Abnormal State Skill Ch. 26

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat


[Kutcha… kutcha…]

I was sitting cross-legged while eating my breakfast.
One serving of beef jerky.

[Kutcha, kutcha…]

I glared towards the poisoned complexion of the lizardmen.
They were all sleeping while purple bubbles were showing on their skin.
Behind them are the corpses of the quadruped lizards.
Diagonally in front of me, in both my left and right side were the two dragon zombies who were also collapsed on the ground.
Their complexion had also turned to purple.
Occasionally, they would utter out something like a groan.

[Gguuu, gggiii, gguueeeeeehhhh….]

They’re wailing in pain.
They’ve been deprived of the control over their own lives.
What made it possible is that I’m sure — that’s definitely killing intent.
There’s something in me, something like a factor in me that’s existed just for “killing”.
I squint my eyes as I look towards the groaning monsters.
Two dragon zombies.
Before I knew it, the ugly rotting faces of these dragon zombies coincide with the faces of my parents.

They were kicking me at that day, while I curled around so that I can protect my head.
I think it’s around after dinner.
My dinner usually mostly consists of the leftovers of what my parents had eaten.
My mother used to have a habit of buying too much food at the supermarket.
That’s also the reason why she always had a quarrel with father.
But thanks to that, there are more extra meals for me to eat.

[You’re one tough brat, huh!? Tsk~! If you had wailed more, this would have been a little bit more fun~! Here~!] (T/N: Ora~!)
[Don’t kill him, okay? Nowadays, the eyes of the society have been stricter and stricter~]
[Shut up! If the brat dies, then he can die for all I care! It’d be an accidental death. Accidental, you hear me!? No one would know as long as you don’t croak! Rather, if this brat dies, won’t we get plenty of money from the condolence gift on this brat’s funeral?]
[Rather than that darling, I’m already kicking too! Here~! Here~! Here~! Is it painful!? Are you feeling bitter!? But you see, I’ve been feeling this bitter stress every single day at work! A f*cking tedious work! So, isn’t that great!? A brat like you~ doesn’t know anything!? Here here here!!! Say something, Touka!? Die! Die! Die!] (T/N: Ora~! Ora~! Ora~!)
[That’s quite an appetizer for a good sake. Gulp, gulp — puhhaaa~! Excellent! We’ll finally kill him if we keep beating him up! That’s quite refreshing!]
[Here here here~ huh!? Tsk! The guy from next door came here to complain about the noise!]
[Oi! It will be troublesome if we were called in the child guidance center again!]
[T-That’s right… Yes, we’re coming~! We’re really sorry~! We’ll make sure to be quieter now~! I’m really sorry that my kid is quite noisy~…]


Someday, I ‘ll kill them.
If I don’t, I’ll be killed by them.
If I had more “power”…
I’d be able trample or even crush all things that block my way if I had “power”.
I want to kill them.
Then, I’d never have to complain about the pain I’m feeling.
I should kill them.
I need to kill them.

I’m going to kill them.



Did I understand “killing intent” at that time?

[If so, I should be thankful.]

To them.
For giving me that factor of killing intent.
I have been able to cultivate killing intent like those from other creatures.

[If I were able to get back to my original world… it might be a good idea to search for them at least once. I would say my thanks at that time…]

I have nothing but gratefulness towards uncle and his family.
I’m not being sarcastic this time though, I really am grateful to them from the bottom of my heart.
Uncle’s family made the “normal” me everyone had seen.
This normality is also an important part of my life.
He taught me the warmth that someone could give.
He taught me to have a kind heart.
I really want to thank my uncle who took me in and raised me like his own son.

[…a kind heart, huh.]

I absentmindedly looked at the dying monsters.
The first of them to die was a quadruped lizard.
The only way for me to be able to kill any of them is to wait for the poison to kill them from within.

[Geeehhh, gggaahhhh!? Gguuuueeeee….]

<Your level has increased.>

I don’t feel any exhilarating feeling at all.
It’s such a terrible scene.
Just like this massacre I’m committing now.
Yes— This deed I’ve done.
This dreadful act of mine.
The kind heart that my uncle once taught me, it’s completely missing.


Tears started flowing from my eyes.

[Sh*t… what the f**k is this…]

At this time where I had finally began to understand what I had done, the gruesome and terrible act I have committed were grasping my anguished heart—

Or so I thought is what would have happened.

[It’s not like that.]

It’s not like that at all.

The tears continue to flow down from my eyes.
I was honestly surprised since I can’t feel anything for these monsters at all.
What I’m surprised about are the remaining tears that still continue to flow.

Was I “poisoned” by something?
Did my resistance to killing “sleep” temporarily?
Or was it my sense of decency as a human that had “paralyzed” my immunity to killing?

I’ve never thought about it.
I’ve never thought of how frightening I had been.
I wipe away my tears.


I exhaled out a small sigh.
The tears in my eyes had already stopped flowing.

[It’s not like I can do anything else.]

This situation will continue as long I keep fighting for my survival.
There’s no other choice but to accept the situation.
Accept it already, the me as of now.
The newest—

Touka Mimori.

All of you were trying to kill me.
I am also trying to kill of all of you.

It’s indeed a simple rule.

If you really direct killing intent towards me— then I will say sorry now for I will not be lenient towards you and thoroughly trample you down.


I gaze towards the deep darkness beyond my sight.


It appears that I’m not scared of “you” anymore.
This darkness that I’ve always been afraid of, may become my newest friend who I’ll always hold hands with.

[Ggiyyaaahhh! Ggiieeehh!?]
[Gguuggyyaahh!? Giyyeehhh!?]

The voices of agony upon their coming death continuously sounded out.
The lizardmen were successively drawing out their last breath.
It’s a requiem of death.

[Gooo, ggeeehhh…]

It seems the dragon zombies also collapsed already.
It’s an incredibly gruesome and detestable scene.

On the way towards the upper area after I finally finish all of this, I’ll make sure to remember them all—

<Your level has increased.>

The me right now had a wide smile formed in my face.

 <Lv 549 → Lv 664>


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