Abnormal State Skill Ch. 54

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat


The duo tilted their heads.

[What exactly do you mean? Are we supposed to kill her?]
[Yeah, you’re going to kill her.]

It looks like the duo was still estimating something.
But when Monk has told them that they would be getting a reward upon completion,
The colors in the duo’s eyes changed.

[Let’s continue this conversation.]
[Yeah. So as I was saying, teach that woman a lesson. But if she begs for her life, in the case where she truly regrets the attitude that she had towards me, then don’t kill her immediately.]
[Can I have some… “fun” before I kill her?]
[Of course. If you were able to catch her alive, then feel free to ravish her all you want.]
[Oh, it’s okay!?]
[That’s a matter of course. She dared to step on my pride!? She had shredded my pride twice! That’s why I gave you two the responsibility of handling her! You’re completely free to ravish her all you want!]

The baldy wiped the saliva dripping from his mouth with his sleeves.

[Well then, I’m really motivated on doing this request now… our target is a significantly good looking woman after all.]
[I can see it even through her clothes, you know? She has one devilishly gorgeous body. I would certainly capture her alive. Ah, I can see it… her face which was slowly warping and turning disheveled as she cries and scream in pain… I can’t wait to see it ♪. ]

The beardy tilted his head.

[But, isn’t that woman a travelling warrior too? How good is she in a fight?]
[She was pretty good when it comes to battles. However, she should be pretty exhausted right now. If you were to look closely in her eyes, you could see some bags under them. I just caught a glimpse of her on the upper floors, but she looks like she’s staggering. However, the problem is that I’m still not sure if I could win against her— I was just thinking about what I should do if that were to really be the case, but that’s when I heard your voices earlier. I want to make sure that she’s to be killed right here.]


The baldy swung his ax around as if he’s showing of to him.

[Anyway, there are no woman in this world that could defeat me! Well, that’s aside from that goddess Vysis!]

Is it easier to swing an axe compared to a sword around some of the pathways?
In this ruins, the sword would sometimes becomes a hindrance when you’re somewhere narrow.
Putting that aside— the name of that f*cking goddess was mentioned here too.
Is she some considerably famous god?

Monk replied to him filled with confidence.

[That woman… looks like she’s quite in a hurry to descend. I’m certain that she’s also aiming for that Dragon Eye Sakazuki. Anyway, that woman is currently in dire need of money.]
[I’m sure she’s one of those vulgar money-loving women. If it’s for money, she would do anything you ask of her.]
[She would? Why don’t we find that Dragon Eye Sakazuki first, then show it to her. We would pretend that we’re willing to give it to her if she does something.]
[Oh, that’s a great idea! Are you actually a genius!?]
[And, if she were to beg for her life— Why don’t we just make her our slave then!?]
[Yeah! And when we’re already tired of her, we would just sell her to the brothels! Even if she’s somewhat lower in quality since she’s already used goods, she would still definitely get a good price!]

The duo became excited.

[H- Hey hey!]

Monk became a bit dissatisfied as he cut off their excitement.

[Didn’t I say that the top priority is to kill that woman without fail? Do you even understand what I had said?]
[Yeah. You said that you really hate that woman, right?]
[That’s a foolish question! I seriously hate her too much… Just thinking about that idiotic woman still breathing, living in this world… Moreover, her continuing to calmly live through her life without even remembering what she had done! My heart is boiling with anger and I want to tear this feeling off my chest!!!]

Monk spat out as his voice got distorted with rage.

[T- That unruffled face of her kept on driving me into despair time and time again everywhere I look— I can’t even peacefully sleep anymore! She treated me as if I don’t exist twice! This me!? It even happened twice already! If you won’t kill her, then I’ll just use that pretty looks and body of hers as a bait… For monsters to eat her!!!]

The duo quickly pulled away from the idea they had earlier.

[W- We really don’t care if that’s how you want for that woman to end up… But is it fine if we both play with her first before killing her? It’s such a waste to just kill her without doing anything…]
[After that then, we would turn that woman into monster bait… Bait… Baitbaitbait~!!!]

