I am a Good Man – Chapter 2 Part 3

I am a Good Man- Chapter 2 Part 3

Arc 1: Childhood Sweethearts from Rich Households

Translated by ILoveToProcrastinate

“He didn’t hit you before,” Zheng Jiayue had a calm face, still puzzled.

“I started the fight,” Ji Yang reminded.

“That’s also his fault. He must have offended you. This person is just like this. He is unable to accomplish anything but he’s liable to spoil everything. He’s just not as good as you,” Zheng Jiayue said without hesitation.

Ji Yang hugged her silently, chuckled in a low tone twice, and his heart was happy.

This girl really believed him.

Zheng Jiayue still wanted to talk when her phone rang. Ji Yang handed it to her and she saw that it was Ning Wen. Her heart pounded, “I’m done for, I left Ning Wen in the market.”

As soon as she heard that Ji Yang had been injured, she had been distracted. She completely forgot to tell the other party.

She answered the phone, just when she was going to speak, Ning Wen said, “Jiayue, where are you? I’ve finished making customization requests here. Where did you go?”

The other party was very anxious, and [Zheng Jiayue] could faintly hear a trace of blame.

Ji Yang held the person [Zheng Jiayue] in his arms and played with her hair. His careless action made Zheng Jiayue calm down.

She swallowed an apology for the time being, “I’m at home.”

“What?” Ning Wen’s voice sharpened, “Didn’t you agree to accompany me to customize clothes? I need to pay the deposit soon. How can you leave without saying anything? What do I do about the deposit?”

Zheng Jiayue finally understood.

She (Zheng Jiayue) is the one paying for the customized clothes, right? But her sending it as a gift and the other party’s self-righteous demands are two different matters.

“I had something to do, so I came home first. I’m very sorry. Isn’t the dress customized by you? I’ve already ordered mine,” she answered.

Ning Wen came to, realizing that she was too impulsive and softly said, “Jiayue, I didn’t bring money with me. Isn’t this letting you pay for me first? I’m also doing this for your reputation. I can’t make you lose face at your birthday party, can I?”

Anyway, Zheng Jiayue won’t let her return it. Isn’t the loan equivalent to a gift?

“There’s nothing shameful about it. You can just see it put on. In fact, it’s not worth it to buy such an expensive dress that you’ll only wear once,” Zheng Jiayue sincerely said.

She had better not spend money carelessly anymore. Her A Yang didn’t have work, she couldn’t spend money casually. She should save a little to manage the household.

In fact, Zheng family doesn’t give her a lot for her living expenses. It’s enough to support her alone. However, with Ning Wen, she had to use Ji Yang’s card many times.

Ning Wen was stunned, not expecting that she [Zheng Jiayue] would respond this way. Ning Wen still fought, “But, I already ordered it. It’s not good to refuse now, is it? It’s very embarrassing.”

That kind of banquet, she certainly had to dress well. Otherwise, how could she hook up with the rich second generation?

“But that’s a lot of money. I gave you a deposit, do you have a remaining balance? That wasn’t a small amount of money…” Zheng Jiayue finished saying. At that time, she was already interrupted by a voice full of grievance, “Jiayue, are you saying that I’m poor? I know I’m poor, so I didn’t want to go afraid of humiliating you.”

“I don’t mean that,” Zheng Jiayue hurriedly said, “You’re still working, I just don’t think it’s worth it.”

“I know it will take a long time to earn the money back through work, but that’s your birthday party. We’re about to graduate and I may return to my hometown. This is the last time,” Ning Wen finished saying and was silent for a moment. Her mood was downcast, “Forget it, I won’t wear it. Poor people like me can’t afford it.”

Her words faded away, and she hurriedly said goodbye and hung up.

Looking at the hung-up phone, Ning Wen lightly snorted. Within five minutes, Zheng Jiayue would give her money.

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