Abnormal State Skill Ch. 29

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat

Disposed Hero

When I woke up, I went to the lower area to kill monsters.




How much time has passed?
One week?
Three days?
No— I wouldn’t be surprised even if only half a day has passed.
My sense of time is not functioning properly.
The only thing that could remind me of the passage of time is when I become hungry or sleepy.
There’s also the leather bag but… I felt that the transferring function of it wasn’t back on time.
At first, I had been wondering if this function could be reused after 24 hours have passed.
However, it seems that the time where it restores itself varies.

I have used the leather bag three times since I have started leveling.

Tuna-mayo onigiri.
A pack of tuna sashimi.
And a tonjiru filled in a plastic container.

I feel like this sashimi had been well refrigerated before it was transferred here.
This tonjiru also look like it’s just freshly made.
The drinks I acquired with them was one green tea and one energy drink.
Incidentally, there were no drinks added when the sashimi was transferred.
It seems that food and drinks are not always transferred as a set.
It was a pity that there was no soy sauce, but the tuna was delicious.
Also, the tonjiru was a new pattern in the way it was transferred.
It was not one of those so-called packaged products like those that came from convenience stores.
Who ever made the food transferred here… I don’t have time to think about it now.
In any case, the problem with food was cleared away as the leather bag provided me a solution.
The leather bag can probably be used repeatedly.
I am regularly supplied with food and drinks by the leather bag.
This is enough for now.


After getting some sleep, I’ve also tested the range of my skills.
There was a subtle difference between <Paralyze> and <Sleep>.
It appears that <Sleep> have a shorter range.
On the other hand, it feels like I could cast <Paralyze> even if I’m 20m away from my target.
However, the paralysis that would reach them would be completely powerless.
I am worried that the monsters would be able to move with that subtle paralysis on them.
It seems that with that amount of power, it could only make them cry out a bit.
I’ve also verified the range of the one that makes all of my damage output, <Poison>.
<Poison> have a slightly shorter range than <Paralyze>.
Measuring the range of <Poison> was easier since the opponent can’t move.

And there, the first range verification had been completed.


I kept on killing monsters.

Before I noticed it, the monsters in the nearby area had already stopped showing up.
There is no sign of their presence anywhere.
Was it because I had killed them all?
Or are they hiding like those minotaurs and birdheads?

[Status Open.]

<Touka Mimori>
LV 1229

HP: +3687
MP: +40237/40557
Attack: +3687
Defense: +3687
Physical strength: +3687
Speed: +3687
Wisdom: +3687

<Title: E-Class Hero>

My level has already went beyond 1000.
It has risen quite a bit.
If I go down another level again, I probably won’t have enough time to return to my home base.
Furthermore, the monsters in the upper areas were stronger than those monsters from below.
I look up.

[Is it about time I resume on climbing up towards the grounds above?]

I returned back towards the ruins area so that I could prepare.



I tug on the vines I’ve got from the ruins.
I’m entwining two vines together to ensure it’s strength.
I pull on it again so that I could check its strength.

[This strength… should be okay.]

I tie the vine around the opening of the leather bag.


I hang the vine over my shoulder.

[Okay, this looks good.]

This makes it that I’m wearing the leather bag over my shoulder.
This seems to be easier to carry than holding it with one of my hand. (T/N: so, the leather bag doesn’t have strap. I thought it had one already.)
I still have some leftover food and drinks.
These were now inside the leather bag.


[Well then, shall we depart?]

Before I went to bed, I soaked a part of my uniform with tea and used it to wipe my body.
Thanks to that, I could feel that my skin is a little cleaner.
I walk out of the room.

[Along with the fact that I’ve reached this part of the ruins… I’d like to believe that the ground above is closer now.]

I walk through the ruins area where any signs of monsters appearing have disappeared.
There must be a slope somewhere here that should lead me above this place.
When I was scouting here before, there’s something I saw that brightened me up.

[There are subtle traces of human hands here on the road and along the walls… hmm?]

It was about time I come out of this ruins.
In the shade of the darkness, where vines were tangled together…
Around there… isn’t there something in there?
A deep hole that looks like it’s leading somewhere.
It’s at that time I’ve noticed it’s existence.
The passage towards the top of the ruins was hidden behind the vines.
I scratch my head.

[It seems that I’m not attentive enough…]

I should be careful not to overlook something like this again.
I pass through the vines.
What I found there is a jewel I’ve been familiar with.

[The twenty-fifth room, huh…]

I inject magic energy into the jewel.
The door opens up after I injected it with enough magic energy.


Did I just use 5000 MP for this door?
It seems that this place is different from the other doors.
I step into the room.
I smell something like flour.
Covering my mouth with my hands, I proceed inside the room.
The leather bag illuminates throughout the room.
This is quite a lonely place.
It’s quite obvious, but there’s no sign of life here.
The furniture installed here is almost the same as the other rooms.
This may not be a special room after all.
Or rather, can this room be considered a failure of a room with that kind of MP expenditure?

However, I’ve found something.

It’s a skeleton wearing a robe.
I turn my leather bag towards the skeleton.
With the wall against its back, the skeleton is sitting cross-legged.

[I see… this one’s a skeleton of a disposed person who frantically tried to climb out of here. Good work in reaching here, or so I want to say… I mean… it must have been really difficult, right?]

I tried to part away the robe.
The bones around the stomach were severely broken.
Did he lose his life because of this injury?
After offering a small prayer, I started rummaging around the skeleton’s luggage like how I’m accustomed to do whenever I see corpses.
And there, I noticed an old parchment that has fallen near the hand of the skeleton.

[Now that I think about it, can I even read the letters of this world?]

I place the leather bag nearby as I spread out the old parchment.
I run my eyes over the parchment.

[…it’s readable.]

I breathe out a sigh of relief.
It’s good that I can read this.
It seems that summoned heroes like me were able to read the letters of this world.

[Well, what does this say…?]

“Is there anyone who would be able to read this in this disposal ruins? Ah, let me introduce myself first. My name is Angrin Berthrad. People used to call me “The Great Sage Angrin”. However, I feel like the one they used to call me was better. I was used to be called—“


“The Dark Hero, Angrin.”


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