Abnormal State Skill Ch. 19

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat

The instinctual impulse as a living thing

I went back to the place where I was first transferred.

That skull earlier is the only thing I found right after transferring.
I was then assaulted by the minotaur when I was found by it.
I didn’t have the time to explore back then.
The property of the heroes and warriors who were disposed.

[It would be great if there’s anything useful…]

Of course I had never let down of my guard.
Now is the time to be the most cautious.
There may be surprise attacks that may come from out of my sight.
Now, I only have my guts and reflexes to rely on to.
If I were late on using the abnormal state skill,

There’s a chance that I’ll die from a single blow from a monster.

The monsters of the disposal ruins are probably super powerful to have as enemies. I don’t think I’d beat them even if I tried.
Heck, some of the others who got here may be A-Rank heroes.
It’s obvious I can’t oppose this monster with my status.
My only countermeasure against them is my personal skills.
Literally, “whoever strikes first wins” is the key strategy.
At any rate, don’t get hit even by a single blow from a monster.
That’s what I should definitely focus on for now.


Putting my thoughts together, I finally arrived at my destination.
I raised my glowing leather bag filled with magic energy.
It seems to me that it’s more dangerous to be hidden in the darkness now.
It’s also difficult to keep track of directions in the dark.
Well, there’s still danger if the enemy had projectile weapons on them.

[But it’s not like I can do much about it…]

There were some human bones partially melted with acid.
It was probably done by that minotaur.
There were also some weapons that were dropped.
However, almost everything were half-melted with acid.
Even if I have it, it seems it would only be useless baggage.

[The only ones I can use are these ones, huh…]

A black cloak once worn by a skeleton.
And an old dagger.
The cave have been getting a little colder.
Should I were this mantle?

Basa ~tsu

I wear the cloak around my body.
It’s getting a little warmer.
The dagger is now covered in a leather sheath.
At first, I thought it would be to dull to use.
However, it was still usable after checking its blade.
I put the dagger inside the leather bag.
My left hand has to have an easy access towards the leather bag.
My empty right hand is especially for my skills.
This hand is the one who turns towards the target.
It feels like I can’t lock on without doing that…
My priority is for using the skills over wielding weapons.
I don’t think this dagger can ever hurt the monsters in here.
I think it’s their defense status.
The hardness of the skin when I had chopped the birdhead with an axe is quite traumatic.
I look at the transfer location.
A magic circle is engraved in here.

[This magic circle… well, I can’t really use it.]

Only that sh*tty goddess can use this.
Otherwise, there is no point in sending anyone here.


Those fellows in 2-C, I wonder what they’re doing now.
I shouldn’t think about them now.
I’m sure that I am the most at risk in losing my life.
First of all, my first priority is to find a clue on how to escape to above ground.

I resumed the exploration of this cave.
For a moment, I’ve returned to the place where I had fought hard.
Of course, the mountain of corpses there still remained unchanged.

[Now that I look at it again, It’s become quite a number huh…]

The feeling that I had done this myself is quite weak.
I looked at the way the birdheads had fled to.

[I guess I’ll go this way.]


I kept walking until I came upon a wide, open space.
It’s so wide that my leather bag’s light doesn’t reach it’s walls.
I look up.
The ceiling is really high.
There are those pointed rocks that are protruding from above like those you can find in a limestone cave.

Gyu ruru~
Gu ~u

Just as I thought.
I’m feeling it earlier but its quite subtle.


I haven’t eaten anything even before I got on the bus.
As a matter of fact, I’m getting thirsty.
All I’ve been doing earlier is running away from these monsters with all my might.
I’ve also sweated a lot in that deadly battle with the monsters.
I’ve lost a lot of water of fluids within my body,
I’ve yet checked if I had any water with me before I’ve arrived here.
I haven’t been able to confirm it so far.
The problem that I’m facing now following the threats of the monsters.
Water and food.
The crisis with the monsters is solved, and now a simple yet serious problem arose.

[…For the meantime, should I move on further?]

There may be something that the monsters use as food and water.

I began to walk again through the dark space.


I kept walking in a landscape that doesn’t look like it’s changing.

In the meantime, I found a place that will likely be going to the upper area.
When I went there, I was greeted by the same scenery again.


Time passed without me noticing.
No– what actually happened?
I feel like I had been walking in this path for a very long time.
But it may not be a lot of time at all.
I can’t see the sun shine while inside this… cave.
It’s just simply- darkness.
I’m not wearing a watch.
My sense of time had been disrupted.


