

“I won’t leak it…” Xiao Jia Shu wanted to argue. Seeing Ji Mian’s face, his eyes coldly staring at him. His expression was really frightening and so he had no choice but to hand over his phone.

Ji Mian deleted the video and sighed, “I just shouldn’t care about you, but do you remember what you said to me on the opening ceremony? You said you would finish the movie well and not waste the company’s resources. Now, what are you doing? Every day dawdling, do not want to come, want to do nothing and just play games. If I knew that, I would have advised you to quit earlier so we don’t waste each other’s time.”


Xiao Jia Shu was unconvinced and argued, “I’ve done a good job so far, I’ve never eaten NG before. How could I waste the company’s resources?”

Ji Mian looked at him deeply and didn’t speak. He returned his phone and left. Xiao Jia Shu mimicked a few punches at the back of the leaving Ji Mian, ridiculing: “why are you meddling about in my business!” What’s wrong with slacking off? I didn’t eat your rice!
He didn’t expect Ji Mian to suddenly turn back which caught him by surprise and he almost fell.

Ji Mian looked at the tottering youth and shook his head in disappointment.
After this episode, Luo Zhang Wei took several more scene in the police station. In the end, he raised his loudspeaker and said, “Ji Mian, Xiao Jia Shu, Zhou Fu… Go to the reception to shoot the first scene of the Apostles!” The actor who was called rushed to his destination.

The reception hall was also in the same building. In order to save money, the crew rented a spare office building in the suburb, which was arranged in different areas, including the police station, Ling’s group and international police department. Almost all the interior scene that was needed was to be shot in the building.

TN: What did you guys think of Xiao Jia Shu’s actions?


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15 thoughts on “How To Say I Love You – Ch 21 Part 1

  1. Quite childish tbh and it’s like he’s mocking people which is why he’s actions are not really appropriate to the situation considering he’s a newbie.

    But Ji mian took things too personally coz LLY is his lover not like everyone knew it, in my opinion.

    Thanks for the chapee

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, he is childish. He just took the video for his enjoyment but Ji Mian took it personally due to Le Yang status as his lover and maybe experience of such videos being leaked out. But we know Xiao JiaShu’s personality, he is just mischievous by nature but he held no malice and bad thoughts of others. He is just a child. I can’t wait to see how he grow up.
      On the other side, had to say Lin Le Yang was so fragile that I wonder how our couple will come to be later and his reaction to it.
      Ji Mian’s reaction to Xiao JiaShu recording had to be over the top. He is portrayed to be good person in and out. So his action of calling JiaShu aside personally and demands for the video to be deleted is okay, but him belittling JiaShu openly is so OOC (which had to be driven from the bias of LLY as his boyfriend I think). I wonder how the next scene will play out. Will JiaShu be a little shaken up or will Ji Mian makes the next scene harder for him?


  2. I don’t like it.. If I’m acting and NG… People have fun and even take videos of it…
    I will think this person has bad intentions..
    Doesn’t matter even if the other party doesn’t think about publicly..

    Thanks for the chapter


  3. I think that if XJS found out someone filmed his blooper reel he might be a little embarrassed but he would mostly think it was funny and he would almost certainly demand a copy of the video for his own amusement. I think if LLY ever found out that someone filmed his blooper reel he would quit the entertainment industry and need years of counseling to get over it, if he ever did. It’s the kind of prank that’s harmless or hurtful depending on who it’s played on …

    Still I’m already pretty tired of precious fragile delicate little LLY, so while I hope that XJS learns to be more considerate of people who are weaker than he is, I’m still 100% rooting for him.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. XJS’s actions? Pretty immature idiotic, and unlike other commenters I thought Ji Mian was pretty light on his scolding, to be honest, but on the other hand I really, REALLY like that XJS is being portrayed as a flawed, three-dimensional protagonist, with shortcomings of his own to overcome, like any human being… I can’t wait to see him grow up and mature and how he’ll come around once he makes up his mind to take all this seriously, letting go of that view that he’s just an outsider there, experiencing everything like a tourist.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I’m not digging XJS’ behavior, but hell, who asked JM to actively listen into XJS’ inner thoughts when he could have listen to someone else’s or focused on his lover or the director. Even though XJS is being an asshole, JM is being unethical (because he openly isn’t adverse from reading people’s mind, since no one can prove his powers) although I understand JM’s dissatisfaction with XJS, he’s taking it SO personal and not professional because his fragile boy toy has too much unnecessary pride and is literally NGing like no tomorrow. I don’t think LLY is really a bad person. But considering that we openly know he doesn’t love JM in a partner sense, and he’s being rather insincere with JM on that matter. I, from a reader perspective, just internally hate a weepy-eyed uwu baby boy who is the equivalent of a damsel in distressed wrapped in thinly veiled baby boy pride–which leads to causing problems for others!

    In this chapter, I am not proud of ANYONE. I understand JM is looking out for his partner, but he seems to give off the aura of “I’m morally superior to you” newsflash, reading other people’s thoughts is immoral. XJS? He’s being an absolute brat, a cheeky ass, miniature gremlin, etc. but he’s totally right that he’s done everything’s he’s been asked to do. JM shouldn’t have been pushing HIS beliefs and morality onto XJS when what he really needs to do is reassess why he’s taking it so personally and should call into question how GROSS it is for someone to be reading someone else’s thoughts. So what if someone doesn’t like you’re uwu bed warmer? XJS doesn’t owe you a thing, and he’s proven to be extremely sincere with all of his actions while you (JM) or your partner who doesn’t even /really/ love you back can’t do that same.

