I Am Just This “Sue”: Ch-1.1

The blue water rippled, reflecting the appearance of the people who are by the pool.

Hang Qing stared at the water for a while.

Perfect facial features that are craved by God’s hand; inviolable and cold like the flower of Kaolin¹; the tall body and long slender legs, as well as the beautiful mermaid line…

This is the person he is right now.

Hang Qing’s life ended at 22, but his soul was reborn. ——He got a Capture The Villain system and accumulates his own life value by receiving system tasks. Now he has entered the world of the given task and became Hang Qing, a 20-year-old college student with the same surname as him.

There was nothing wrong with it.


“You have an unparalleled appearance, a charming body, an irresistible voice, is conquering a villain that difficult?”

“…………… But I’m a fucking male.”

Hang Qing’s gender is male, and the villain’s gender that the system requires him to capture is also male.

And what “unparalleled appearance” does a man want? What “charming body”? What “irresistible voice”? Isn’t this just an in.fla.ta.ble doll?!²

Hang Qing frowned with a headache.

“Senior, why haven’t you entered the water yet?” A female voice came from behind.

Hang Qing turned around coldly.

Walking towards him is a young girl in a bikini. The girl has a beautiful face and looks angelic when she smiles. Hang Qing also quite likes this type of girl. But… she is Su Rui, the female lead of this world. She is destined to belong to the male lead.

His task in this world is to capture the villain, prevent the villain from blackening, and avoid the villain from disturbing the deep feelings between the male and female leads.

Thinking about it, Hang Qing just lost interest.

He nodded his head and lightly said, “I’m still getting used to it.”

Because he is a novice, the system arranged for him to transmigrate in earlier in the plot. Hang Qing and the female lead went to the same university. The female lead is a member of the swimming club at the University. She wanted to encourage Hang Qing to join the club many times, but she was always rejected.

But as the romance novel’s female lead, her level of persistence is quite high.

Su Rui kept on approaching Hang Qing. Hang Qing thinks about the original owner’s information and tells her that his childhood of falling into the water left a trauma on him. Although he wants to swim, he can’t control his fear. After hearing this, the kind-hearted female lead immediately felt that she had a closer relationship with Hang Qing and began to work even harder to encourage Hang Qing to swim with her to overcome the trauma from his childhood.

Although the villain hasn’t appeared yet, it’s good to be able to capture the female lead. Follow the female lead and you will always meet the villain.

After Su Rui invited him to the swimming pool again, Hang Qing agreed.

So that’s how he got here.

“Don’t be afraid, senior. I heard that there is an amazing coach at this swimming pool, maybe he can help you overcome your fear!” Su Rui comforted him.

“En.” Hang Qing deserves to be careless.

He only knew that the female lead and the male lead met in the natatorium. The female lead also caught the villain’s attention in the natatorium. Then the female lead also activated her the golden finger, causing the coach of the national team to take a fancy to her. And from then on, they embarked on the road of glory for the country plot. This really is a great path for a strong female lead!

The natatorium in the story should be here.

“Here we are!” Su Rui made a sudden exclamation.

Hang Qing looked up casually, only to see a tall, handsome man in this swimsuit speed walking over very quickly.

In line with the principle of being good-looking, either he’s a male lead or a supporting male lead, Hang Qing felt that this person’s identity should not be simple. Anyways, it’s always right to brush up on some favor first.

Hang Qing’s cold face finally had a change of expression.

He smiled at the man lightly, “Hello.”

The man stared at Hang Qing’s face, unconsciously stupefied. He quickly shook hands with Hang Qing, “Hello, I’m the coach here, my name is Mu Ze.”

Hang Qing frowned slightly.

Eh, what’s the man’s name? (T/N: his name means Pisces.)

Mu Ze noticed Hang Qing’s frowning and thought that he had pinched the other person carelessly, so he took back his hand at a loss, “f-first, wear your swimming goggles and the lifebuoy… to test the waters? “

Hang Qing nodded, put on his swimming goggles, and slowly slid down with while holding the ladder by the pool.

After Mu Ze threw the lifebuoy to him, he also went down with him.

“You don’t really know how to swim, do you?” Muze went closer. He held Hang Qing’s waist and asked.

“En.” In fact, he can swim breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle.

Mu Ze’s palms and the Hang Qing’s back clung onto each other.

A sleek feeling…… this thought crossed Mu Ze’s mind unconsciously, and he suddenly felt that the skin under his hand seemed to have become boiling hot. Mu Ze took back his hand but then felt that he could not guarantee the safety of the other party, so he had to stick it back.

