Abnormal State Skill Ch. 17

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat

Therefore, I’m currently–

[<Paralyze>, <Paralyze> , <Paralyze> , <Paralyze> — <Paralyze> , <Paralyze>!]

A total of eight paralyzed monsters.
It’s an unexpected windfall.
Eight of them were paralyzed and became obstacles for the others.


And I think it’s good to be able to give my skill to them while they push the other monsters away.


Fuuu~ oh.
I feel like I’m short on blood.
This is bad.
I’m about to lose my consciousness.
I only have few of my own MP.
I move my eyes.
How many more are there?

[Pikko! Ku kko ro!]

They came.
The bird heads.
I raise my arm with all of my strength.

[Ko, ke, ke? Ke…]



Gura ~tsu (T/N: sound of staggering)

For a moment, everything I see turned white.
I shift my line of sight.


What in the world… is that?

zoro zoro… (T/N: sound of a mob coming.)

About five of them were added from the left and the right.
There’s still more coming.
This is seriously bad news.
It’s over.
I’m exhausted.


I wonder why.
Well, I’m not sure.
It’s just that-

I laughed.

[Ku, kukuku… I quite understand now, then…]

I’m done.

I’m about to pass out.
My consciousness is about to break.
But I still persevere.
Even with just my willpower.

[Let’s do it, shall we…?]

Until it’s the end!
Even if I think that it’s already over,

[That’s a story that I’ll think about when I’m already exhausted!… <Paralyze>! <Paralyze>! <Paralyze>! <Paralyze>! <Para—]


I have a feeling that something had been interrupted.
My MP have completely hit the bottom?
I feel my sense of balance shaking.
It’s like my feet can’t support me anymore.
I also feel like I can’t hold on to my consciousness anymore.

[My mental power is exhausted… was the last one that one I cast before?– huff, fuu fuuu… no no, wait for a moment… even if it’s just one more shot… even after all that trouble…]

I raise my trembling hand.
It’s true.

[The mob’s willpower– Let’s show it to them, Mimori Touka! Dash!]

The last,

[Ku ~e! Gu ~e ~e–]

What’s that voice?
It sounds like in its death throes–

<Your level has increased>

At that moment, it surged within me.
My consciousness also visibly recovered.
The muddiness also disappeared.

<Lv 1 → Lv 258>

What the?
What the heck happened?
Wait, I’ll put this aside for now.



The minotaur jumped over.
I paralyzed it mid-air.

[<Paralyze>! <Paralyze>! <Paralyze>! ]

Why did my level go up?


That’s right.
I turned my line of sight.
There’s a bird head lying down on its face.

The first bird head that has been poisoned.

It’s dead.
Probably because of poison damage.
That’s why I gained <experience points>.
A huge amount of experience.
The growth rate that the robed man has said.
I don’t think it has something to do about me being the worst hero.
Even the necessary experience value to level up seems to be also enormous.
The lack of skill Lv made it obvious.

[After all–]

Look at the monster.


[It’s just that the experience that this monster in the ruins gives is really high.]

That’s not normal.
Well I’m afraid I won’t win if I ever fought it normally.
I remember my first encounter with them.
The minotaur.
The bird head, too.
They move very slowly.
As if they’re underestimating me.
It’s as if I’m not enough for them to exert even 10% of their effort.
That’s why they became negligent.
Even if it’s to kill me, they didn’t do their best.

For I was the weakest.
The lowest of the low.

That’s why I had the leeway to release <Paralyze>.

On the other hand, if I were even a little bit stronger…
If they perceived that I am one of their “dangerous enemies”,
I would have been killed before I even used my personal skills.
Now that I think about it.
Do you recover MP when you level up?
Ah, it’s about half of the MAX value?
Or possibly, a complete recovery?
Or did it just add MP depending on the increase of the correction value?

I lock on towards the monsters.

If I continue to level up—

[I think it’s possible I can continue fighting!?— <Paralyze>!]

It connected.
On the skin of the neck.

[<Paralyze>! <Paralyze>! <Paralyze>! ]

<Skill level has increased>
<Lv 1 → Lv 2>

It went up.
Perhaps the skill level of <Paralyze>.
Is the “skill level” experience different from the previous experience value?
Does the skill experience value depend on the number of times I’ve used a specific skill?
My own level seems to have increased.
However, there is no sign of acquiring new skills.
Acquisition of new skills may depend on my skill level.
However, for the meantime–

[Overcoming this now is my top priority.]

I knead the magic power in my hand.
I realized that I could naturally do this.
I grasped a monster in my field of vision.
And I noticed.

[Oi oi…]


What the heck.

[I think I can do it.]

Designating multiple targets.

A < > mark appears on the head of the eight monsters.
The eight monsters that are in my field of view–


Eight targets at the same time.
The paralysis succeeded.
My personal skill.
It was possible that this skill won’t work only to that goddess.
It’s only been a success ever since I came here to this ruins.

A full hundred percent.

I’ve made a really tough wall made of monsters that I had paralyzed.
Rather, it’s a reliable barrier until the paralysis is released.


That’s what it means, right?

[It means that only one here can get all these experience.]

I find myself wickedly grinning.

[If I kill all the monsters here, it means that I’d get an enormous amount of experience points…!? That’s right!]

While the monsters push away their paralyzed companions,
I use a skill on each of the paralyzed monsters.

[<Poison>, <Poison>, <Poison>, <Poison>, <Poison>, <Poison>, <Poison>, <Poison>—]

Poko ~o…
Powa, powa…

I’m currently,


<Skill level has increased>
<Lv 1 → Lv 2>


Seeing these monsters in front of me as nothing but EXP.

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