Abnormal State Skill Ch. 25

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat

The S-Rank hero who left everything behind

[Yeah, collapse. Honestly, I think that 2-C will eventually be split up~]
[S- Split up?]

Asahi looked at the front.
She looked at the group that’s following just behind the goddess.
Kirihara Takuto’s group.
Right behind him is the guy who suddenly changed, Yasu Tomohiro.
The more you were in the front, the higher your rank in the class.
The students in the back consists of those who have weaker ranks.
It’s like the class is naturally divided.
However, Asahi dared to go back to the rear.
Also, Sogou Ayaka who was carried away because she has fainted isn’t present here.
There’s also the Takao sisters who disappeared somewhere before.

[Look, isn’t this class like a gathering of the strongest? There’s a whole lot of troubles, though. I’m sure sooner or later, the division to different factions would be much clearer than before.]

Asagi widely smiles.

[That’s why I’m telling you now… you’re obviously going to come in our faction, right? You’re coming, right?]

She’s smiling, but her smile doesn’t reach the eyes.

[There are still multiple battles we have to fight, right Kobato-chan? Do you~ understand~? Well, I don’t know about Poppo-chan who only knows how to nourish her breasts with fluffiness~]
[Uwawawa!? P-please stop that…]


Asagi is touching my breasts.
The chest that has been growing bigger ever since junior high school.
I have a complex with these.

Gui~ (T/N: sfx for grabbing)


She had strongly grabbed on my waist.

[Listen here? You think we’re the same, that the B-Rank me had to go all the way just to invite the D-Rank you? If you think about it normally, it’s smarter to come to my group. Don’t tell me, are you thinking that Kirihara’s group would take you in? No, no, no! With a D-Rank result like yours, I don’t know if they’d even let you in.]
[But for me, things like factions are…]

(Ah, but… if it’s Sogou-san’s group then…)

I respect Sogou Ayaka.
I can’t help but admire her.
She’s one of those “young ladies”, she’s beautiful and she has a good sense of style.
She’s also good at her studies and at physical activities.
She’s strong and gallant.
And she’s so kind.

[Ayaka will die, you know.]

It’s like they’re words that can see through my heart.
My heart is beating so fast.

[So, Sogou-san will die? Asagi-san, what do you mean–?]
[What? You really don’t know? You’ve seen that, didn’t you? That idiot dared to go against the goddess. I don’t even know if such a reckless idiot could even live a long life. You know, young lady. Do you understand the difference between bravery and recklessness~? Kobato, you understand?]

I can’t do anything but gulp.

(Even if she said that, Sogou-san is still amazing…)

However, those words were swallowed along with the saliva I gulped.
I can’t say it.
I can’t say those words.

[Well, Kobato-chan should understand what my point is as well, right? In some cases, you see? It’s just better to defeat the Demon Emperor, or something like that, and return to our original world.]


As if she had already made her decision, Asagi patted my shoulder.

[Because of this world’s “Appraisal” influence in us, look at what happened… hey~ the place where 2-C’s Kashima Kobato belongs to, I wonder where could that be~?
[Hey~, don’t just stay silent there~]

Inhale… Exhale… fuu….


Asagi’s hands went towards my breasts again, it’s like she’s lifting them up towards the skies.
The boys’ eyes gathered in our direction.
A blush rapidly showed up on my face.
I quickly concealed my breasts.
Asagi glanced at the surrounding boys’ reactions.

[Kobato, your rank may be one of the lower D-Ranks, but you have quite the weapon there that’s effective to the boys in some certain areas, right? Well, I intend for you to use seductive techniques so that we could use it for our advantage. So let’s do our best together, Poppo-chan?]

I could do anything but look down again.

(That’s mean… Agari-san…)

Suddenly, the people in the front became noisy.

[Oh, dear heroes! Please run away!!!]

It’s the voice of one of those robed men we met back when we were summoned in this world.
Through the gaps between the students in the front, I caught a glimpse of a bloody robed man running away from something.