Gyururu ruru~
Ki ~yu ~u ~u ~u~~

[Haa… haa…]

I understand…
Even if my level goes up.
Even with the status correction.
I will still get hungry.
I will still get thirsty.
I’m starving.
No, more than that…
I have to quench my thirst first.

[Haa… Ha~a…]

The soles of my shoes are getting worn out.
My nerves are getting worn out.
Still, I have to make sure that I am able to activate my skills immediately.
I don’t know when the monsters will suddenly pop out.
I must always have even an ounce of awareness for my surrounding.

I walk.

Is there something else to do?

I walk,
and I walk.


I continue walking,
and keep walking.

There’s really nothing.

rock, rock.
rock, rock, rock.
rock, rock, rock, rock.
rock, rock, rock, rock, rock.

My everything collapsed.

What’s a rock?
Is it the rocks from mountains and stones?
What’s that again?
It’s underground here…
This is not a mountain.


I have to do something.
I’m extremely hungry.
I’m extremely thirsty.
Does it have to be this harsh?
I don’t even see any monster anymore.
When I encounter them…
Anything is fine.
Someone, please give me food.

[Ah, right…]

A sudden thought came in my mind.
Those monster corpses I killed in the bottom layer.

[They may be edible…]

Is it because of thirst?
I spoke my thoughts with my hoarse voice.

I turned back there.
That’s because I have a bad feeling about that plain, deserted area.
There may be nothing but a deserted land further.
On the other hand, here’s a place where there’s certainly some food.
The corpse of the monsters.
Now that I know, I should go.
The minotaur is– beef.
The birdhead is– chicken meat.
I should go.
It should be possible.

After some time, I finally returned to that place.
To the place where there are filled with a great deal of monster corpses.
I feel like I can no longer sweat.
Should I drink blood??
I take out my dagger.
I held it in a reverse grip.
But my hand stops.

[Speaking of which, didn’t these guys…]

Didn’t they die from poison?
Are they even edible?
The poison skill may have been gone already.
The corpses are not purple.
It’s not that I’m excited.
But I should eat if I can do it.
I ought to eat it…
Eat it, me…
I reached out in my leather bag.
My left hand is now for using skills.
I can exert more power with my right hand.

Minotaur meat…

I mustered my strength to the handle in my grasp.
The skin is too had for the blade to pass.
Even after dying, the feeling of hardness still remains.
If so, there’s a part in the head that can be drilled to.
From there, I attack!

Guri ~tsu

I gouged out its eyes.
I can do this.


I peeked into the eye socket.
Will it flow smoothly from here?
Can I do this?
Getting it’s insides from here…
It’s uncomfortable– but it’s not the time to be uncomfortable.
I would die.
I have to eat something.
I have to drink something.
First, push the blade deep within the socket of the eye–

Ju~u ~tsu!


I hurriedly let go of the corpse.
It’s no good!
It’s insides is full of acid!



The cow’s eyeball is lying on the ground.
Could I eat it?
This thing?
I’m dying.
I have to eat.
I slowly bit out of it’s outer cover.

Gabu ~tsu!
Ju ~uuuu!

[Buwaahhh! Pweehhh!! Ahhaahhh!]

There’s acid even it’s eyeball!

[Pweehh! Pweehh! Geho~! Geho!] (T/N: sound of coughing,)

Are these like the acids in their body fluids?
It’s harmless to them.
But harmful to other organisms.
I wiped my mouth with the sleeves of my uniform.
Even inside my mouth…
The cloth melts somewhat, but it can’t be helped.


I’m glad I didn’t immediately swallow it.
Vomiting it immediately was correct.
My tongue is still tingling.
But fortunately, the damage to my mouth is quite minimal.
Surprisingly, my <Defense> may have been at work.
I look at the bird head.


I also tried eating the birdhead.
The result was the same.
It’s not something edible.
Well, if you think about it.
This is a place where those who are wanted dead are sent.
When the monsters in the transfer destination can be used as food, it will be like easy mode.

There is no way to eat the meat of the monsters in this ruins.
There is no way to drink the blood of the monsters in this ruins.
There’s no way to do it.

If you are really intent to kill,

There is no reason to send him to a place where there are edible monsters.
There is no reason to send him to a place where there is a source of water.
Those who are sent here will, obviously, not be teleported with water or food.
It’s indeed the simplest problem, but the problem of survival is essential for a living thing.

[A disposal ruins with zero survival rate…]

Even if the heroes sent in here were stronger than the minotaurs and the birdheads–

[Damn it… this ruins are thorough enough to kill the heroes…]

You’d still die.

Because of starvation.

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