Abnormal State Skill Ch. 67

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat

In the room of the inn, Together with Mist

I’ve just woken up.

The pocket watch that I had placed on my bed was on Pigimaru’s side as he plays with it with his squishy protrusion.


Checking the time on the pocket watch…
It seems that I’ve woken up earlier than I had planned.

[I think I still have some time to get some dinner.]

I decided to go to the restaurant downstairs and have my meal.
There are hardly any customers in the restaurant.
I’m pretty sure that it should already be around dinner time right now but…

[It looks like some of the mercenaries that went here have already left Mills today.]

The innkeeper is sighing across the counter.
Today, I’m having my meal sitting on the counter seat.

[Is there none of them left in here? It seems that Dragon Eye Sakazuki that the Marquis-sama wanted was recently just found. There seems to be some mercenaries though that were saying that there should still be other treasures to be discovered in the new floor.]

Are they just depending on finding treasures by chance now that the centerpiece treasure has been found?

[Thanks to that, the rooms that were just filled-up yesterday are now empty. Mills would be peaceful again until the next floor is discovered… Well, I think with our Marquis-sama like that, I’m sure that he would want the next treasure he could acquire and start another one of those recruitment again…]

The innkeeper muttered to himself.
However, I could feel that he was already quite used to it.
It seems that the discovery of the new floor may be just like one of those festival for this place that would happen from time to time.

[Ah, I’ve just remembered it. Hati-sama.]
[What is it?]
[Don’t you think that this may also not be a bad thing? Didn’t you know that the person of topic, the one who found the Dragon Eye Sakazuki is now staying in this inn~? Actually, that person has also stayed in this inn before she had discovered that treasure. ]

And then, the innkeeper tried to conceal his voice.

[Moreover, she’s quite the beauty.

I have told the innkeeper that I may invite some guests into my room.
However, I didn’t tell the name of the person I invited.
I don’t think he would have thought that the one I’m inviting was the person who has discovered the Dragon Eye Sakazuki.
By the way, when I have said to him that I would call some guest into my room…

[I understand~]

The innkeeper told me that with a face that looks like he knows what I’m up to.
Did he think that I’m calling some prostitute into my room?
Anyway, it seems that Mist has acquired a room in this inn without difficulty.

[The food in this inn is delicious, so she might have wanted to eat in this place again.]
[I wonder if I can promote this inn as the inn where the discoverer of the Dragon Eye Sakazuki is staying.]

After finishing my dinner, I returned to my room with some meal for Pigimaru.
Pigimaru happily eats the grilled meat and salad I’ve brought.

[Mokyuu~, mokyuuu~ ♪ ]

The door was knocked just as Pigimaru finishes his meal.
Pigimaru promptly turns into his crystallized form.


I check the pocket watch.

[It’s Mist.]

It’s already the time we’ve arranged to meet.


[You want to continue hiring me as your guard, is it?]

Mist looks pretty surprised as she exclaimed that.

[Yeah, well I don’t think I’d earned more money than other people. Though I say that, you may already have enough money now for your travels from the reward from the Dragon Eye Sakazuki but…]

It may have been a detestable way of saying it.
I’ve just indirectly mentioned about that matter where I gave the Dragon Eye Sakazuki to her.

[However, it doesn’t matter since you already have money on you, right?]
[That’s right… It’s better to have it than not having it after all.]

Mist is sitting on the edge of the bed.
I was just sitting in a simple chair.

[You’re heading towards Jonato Principality, right?]

I spread out the map I have purchased before.

[You may have guessed it already, but my current goal is to meet the Witch of Taboos. In short, I’m going towards the Golden Demon Zone.]
[Yeah. I realized it to some extent.]
[And— if you were in a rush to head towards Jonato from here, you would either head west and pass through the Mira Empire or head north and pass through the Golden Demon Zone. Well, that’s if you’re travelling through land.]
[Jonato generally doesn’t accept ships from Mira. Mira also blocks the west sea route that’s connected to Jonato.]
[Hmm? Is it possible though to head towards Jonato through the west route from Urza?]
[Yes. I think it would be particularly difficult for mercenaries and travelers to use this route though. As Mira Empire sees it, it isn’t an amusing sight to see all the people gathering in Jonato that were aspiring to be Monks. I’ve also heard one theory that said that Mira’s Emperor and Jonato’s Saint weren’t in a favorable relationship with each other.]

The Mad Emperor Falken Dotzine.
I’ve certainly heard that name were mentioned the other day in the tavern.
I was quite impressed about his really long name (?).
And so, is Mira Empire governed by this Mad Emperor?

[But if you were to pass through the northern route, you would have to go through the Great Frozen Seas that is near the place where the Great Demon Emperor held his influence.]
[In short, going through land is the only option?]
[That is so.]
[So, which way are you going to go through?]
[That is—]

Mist is pondering about it.
It will be a difficult choice.
To go through a country where you’re disliked if you’re someone aspiring to be one of the Monks.
As long as they hear about you, it may even be difficult for her to get out of Mira Empire.
However— I don’t really know if Mist really is one of those “aspirants”.
I continued speaking.

[After I accomplish my goal, it’s just if you want it, I could accompany you after I get out of the Golden Demon Zone. I certainly have the strength to defeat even something like a Skeleton King. I should be able to easily defeat any monster that cross my path. However—]

Mist’s contemplation deepens.

My destination after all is a place called the Golden Demon “Zone”.
Of course, there is a high probability of being attacked by monsters.
Behind me, there is the “eye” of Pigimaru.
However, Pigimaru is just currently focusing on detecting any potential enemies.
And then—

After conducting the Enhancement Experiment No.2 that’s written in here, Pigimaru’s fighting ability hardly increased at all.

For example, if monsters were to simultaneously attack from all directions.
If something like this were to happen, I don’t think I may not be able all of them alone.
It is not always possible for me to maintain a wall behind me to cover my blind spots.
Therefore, it would be reassuring for me if someone proficient in fighting is to cover my back.
I felt like Mist is someone like that after I saw her fight back in the Mills Ruins.
From the perspective of someone who wants to keep his own safety as much as possible, I was thinking of hiring a warrior.
Currently, she’s one of those who were compatible with this role.

Mist still seems to be pondering.
It seems that she still has some thoughts that makes her hesitate.
There is probably one big problem that may occur if she were to guard me on my travels.
However, I was already aware of this “problem” she had.

Mist… has been pondering for an exceedingly long time.
I feel like she’s hesitating about something.


I can feel it a bit.
I guess I should just cut off this unnecessary thoughts and remove the problem.
Well, I don’t know if this will succeed but…
I loosened my breathing and said.

[Well, you don’t really have to be in a rush to answer. As an aspiring Monk, you may even be at a loss on whether to leave Mira Empire or not.Let’s put that aside for now. Is it alright if I ask you something, Seras?]
[Yes, what is it?]

The next moment—

Mist’s face stiffens.

She slowly puts her hand over her mouth.

Just as if she’s suddenly became aware of my words…


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