Abnormal State Skill Ch. 10

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat

E-Rank Hero’s unique item

The magic circle begins to shine.

No good.
There is probably no way to survive.
I don’t think that ruthless goddess will help me out of this situation.

The soldiers surrounding the magic circle are set up their bows.
The robed men held out their arms.
To me.

[If you try to get out of the magic circle, you’ll die, okay?]

The goddess warned with a smile.
There’s no sign that my classmates would help me.
No one will go against it.
There might be fear towards the goddess and the soldiers, too.
Kirihara who have the highest rank, looks intent on casting me away.
But, more than that–

There’s no one who risk himself just for an air mob.


There shouldn’t be.
Even if the mob disappears, nothing changes.
The Story of the Chosen Heroes.
Mimori Touka doesn’t have to be in it.
Unnecessary existence.

Pofu~ tsu


The goddess threw something at my feet.

[Leather, bag……?]
[It’s a unique item of heroes.]

Unique Item.
It’s like a special magic tool.

[When you are summoned, a hero is given a special item. And that little leather bag was your unique item.]

They all bent over to look at the leather bag.

[My unique item…]

Everyone in 2-C created a fuzz.
Everyone has a face that looks like they want to ask, “He have such a thing?”
The goddess went ahead and gave an explanation.

[It’s okay. It was collected while you were still sleeping, and it’s carefully kept in a separate room. We will give it to each of you later. It’s more effective to use it in person.]

I noticed.
The goddess and his men are doing bad things casually.

If you have a powerful unique item in the hands of a hero right after summoning.

If you go on a rampage, you may cause trouble.
So they collected the unique items before we woke up.

The goddess smiles.

[The point that a powerful unique item is given at the time of the summoning is one of the reasons why the hero summoning are appreciated. Well, then-]

The goddess looks at by leather bag.

[I tried injecting magic in it, but it seems that your unique item only emits light.]
[The point is the light. I think the inside of the ruins would be dark, so I’m sure you can make it a decent light. Also, since there’s a piece of jewelry on in… If you can safely go to the ground, you could sell it for the time being. It’s amazing!]

The goddess spreads her arms and looks back at the people of 2-C behind her.

[Everyone, have you seen it? The mercy that I gave Touka Mimori now… Yes, there should be a chance to live even in any level. The goddess gives mercy… even if you’re so weak! Even to the to be disposed of, E-Rank Hero!]

What appeal is that..?
The goddess turns to me again.

[But you people don’t need my mercy! Because you are better than him! Because you have a great power in yourself!]

The goddess raises her voice as the light in the magic circle intensify.

[All of the 2-C students here are heroes! There are ranks among you heroes. Perhaps you may feel uneasy about the difference in ranks! Maybe I may not be a good person…. but, don’t worry! You have been chosen! You are excellent! Look at him- Touka Mimori!]

My classmates are watching me all at once.

[He’s unmistakably a hero! But you all are different from him! You are more than D-Rank! You’re certainly someone better than him! That is, you who have the natural abilities since you are born!]

Even the lowest E-Rank heroes have it’s uses.

Finally, I understood.
The meaning of those words.


S-Rank Hero and A-Rank Hero
The seniors are “chosen”.
On the other hand, the heroes who are ranked as B to D may be less motivated.
Even in a different world, your rank is still low.

However, if you can recognize that you are above “someone” with the same conditions, you will find out the significance of your existence.

I can believe myself.
I’m better than him.
I’m still in a better state.
I’m better than Mimori Touka.
I’m really glad that I was not sent to the ruins.
All’s well that ends well.

I’m still lucky.

Mimori Touka is the sacrifice for the “ritual” set by the goddess.
It gives a sense of superiority to the heroes below B-Rank and it is made to produce confidence.
The sacrifice is the lowest– E-Rank Hero.
The same “hero” with the same meaning.

The feeling that I was sorted.
The feeling of being picked out.



So that’s the reason.
That’s the kind of use I have.
There must be a monster which is more frightening than that three-eyed wold at the ruins.
I can only use this failure skill.
The status correction is hopeless.
I’ll surely die.

[Please wait!]

The words which I thought would be impossible.
It suddenly reached my ear.
I raised my face.
What I saw is, Sogou Ayaka walking up to the goddess with a resolute step.

[This is wrong! Isn’t Mimori-kun our classmate!?]
[Wha- Wha- What rude things are you saying, Sogou~!]

Zakurogi tries to stop her in a hurry.

[Zakurogi-sensei is our homeroom teacher, so get your act together! Isn’t it your duty to protect your students at any time!?]
[Th, The situations different! If you’re that intelligent, shouldn’t you know!? I can’t help it! It, it’s Mimori’s fault! It’s because he’s E-Rank!]
[Even though Mimori-kun didn’t want to become E-Rank!?This can’t be allowed! Stop sending him to the ruins right–]

[You’re S-Rank Ayaka-san, right? Fu~ Well, there’s no other choice.]

The goddess lowered her arms.

In a blink of an eye, the goddess went around behind Sogou.


A blow behind Sogou’s neck, by the goddess’ sword.


Sogou twisted her body and turned around.
It was a reaction speed that I thought I could only see in a fighting manga.
Taking advantage of the momentum she turned around, Sogou sweeped out the goddess sword.

Pisha~ tsu!

Is that the movement of those old martial arts?
With a dignified look, Sogou exhales.

[I’m sorry, but I’m not so easily def— gofu~!!]

The fist of the goddess whose weight and speed were different fell into the belly of Sogou.

[The first sword is a feint. That’s not something you can easily distinguish.]

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4 thoughts on “Abnormal State Skill Ch. 10

    1. This story is a shit. A slow and shitty story. The author doesn’t know anything who to create a good story… Plus, he wrote a little text for each chapter every time… this awfully bad.


      1. Honestly you’re not one to talk. Such a broken written complaint hardly even passes off your issue with the writer. How about before throwing rocks, you understand your own surroundings.


  1. A lot of the chapters have overlapping descriptions of the situations in the progressing story timeline. As Netzach pointed out, that is not good story writing practice, but not every potential author is going to be a graduate of a creative-writing class where such problems are quickly noticed by the instructor and critiqued for improvement. As for any excuse that the author is writing this way to lengthen the story, instead of this tactic, a lot more info could have been written about the interactions of the MC’s classmates in their pre-summoned life. Instead, the author is wasting the opportunity.

    As for “revenge” story plots, the author hugely weakened any blame towards the narcissistic classmates by having the students be given an excuse to believe the deity’s statements of giving mercy and second chances to the MC. It would have been better to have a lot of classmates be thought of badly by the reader, then as the long term story progressed, each of these classmates would be given not a side story, but a lot more presence in several chapters. And in those chapters, the classmate’s bad attitude would be redeemed. If the author was an “SJW type” author, that kind of writing would appeal to an audience that has patient tolerance and allows for redemption. And to appeal to the other types of fans, some of the classmates can be shown to fall by the wayside because not everyone is a perfect wholesome person when given power and opportunity to use that power upon others. And some people may misuse the power not to deliberately abuse, but misuse it due to being misled by others. I’m not saying that I believe the author should write the story in this way, but I’m just trying to present an example of how the author is wasting opportunity to set up the cast of characters.

    Sure, the author can flesh out the characters later, but then these tiny thin chapters at the beginning remain while chapter 12,345 is nice and big with character development. It would be better if all the chapters were somewhat similar in size, dept, and pacing at the beginning as they are midway through the story.


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