[What is the matter?]

The goddess questions.

[Please accept my apologies! While we’re in the middle of preparing the demons as the goddess-sama instructs us, an idiotic soldier accidentally let loose of a Dragon-ish!] (T/N: doragonmodoki)

The bloody robed-man suddenly looked backed behind him.


A small dragon-like monster appeared from a corner.
It’s flying.
I flinched.

(Mo- Monster…!)

[Goddess-sama! The dragon-ish is too heavy for us! P-Please have compassion for—]
[Step aside.]

Kirihara Takuto has gone forward.

[<Dragonic Buster>!!!] (T/N:Doragonic Basutaaaaahhh!!!)

[Gyooo giyyeeeehhh–!?

The golden ray released from Kirihara’s sword turned the little dragon to cinders.
The destruction the ray is making still continues.
A part of the ceiling that has been on the receiving end of Kirihara’s ray had been destroyed.

[Hmmm… It seems that after it became Lv 2, it had increased in power and speed…]

The students in that place had suddenly felt absentminded.
When the students finally got out of their trance, the students broke into cheers.

[That’s awe~some Takutoooo!]
[As expected of Kirihara-kun!]
[The reputation of an S-Rank is not just for show!]
[You’re so cool!]
[Kirihara-kun, you’re so dreamy– ♪ ]
[Takuto, I’m seriously falling for you…]

Kirihara snorted in his mind and sighed.

[It’s just one hit… that’s one foolish monster. You people are making too much ruckus. It’s not like I’ve did anything that significant…hm?]

Kirihara chanted “Status Open”.

[It said that my level have gone up but…? Lv 10…?]
[W- What did you say!?]


The robed man springs up.
The man beside the goddess looks like he saw something earth-shattering.

[Goddess-sama! Th-This is—!]

The goddess also commented with a voice mixed with astonishment and admiration.

[Yes… It seems like Kirihara-san will have quite a terrifying future that he can look forward to.]

Kirihara confirms with the goddess though.

[I’m not interested in any of that… I’ll ask you just once. Is it that amazing?]

The robed man hurriedly answers.

[It’s too amazing! Such an astonishing growth rate…! No one in the past has ever seen a hero who has reached the double-digit in levels in just one day! I’ve heard that the record for it is a hero of the past who reached Lv 8 in just one day! Certainly, he may have reached Lv 8 in one day but—]

The goddess glanced at Yasu once.

[…that’s the dark hero, right?]

Yasu let out a snort as he looked satisfied.
It’s as if he’s told that he’s the one that’s amazing.
The leading goddess turned towards us and exaggeratedly spread her arms.

[The summoning this time had a really splendid result. Even if it’s against the Great Demon Emperor and his army that have been rumored to be the most powerful existence for the last thousands of years — if it’s you people, I’m sure you will win!]

The goddess turned back towards the front.

[Well then, let’s go!]
[You say that, megami-samaaaa… but where the heck are you taking us~?]

The goddess who looks like she’s in a good mood answers Oyamada’s question.

[We’re going to see the limits of your reaction to killing monsters, so I’ll have everyone kill an ordinary animal first so that you could get accustomed to it before the real deal happens.]

(Get accustomed to killing ordinary animals…?)

I can’t help but look down after hearing those sinister words.

[The heroes who have been living in a peaceful place would surely have a hard time at first. Are you saying that your heart is really fragile~? Are you saying that you’re too shocked at the thought that you’re stealing away another’s life~? This may be the first major challenge you have to face, right?]

The goddess shouts triumphantly.

[But! If you don’t get over this obstacle, it’s possible you might end up like the late Touka-san! If that happens, it’ll be quite sad, ain’t it?]

It’s like she’s indirectly threatening us that “those who are losing out will be disposed”.

(I’m scared….)

I’m about to cry because of all the helplessness I feel.

(I wonder, what would happen to us after this…?)


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