I am a Good Man – Chapter 2 Part 1


I Am A Good Man- Chapter 2 Part 1

Arc 1: Childhood Sweethearts from Rich Households

Translated by ILoveToProcrastinate

Zheng Jiayue came to the door of the hospital ward just as Yin Rong’s sincere voice came out from the room, “Xiao Yang, why did you fight your big brother? It is very bad to fight at the company, letting so many employees see a joke. If you have any matters, let us go home to solve it. How can you fight?”

Once she heard what was said, Zheng Jiayue’s heart was thumping. She only heard Father Ji angrily say, “Anyway, you’re also a general manager at the company. I even prepared to promote you to CEO. Is this your effort? You don’t have any consideration for the big picture!”

“A Yang!” Zheng Jiayue was anxious. She rushed in all of sudden, pretending that she had just arrived. She saw that Ji Yang’s corner of his mouth was a lump of purple. Her whole person was furious and her heart ached so much.

“How come Jiayue came?” Yin Rong’s face slightly converged, looking at Zheng Jiayue in disdain. Zheng Jiayue indeed failed to recognize a person of great importance. (1) She didn’t want the rightful successor of the Ji family and had mixed with an illegitimate child.

“Uncle and aunt, what’s the matter? How did A Yang get hurt?” she was very worried looking at Ji Yang and spoke with indignation, “Who hit him so seriously? Do they have any conscience?”

Father Ji’s face looked unnatural and Yin Rong’s face looked stiff. Yin Rang spoke bluntly, “Xiao Yang hit Xiao Wei. He [Xiao Wei] is lying in a hospital ward on the second floor, crying in pain. He’s currently doing a comprehensive examination and doesn’t even know where he got hurt. Aunt isn’t being partial to anyone. The main point is that the influence isn’t good. Brothers should be tolerant and understanding to each other, why fight?”

Thinking of how her son was in pain to the point that he was crying, she itched to cut Ji Yang into ten thousand pieces. A lowly child could grow up in the Ji family? He didn’t even deserve to lift her son’s shoes.


“Is there any misunderstanding? A Yang will not rashly fight,” Zheng Jiayue said to the two people with a trusting tone.

Ji Yang sat on the sickbed. Father Ji and Yin Rong stood on one side. Ji Wei was like this every time, hiding himself after getting into trouble and leaving Ji Yang to bear rage.

“Xiao Wei said that Xiao Yang started the fight. Xiao Yang is too impulsive,” Yin Rong said, pretending to look at Ji Yang magnanimously, “Mother will talk to Xiao Wei in a while. Once you recognize your mistake, you brothers will help each other out. How can you meet each other with fists?”

She will give something first. How can this bastard child not wag his tail to curry favor?

If you want to blame, blame his lowly mother who gave birth to a filthy disaster!

Zheng Jiayue was anxious and angry. On behalf of Ji Yang, she fought for him. She stood directly in front of the two, raising her voice, “A Yang is also hurt. Even if A Yang started the fight, don’t tell me that brother Ji Wei isn’t wrong? Without any reason, you already decided that it was A Yang’s fault and you even want him to admit fault. Does aunt not feel that she has gone too far?”

“Nonsense!” Father Ji burst into a rage and said, “We are the elders, you are the younger generation. Talking to elders like this, what about your family upbringing? Ji Yang started the fight, it’s precisely his fault! When was it your turn to lecture us? Can a girl like you enter the Ji family?”

This remark captured Zheng Jiayue’s lifeline. Her complexion was deathly white, nevertheless, she stubbornly stood in front of Ji Yang. But, she dared not to say more.

Her A Yang had been flattering the Ji family in hopes of getting recognition. This time, did she destroy all this?

Yin Rong looked at the silent Ji Yang and Zheng Jiayue appeared to be pinched in the throat. Her heart was satisfied and her mouth turned up unconsciously.

What about rich families? What about business geniuses? They would all eventually pave the way for her son.

“Jia Jia,” Ji Wei stood up and took her hand. Zheng Jiayue‘s eyes were already red. In order not to encumber him, she was ready to apologize and appease Father Ji’s mood, “I…”

“Go, return home,” Ji Wei led her outside and left a sentence as he passed the two people, “Ji Wei started the fight. Since you think that I don’t have the ability, I propose to resign from the position of general manager.”

Zheng Jiayue was stunned, blankly pulled by him.

Father Ji stared with big eyes, also unable to believe it. That willing hard-working and cheap son could rebel? (2) His first reaction was anger. He was furious. He wanted to ruthlessly suppress the other party. Hence, he roared, “Ok, if you have the ability, never come back. When you walk out this door, I’ll indefinitely treat you as not my son!”

Yin Rong also watched with fear, but she also felt that Ji Yang would come back. (3) At that time, she would give a little maternal love, Father Ji would be amiable to him. How could he not reciprocate dedication to them?

“Just what I’ve wished for,” Ji Yang’s footsteps didn’t stop, immediately vanishing in front of the two people. (4)

Father Ji and Yin Rong were totally confused.

Translator’s Note:

(1) 有眼不识泰山 is a Chinese idiom that is literally translated to “to have eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai. The figurative translation is “to fail to recognize someone important/talented.”

(2) 做牛做马 is a Chinese idiom that is literally translated to “to work like an ox, to work like a horse.” The figurative translation is “to work extremely hard.” I used “hard-working” to describe this in the translation.

(3) 心惊胆战 is a Chinese idiom that is literally translated as “heart alarmed, trembling in fear.” The figurative translation is to “prostrate with fear.” I used “fear” to describe this in the translation.

(4) 求之不得 is a Chinese idiom that is literally translated to “seek but fail to get.” The figurative translation is “exactly what one’s been looking for.” I used “just what I’ve wished for” in the translation.

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