How To Say I Love You – Ch 27 Part 1

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That night, Xiao Jiashu was scolded by Xiao Qijie as usual. He said that he only knew to play outside all day, doing nothing, etc. but Xiao Jiashu didn’t feel sad and aggrieved at all like before. Instead, he was rather peaceful because he found a career that he was willing to fight for with his life, and he would live a fulfilled life in the future.

He was sent abroad when he was ten years old. He paid little attention to domestic news, not to mention a few domestic films. He only heard about Ji Mian, Shi Ting Heng and other big names, but never paid attention to them. But now, he decided to watch all the films that Ji Mian participated in and get to know him.

It wasn’t long before he got stuck on the computer. He didn’t sleep until 4 a.m. and got up at 7 a.m. the next day, rushed to the studio at 8 a.m. and followed Luo Zhang Wei with a small notebook.
“What are you doing with me?” Luo Zhang Wei turned around with tears and laughter.

“I want to learn from you.” Xiao Jiashu replied earnestly.

“Oh, you’re enlightened? No more games? ” Luo Zhang Wei was surprised but very happy.

“It’s more fun to film. I like it.” Xiao Jiashu shook his little book, which was full of Luo Zhang Wei’s inadvertent words, such as “Actors are the means and tools of their own creation”, “People without rich imagination can’t be actors”, and so on. This made Luo Zhang Wei very embarrassed.


He coughed and said, “You kid, don’t be fixated on these empty-headed things. In the studio, the best teacher is practice. It’s much more useful for you to make more movies than to record my words. If you really have time, you can find a quiet place to read the script, recite lines, study your role thoroughly, and learn theoretical things in your spare time. Your company has set up an acting class. Huang Zi Jin is the teacher, you can apply and take a few classes. In theory classes, it’s almost enough to know how acting is. However, real acting has to be learned from life. Usually, you should read more books and go outside more to enrich your life experience. “

Xiao Jiashu nodded as he listened, afraid that he would forget, he wrote to write in the book: In the afternoon, he went to the company to sign up for an acting class and bought several theory books.

Luo Zhang Wei smiled at him, “Did you realize the charm of the performance? Go and study the script. Don’t follow me. Come back and listen to me later when I’m talking with the actors. Learn from others. “

“Okay, Director Luo.” Xiao Jiashu obediently went to the side and picked up the script to study hard. At nine o’clock, Huang Zi Jin hurriedly rushed to the set and pulled young master Xiao to the corner where there was no one and asked, “Why didn’t you wait for me today? Did you have breakfast? This is the scene you will shoot the day after tomorrow. I’ll analyze it for you. You can have a look first and ask if you don’t understand. “
Xiao Jiashu stared at the information, his cheeks slowly red, “Zi jin-Ge, I want to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“You don’t have to be my assistant in the future. Go back to class. I want to try to study what the lines are, how to play the characters. I want to shape Ling Feng that belongs to Xiao Jiashu, not a Ling Feng that belongs to Huang Zi Jin. Zi Jin-Ge, I used to be afraid of the dark and even more afraid of being locked in the box. Yesterday I thought I would break down, but I didn’t. once I was Ling Feng, I let go of fear. The performance gave me a powerful power, that came from reality and was beyond reality… ” Xiao Jiashu racked his brains for a long time, then clapped his forehead and said, “I don’t know how to describe it. In short, thank you for taking care of me. I will learn to perform by myself later. Thank you, Zi Jin-Ge!”

He bowed, his words were overflowing with gratitude.


Huang Zi Jin suddenly laughed, “You don’t have to thank me. Then I’ll wait for the premiere of “The Apostles” in the cinema. Go on, Xiao Jiashu. ” He watched Xiao Jiashu go far away, then threw the carefully prepared materials into the dustbin, with a helpless and gratified smile on his lips. As soon as he turned around, he saw Ji Mian standing not far away, with some complicated expressions.

“Ji Ge, come so early?” He greeted first.

“Fired?” Ji Mian nodded.

“Yes,” Huang Zijin shrugged contemptuously, “Although I am fired, I don’t know why, but I feel very happy.”

“Perhaps it’s because seeing him reminds you of yourself when you were young?” Ji Mian subconsciously continued.

But Huang Zijin didn’t hear it clearly and asked, “What?”

“Nothing. I’m going to make a film. Let’s go first. ” Ji Mian came into the studio and looked around involuntarily. He found Xiao Jiashu sitting in the restroom reading the script. Then he walked towards Luo Zhang Wei.

He didn’t have a lot of scenes today. There were two rival scenes before him, Miao Mu Qing and Shi Ting Heng. They can’t start shooting until at least eleven o’clock. Shi Ting Heng seemed to be inspired by his fighting spirit. He took Miao Mu Qing’s attitude very seriously and they went to ask Luo Zhang Wei’s opinion. The three people were currently having a heated discussion.

Ji Mian greeted them and went to the restroom for breakfast.

Xiao Jiashu had put down the script and was wearing earphones to watch a movie starring Ji Mian. When he found that the main character was coming, he stood up with a red face and said, “Good morning, Ji Ge!”

“Sit down, don’t be nervous.” Ji Mian smiled.

Xiao Jiashu was just about to ask him if he had eaten breakfast. If he hadn’t, he would need to wait for a while. He has asked the assistant to buy some luxurious breakfast at the imperial restaurant. It would be delivered in ten minutes. Yes, the reason why he came so early today was: First, to study and second, to get close with Ji Mian. As a new fan, how can he let go of the chance to communicate with his idol?


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