Hang Qing looks back at him in surprise.

What is this coach doing on his back?

Mu Ze lowered his head, and he found that he didn’t dare to look at the youth’s eyes.

“Look, this position, kick like this… ” Mu Ze pressed down the strange feeling to the bottom of his heart and reaches out to lead Hang Qing to swing his limbs.

Hang Qing was very absent-minded at this time. Mu Ze pulled him to move? He followed. It was hard to avoid collision between the two people’s body parts, and it would be more difficult to avoid skin contact, so they stuck together. Mu Ze felt that his hands were even hotter, and he hardly knew where to put them.

Teaching the others this way in the past used to be fine… 

Mu Ze didn’t understand.

Su Rui also went in the water now, she swam over and asked, “Senior, how is it?”

Mu Ze hurriedly took back his hand, “Why-Why don’t you try the posture I just taught you?”

“En, okay.” Hang Qing answered softly. He was really tired of this kind of boring course. He should’ve been able to get a good swim in the water. If he was not afraid of breaking the original owner’s settings and wasting the female lead’s favor, he would’ve already started to swim with his arms outstretched.

Su Rui’s tears flickered in her eyes as if Hang Qing wanted to die bravely.

“Come on, senior, you can defeat yourself!” Su Rui’s face showed perseverance and encouragement.

It is said that the villain liked this type the best.

Hang Qing glanced at Su Rui and instinctively scanned the swimming pool. There were not many people. That villain hasn’t appeared yet?

Mu Ze pushes the lifebuoy to Hang Qing’s side, “Use this…”

Hang Qing didn’t look at him either. He pedaled in the water directly. A wave of water pushed the lifebuoy away.

“Senior, lifebuoy!” Su Rui swam to hand over the lifebuoy.

At this time, Hang Qing was swimming like a fish in the water. He used the freestyle position, with his arms moving in the air, turning inward, his fingertips touching the water……. it was as graceful as seeing a performance.

Su Rui and Mu Ze were stunned in place.

They watched the water wet the young man’s hair and saw that the water was drawn in a beautiful arc by the young man’s arm…….

Watching the water flowing through the youth, from the slender neck to the nearly perfect back-arc……. and finally sliding into the young man’s tight trunks.

They unconsciously held their breath.

And the Hang Qing who just had a nice swim in the water suddenly felt that there was a pair of burning eyes staring down.

Hang Qing’s movements stopped. Did he overdo it?

Hang Qing turns around and swims back. Then he takes off his goggles and shook the water off his hair.

Dead silence.

What’s going on? Hang Qing threw away the goggles in his hand and looked at the two people in the opposite direction doubtfully. The two people slightly avoided his eyes. Su Rui was the first one to react and hurriedly ran up. She grabbed Hang Qing’s arm in one motion and said, “Are you ok, senior? You look pale!” Su Rui said with tears, “you were amazing, you must’ve felt uncomfortable just now, right? But now you can do it!”

Su Rui wanted to embrace Hang Qing but she didn’t dare.

Hang Qing slowly touched the handrail and climbed up the pool.

Mu Ze and Su Rui also climbed up.

“Are you ok?” Mu Ze asked.

“I’m fine.” What are they doing, surrounding him like this? Hang Qing gave them a strange look and stood up, “I’m a little weak. I’ll change my clothes. Su Rui, take your time. “

Mu Ze opened his mouth, “shall I accompany you to the dressing room?”

Hang Qing waved no. He’s not a kid, needing to be accompanied to the dressing room with him. This coach is also very strange.

Hang Qing walked all the way to the dressing room and found that the hot eyes were following him all the time……. Oh, is it the villain? Seeing him interact with Su Rui, jealous? He glanced back quickly, but the swimming pool was so big that it was hard to find the target.

Hang Qing had to give up. Anyway, as long as Su Rui is here, the villain will appear frequently.

Hang Qing rubbed the water drops off his hair and pushed open the door of the dressing room with one hand.

Hang Qing didn’t know it at all. The female lead was still worried about him deep in her heart—— Senior’s face was very pale…… 

In the rest area, a man played back the image in his mind countless times.

Beautiful waistline, buttocks…… the water glides along the arc. Unfortunately, the ugly swimsuit blocked the view and hid the beautiful scenery within it, tightly wrapped.

The man suddenly felt that his nose was a little hot.

T/N: Once again, THIS IS A TEASER (don’t expect updates unless announced~).


¹ T/N: expression saying that he is an untouchable person.

² T/N: uh… if you don’t know what it is… it’s for men… (for masturbation)

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