How To Say I Love You – Ch 25 Part 1

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Ji Mian took a sip of mineral water after eating. After drinking it, he lied down in the front seat with his eyebrows locked and eyes closed.

Lin Le Yang wanted to talk to him but was interrupted by Fang Kun. “Don’t quarrel with him. He is rehearsing the next few scenes in his mind. It’s his habit.”

In other words, Fang Kun hasn’t seen Ji Mian like this for a long time. At the beginning of his career, Ji Mian always took every movie seriously. Before shooting, he would think over and brew emotions and then plunge in the most energetic state. It is with this seriousness and perseverance that his acting skills helped him to be promoted to this level.

But it’s just because he was promoted too fast and climbed too high. In recent years, he had lost interest in acting. He was no longer eager to devote himself to it. He’s standing where he is, and there was no motivation to move on, so he was going to go behind the scenes.

Fang Kun felt anxious and sad about his current situation but did not expect that when he got serious again, it would be because of a new person. Was Xiao Jiashu’s talent so terrible? So scary that even Ji Mian was stimulated?

Lin Le Yang was Ji Mian’s assistant for only a few months, and then he went to university. He didn’t know that he had the habit, so he calmed down. After resting for more than 20 minutes, Luo Zhang Wei’s cry came from outside the car, “It’s time to shoot, it’s time to shoot, everyone get ready!”


Ji Mian immediately opened his eyes, lowered down his sleeves, put on the suit, and strode towards the set. During this time, he didn’t look at anyone nor said a word. His expression was very serious. Lin Le Yang was frightened by such a Ji Mian. He was stunned that it took him a while to catch up with him. Behind him came Fang Kun’s murmur, “Really stimulated by Xiao Jiashu.”

Stimulated by Xiao Jiashu? What do you mean? Lin Le yang thought of a possibility and his face turned a little black.

Xiao Jiashu reapplied the make-up after eating and stood beside Luo Zhang Wei waiting for the shoot. Afterwards, his scenes are few and as long as he was dressed as a corpse, most of the time he had nothing to do. In the past, he would have moved to a lazy chair and hid in a quiet corner to play games, but now his eyes were shining and eager.

Seeing Ji Mian come over to let the make-up artist wet his suit jacket, Xiao Jiashu’s eyes immediately zoned in on him. His head turned to wherever Ji Mian went, like a small wolfhound locked onto the target.

Ji Mian glanced at him, his eyes are complicated. When the director started the scene, the softness on his face quickly faded and became cold.

The following part tells us that Tu Biao, Ling Tao’s sworn counterpart, did not know that Ling Feng had been injected with the new drug, Ebola and HIV. He was also framed and became a knife for others to use in retaliation against Ling Tao. Otherwise, he would not have come to Ling’s Group for negotiation. But Ling Tao didn’t care about this. Anyway, what happened to his brother was when he was in Tu Biao’s hands. He wanted Tu Biao to pay for it, so he killed him in the underground parking lot.

Afterwards, the actors began to perform. Before trying to use Ling Feng’s betrayal of the Group as a bargaining chip to threaten Ling Tao to represent the new drugs, the group of elders dared not speak again and left one after another. When their car left, Tu Biao came out of the elevator swearing.


“Damn it, Ling Tao is a madman. He even killed his own brother! Let’s go, let’s go! ” He knew that he was going to die, but it was too late. As soon as he got out of the elevator, a group of people in black were shooting at them with machine guns. All the bodyguards were killed, leaving him unscathed.

Ji Mian came out of the shadow and untied his tie slowly. His expression seemed flat, but his eyes projected craziness. Tu Biao peed in fear. He fell on his knees, kowtowed and begged for mercy. His tears and snot were all over his face. He looked more embarrassing than Ling Feng who was addicted to drugs.

Seeing this, Xiao Jiashu couldn’t help but gape. Holy shit! This crew was really crouching tiger, hidden dragon! Even a small supporting role can have this kind of acting! He touched Huang Zi Jin beside him and gave a quiet thumbs up.

Huang Zijin used his mobile phone to type a line of words: This is Mr Fu Minglei, a professional villain, who is known as a gold supporting role in the industry. Not only him, but also some of the older actors who played the role of the elder are actors with first-class acting skills. You will learn more from them later.

Xiao Jiashu took out his mobile phone and said, “I seem to understand what acting is. Acting is what you don’t call acting.”

Huang Zijin smilingly rubbed Xiao Jiashu’s head.

Xiao Jiashu also wanted to talk about his feelings, but after seeing Ji Mian’s performance. He totally lost his reaction ability. Ji Mian went around Tu Biao’s back, strangled his neck with his tie, clenched his teeth so hard that two muscles protruded from the angle of his jaw, making him look like a devil. Tu Biao struggled violently, and he kept exerting his strength. His forehead, neck and back of hand burst with many blue tendons, like some wild animal on the verge of mutation and going mad. Tu Biao’s struggle was becoming more and more powerless, and his legs that were constantly kicking were finally paralyzed, leaving many messy scratches on the ground.

Ji Mian loosened the tie and stood up.

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