The smiles on the duo’s faces is twitching a bit.
“He’s lost it…” or so their expressions look like what it’s saying.
Monk pointed towards a pathway opposite to where I was hiding.

[Listen carefully, okay? Ambush that woman somewhere below as she is about to descend the stairs. I looked around there before and I saw a place there hidden in the shadows that is good for surprise attacks.]

Monk said that he had seen Mist at the upper floors.
Probably, Mist is about to come down to this floor soon.

I was silently watching the situation as I got out from where I was hiding.

The baldy noticed me when I have just come out.

[Huh…? Who the heck are you? Are you eavesdropping on our conversation before?]
[I wonder what you lot are trying to do.]

Monk’s eyes became bloodshot as he glared at me.

[Ha… Hahahha!? This works pretty well for me now that you appeared here, brat! I’ll kill you! Ah, I know, I know! I’ll thoroughly destroy whatever human dignity you have and use you as monster bait!]

How indiscreet of them.
The duo also readied their weapons.

[Kek! I thought who would suddenly have the gall to appear before us, but it’s just a pretentious sh*tty brat! Let’s just quickly kill this inexperienced brat and get him out of the way.]
[Kukiki! It’s normal for people to die in the ruins, you know!? Oh~! I came up with a great idea! Let’s cut off his limbs and let him live. Let him live as he’s being eaten by monsters!]

I extend out the palm of my hand in their direction.

[Wait a minute.]
[Huh? What’s that!?]
[I’m sorry if I had intruded. But I beg of you, please help me get out of here.]
[Pfuwahh!? I’m thinking what in the world you’re about to say, but you’re just actually begging for your life!? You certainly are on of a kind, you f*cking brat! But you know, I can’t just swallow my words now that I had already spat out earlier—]



[W- wh… at the… heck…did you?]
[What…. happened…? I can’t… move…?]

Now that I had tried to confront these three, I understood.
The strength of that four-person group that I had met in the forest and these guys were quite different.
There are so many gaps that I could exploit from these guys.
They are so full of gaps that I don’t think that a surprise attack is even necessary.

[Why… are… you…?]

Monk looks confused as his eyes were wide open.

[What the… heck did we… do to you?]
[I wonder. Well, enough about that—]

I walked in front of the paralyzed Monk.
Approaching nearby his ear, I whispered.

[Who are you going to kill again?]


Monk let out a short shriek.
It seems that his body is filled with fear.

[Wha— What… the heck… are you…? You sud… denly feel… like a dif… ferent person…]
[Kuku, being evil is good too…]

Even the sh*tty things that I spew out has gained some meaning.

Is it because I suddenly remembered them?

[The feeling I get from “exterminating” the likes of you—mysteriously, I feel quite good about it. Something like this is unexpectedly not bad at all.]

That’s not all there is to it though.
Of course, I also want to help out Mist for a bit.
I’m also human.
Between these guys and Mist…
It’s needless to say which side I would help out.
It’s not about right or wrong.
When I’m asked which side I will be on…
It would be determined by listening to what my self-righteousness feels is right.

Only I have the right to decide which side Touka Mimori should stand with.

That’s why, I’m doing whatever I want.

[If I remember it right, you said before that it’s normal for people to die in the ruins. Right?]

Designating multiple targets.


The three of them are now afflicted with poison.

[Ugguueehhh… What’s.. happening!? What… the heck…]
[A- Anyone…]
[Help… me—]

Monk is glaring at me full of hatred.

[I would… remember this… Surely… I’ll make sure… you’ll regret this… later…]
[Kakaka, are you an idiot? How in the world are you going to do that—]

The smile on my face as I looked towards them became distorted into a sneer.

[–when I’m sure that you’re going to die in this place?]

You all tried to kill me earlier.
That’s why, I will kill you too.

[Guhh!? Guuhhhh….]

I suddenly noticed.

The presence of several monsters that are slowly drawing near.

[In the end…]

When I was about to leave, I left one final sentence.

[You were the one who tried to make me into a monster bait after all.]

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