How To Say I Love You – Ch 25 Part 2

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“CUT!” Luo Zhang Wei shouted, “This one is over, the mood is in place, keep it up! Where is the props man? Put on the blood bad. I’ll take a picture before Ji Mian’s part. “

The props man promised, and then carried a puppet up, wearing Tu Biao’s clothes, chest and abdomen and other places hiding a lot of blood bags. Fu Minglei, who plays Tu Biao, quickly got up, looked at some fingers in his tie, and exclaimed, “Ji Mian, did you really act just now? Look at my hand, it’s almost cut off by you. “

“I’m sorry, Fu-Ge. Please have a drink with me after shooting.” Ji Mian rubbed his temples, with a complicated expression. He was too serious in the scene just now, but he felt good?

“That’s pretty much the same. Don’t talk, or you’ll get emotional. “

Even if Fu Minglei had a few words, he would not have been able to compare.

Xiao Jiashu stared at Ji Mian with bright eyes and heart beating wildly. My mother, I was just scared to death! Ji Mian is still the most powerful acting in acting, enough to hang around and beat these old actors. He’s only in his early thirties! How can you be so good?
Ji Mian seemed to feel something and glanced at him.

When the puppet was ready, Luo Zhang Wei called “Start it up” again, and Ji Mian followed the plot of the last scene. He stood up and kicked Tu Biao’s strangled body. A group of big men in black stood around him, one after another bowed their heads and dared not look around. His face was very calm, and one couldn’t find any anger or sadness. One foot at a time, as if repeating a simple action, but if you look carefully, you will find that his pupil had been occupied by darkness, and there was no more human nature, or even animal nature. He was still a man, not a so-called devil or beast, but this man had died, accompanied by his brother’s cold dead body.


The blood bag hidden in the doll’s clothes was kicked and burst out with a lot of blood. It was spilt on the ground and on the bridge of the nose and forehead of Ji Mian’s face, making his beautiful and cruel face look extremely fierce.

The staff standing on the sidelines were silent, while Fu Minglei touched his neck and felt a chill. Where the acting? This was a real corpse! Ji Mian’s acting skills seem to be even more powerful. Looking at the entertainment industry, who else can compare with him?

Shi Ting Heng watched for a while and sighed helplessly. Ji Mian was indeed Ji Mian. The craziness and despair expressed in this scene could scare the audience into tears. He or anyone of the country’s best-known actors would not have been able to play Ling Tao. The hatred that emanated from him almost came out through the screen.

Xiao Jiashu quietly leaned close to Huang Zi Jin and put his arm around him. However, he almost jumped up under Luo Zhang Wei’s shocking voice of “CUT!”. Director Luo, can you say hello before you speak? You are making me piss in fear!

Luo Zhang Wei: “OK, this one is over! Ji Mian, you’re back, you know? “

This sentence can’t be understood by others, but Ji Mian and Fang Kun were clear. What’s back? One could regard Ji Mian’s performance as a comeback. His acting skills were at the top of his game.


“It’s just a scene.” Ji Mian said breezily.

“Hold on! Keep it! Xiao Jiashu get your face dirty and get ready for the next! “Luo Zhang Wei said.

The staff immediately adjusted the position of several cameras. The makeup artist smeared some fake tears, fake snots and fake blood on Xiao Jiashu’s face and joked, “Look at you, cry and you running a snot. So, we will have to mix up your snot. Aren’t you disgusting?”

“My runny nose is not disgusting.” Xiao Jiashu waved his hand and went to Ji Mian after finishing up with the makeup. He said sheepishly, “Ji-Ge, I’m a little heavy. Are you ok?” I didn’t think so before, but now, as soon as he gets close to Ji Mian, he has a red ear and cheek. Ji Mian asked him to act well. He didn’t listen and boasted that his acting skills were first-class. It’s shameful! Compared with Ji Mian’s acting skills, what are his previous performances? There was not even a trace of technique!

After being brought into the show by Ji Mian, he always tinged with emotion and a little moved Mei Xuan-Jie was right. It was really an opportunity to be able to act together with Ji Mian. He’s wonderful!

“I am fine.” Ji Mian responded

Xiao Jiashu rubbed his red ears and then left. The bodyguard picked him up and walked silently to one side.

It doesn’t seem difficult to play a corpse as long as you close your eyes, but when Xiao Jiashu had just experienced the fun of shooting, how could he relax? He thought: even if I play the corpse, I have to use 100% of the acting skills. I can’t breathe too much and lead to chest ups and downs, and I can’t think too much and lead to eye twitching. In case I don’t play well, would Ji-Ge be able to perform? No, I can’t. I can’t hold him back. He’s a deity on the altar!

Ji Mian, who walked slowly towards the puppet, stumbled and nearly fell. He covered his face and sighed, then laughed inexplicably.

Luo Zhang Wei shouted, “Ji Mian, stop laughing and keep your mood! The murder scene of relatives is about to end without ng. You can do your best again! “


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