    I’m really salty rn, and I’ve been salty before I’ve read this chapter, but it just goes to show how emotionally invested I am to this story and its characters. End of rant, please don’t take this seriously its 1:30AM where I’m at.

    Thanks for another great chapter!

    Liked by 4 people

  6. Xiao Jia Shu is not good, buuut is also not a Bad guy. He’s a newbie in the industry, so he must learn to be more sympathetic with his collegues, not everyone takes things as lightly as him.

    Ji Mian… I don’t think he would act this way If that boy wasn’t his lover.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  7. I like their conflict, ah. It’s such a casual kind of conflict, but also realistic. Harmless and intrinsic flaws make their relationship interesting, yet leaves no feeling of urgency. I can see how they will get together. Author is really good at balancing this, ah.

    Rather than being immature, I feel Xiao Jia Shu is simply wicked. He’s an adult and takes what he sees is harmless joys in other’s mistakes, like an audience watching blooper reels and YouTube compilations. Of course, to other people, this isn’t harmless but toxic. Everyone is different. He’ll learn this eventually, I hope.

    As for Ji Mian, he is also an adult who didn’t ask to be able to hear thoughts. Sure, he could tune them out but it’s still new to him. This is like expecting flight from a chick you just flung off a cliff. The chick will fly eventually, but it’s too much to expect instant flight. He’s dealing with it as well as he can. In fact, from how angry some characters can get in CN web novels, I was rather surprised all he did was become more frigid. Actually, I felt he was also disappointed, since leading up to now, while Xiao Jia Shu’s thoughts were somewhat arrogant, he was also a good person. Upon finding out he “takes pleasure in other’s suffering,” of course Ji Mian would be rather upset. But, mm, I can’t disagree that certainly, Ji Mian was a little intense when the other party does not know he can read his thoughts.

    It also shows Xiao Jia Shu’s temperament is unlike extras in other novels who would have quivered and main characters and cannon fodder who would have instantly been insulted. Instead, he was a normal person and thought a petty thought. It’s like a student being scolded by a parent. ‘Ah, it’s just a little messy. Please let me off already, it’s getting late.’

    Lastly, I want to point out it’s not just the fact that it was Luo Zhang Wei that Xiao Jia Shu recorded, but that to some people it’s rude and inappropriate in general to record other people eating NG and making mistakes. Although, it certainly doesn’t discount the fact that Ji Mian had to bear with listening to Xiao Jia Shu’s arrogant thoughts while knowing he was thinking about Luo Zhang Wei’s performance on top of the NG video. If it weren’t for Luo Zhang Wei, he probably would have stared in disappointment and reprimanded Xiao Jia Shu lightly before leaving it at that.

    All in all, I’m rather happy with the characters and the progress of the story. The author wrote such a floaty story, I might die from waiting for them to get together, and then ascend to a new level of death from waiting for the story to end.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I like that it portrays XJS as a flawed person. He is childish and doesnt take acting seriously and this means there are more growth for his character. Though im disappointed on his actions i know he will learn that not eating NG was not good enough.

    I think JM’s attitude was ok,well he may be bias to his lover but thats how it is. What he said to XJS is mild.

    As for LLY, i just dont like every part of him.

    Thank you for the chapter!


  9. Tbf i don’t see what’s do wrong with LLY. XJS is childish. LLY is trting his best for his lover’s sake even though he’s been NGing so much. I relate more to LLY than XJS who is acting like a rich spoilt brat.


  10. I thought last chapter had explained why XJS didn’t see his action as wrong? XJS is used to be scolded and humiliated by his own father in front of other people, so he grow thick skin, maybe thicker than everyone on the site. So when he saw LLY being scolded, what he recorded isn’t the scolding but his ever changing facial expression. His thin skin is what attracted his attention and had him comparing LLY to himself. He might just be jaded by his family verbal abuse that he needs to compare their reactions and feels he himself is better than the others at accepting scolding. Twisted? Yes. Wicked. Yes. Childish and immature. Yes. But rich spoilt brat, definitely no. It is his status that gives birth to this wicked tendency and also what he lacked most, his own goal for his own future.
    LLY on the other hand, just like XJS, he is normal human being with his own flaws; that is, he isn’t treating his lover openly sincerely. If he is, he will want JM to comfort or gives one or two advices. But he isn’t even okay with eye contact assurance (even in humiliating situation, couple usually communicated with eye contacts, like LLY giving one to assure JM or JM giving one to ask and LLY responds by giving sign of ‘don’t worry’). You can be prideful but in this case where he is close to break down and still refused his lover instead used him as mental support of not losing face, JM seems more like his idol than lover tbh.
    That is why, in this latest chapter, I am not disliking any of XJS or LLY instead I disliked JM (reason same like anixancy’s said). If he continue using his mind reading power, I would like him to stay as bystander or observer like before and not being bias and acts like he is morally upright person while the truth is he is the one violating it. I am anticipating each character development and the next chapter. Thank you for this chapter translator-san.


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