I am a Good Man – Chapter 3 Part 2

I am a Good Man- Chapter 3 Part 2

Arc 1: Childhood Sweethearts from Rich Households

Translated by ILoveToProcrastinate

Her A Yang was really right. She couldn’t isolate people outside of her own world. Buying only one order each time easily caused other people’s dissatisfaction. They were all roommates and should get along with each other peacefully.

We were all adults, and we were going to graduate. Isn’t it childish to move secretly?

Ning Wen clutched her bag, and her heart was very dissatisfied. However, at this time, there are many people. Of course, she can’t talk negligently. Once they go to eat in a moment, she must brainwash Zheng Jiayue.

“By the way, Yu Er, didn’t you say that you wanted to change your internship company last time? My family’s company is also recruiting interns,” Zheng Jiayue spoke again.

“Really?” Li Yu Er’s voice was pleasantly surprised.

“I’m just short of people. If you want to go, I can help reserve a place for you, but you have to write your own application for an interview,” Zheng Jiayue nodded.

“Can I do that too?” Chen Ke asked in a hurry.

Zheng business was a big company. Many things could be learned once you got in. It was already hard enough to get an interview opportunity.

“Isn’t it bad to change the internship now?” Ning Wen interjected.

The biggest contradiction between Zheng Jiayue and the other two people in the dormitory was that Zheng Jiayue only arranged an internship for herself. If all this was arranged, won’t they [Zheng Jiayue and the other roommates] be on good terms?

It won’t be easy for her to instigate or take an unfair advantage in the future.

“What’s bad about it? Both [positions] are only interns,” Chen Ke took a long look at her. “It isn’t that you don’t want us to go, right?”

Ning Wen’s face clearly had a set pattern of behavior of acting behind someone’s back. Outsiders don’t know, Li Yu Er and her [Chen Ke] understood it thoroughly.

“How is it possible?” Ning Wen’s expression was embarrassed. “If it wasn’t for the Ji business not needing any interns anymore, I would have introduced you.”

The Ji business was a bit better than the Zheng business. She was also in Ji Yang’s department, or she would’ve taken it seriously. Zheng Jiayue just arbitrarily lost some benefits to them, nothing much!

The two people naturally understood her meaning, looking at Ning Wen’s hidden smugness. Their faces also became unnatural.

“A Yang is no longer at the Ji business,” Zheng Jiayue said.

Ning Wen’s face was stiff, “Why is the general manager [Ji Yang] not at the Ji business?”

She was often with Zheng Jiayue. She naturally knew Ji Yang better than others, knew his excellence, knew his gentleness, and really coveted him.

Her goal was to sleep with Ji Yang!

Everything was lost to Zheng Jiayue, then she will take her man! Let the other feel the feeling of despair!

Thinking about it, her blood boiled.

“He resigned,” Zheng Jiayue said. “He doesn’t want to do it anymore. It’s too hard.”

“Your boyfriend is very outstanding. After resigning, he will find a new job,” Li Yu Er comforted her, the brooding in her heart toward Zheng Jiayue disappeared.

Other people helping her is friendship and isn’t mandatory. She should know how to be grateful.

“Yeah, I think so too,” Chen Ke also said.

Ning Wen was flabbergasted and her feelings were in a mess. The most important objective of going to the Ji business was to hook up with Ji Yang. It needs to be known that Ji Yang’s ability was much better than Ji Wei’s ability. It was very likely that Ji Yang would take over the Ji business. She had also hoped to fly to the branch as a phoenix.

Suddenly telling her that Ji Yang resigned, she couldn’t accept it.

Contrary to expectation, Zheng Jiayue wasn’t pessimistic and she had no extra expression.

When Li Yu Er and Chen Ke went out, she said to Zheng Jiayue, “Jiayue, they all have an internship company. Why do you still want to let them go to the Zheng business? Isn’t that unnecessary?”

Ji Yang was gone. She had no one to cover for her in the Ji business. She would be better off going to the Zheng business. It really caused her to feel jealous and feel unhappy with Zheng Jiayue, but she wouldn’t show it.

“I’m just offering them a chance. They can go if they want. It’s nothing,” Zheng Jiayue replied.

She could recommend Ning Wen to go, then she should naturally recommend the remaining two people to go. It’s merely one recommendation opportunity. Naturally, it should be fair. A Yang said that if it wasn’t like this, it would cause misunderstandings and instead, it wouldn’t be good for getting along well.

Ning Wen was angry. When she saw Zheng Jiayue’s doubtful complexion, she dared not to say more. Instead, she said worriedly, “Jiayue, ah, Ji Yang lost his job and you will graduate soon. Then, what will you do? If you keep following him, you will suffer.”

A young miss of an affluent family is together with an illegitimate child who has no work. Her brain has a hole. If Ning Wen incites her a few more times, maybe they will break up.

But it can’t be said that Ji Yang is not, or Zheng Jiayue cannot spare her.

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