Abnormal State Skill Ch. 68

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat

Seras Ashrain

She has just responded to the call towards another person that shouldn’t have been her name.

The air became heavy, it became too uncomfortable.

[Ummm, Hati-dono… that just now was—]
[I’m sorry if I did it like I was deceiving you.]

The hand that was over her mouth began heading over her forehead.
After a brief pause, she opened her mouth.

[So, you’ve noticed it?]

I talked about my usage of <Sleep> at the Mills Ruins.
After I invoked my spell towards her, the sleeping Mist’s ears and her facial features changed.
I explained that this is the reason that led to me speculating about the true identity of Mist which was Seras Ashrain.
I spoke out all of my thoughts.

[Is that so…]

She took it easier than I had expected.

[Don’t worry. I don’t have any intention of revealing this to anyone. Fortunately, I’m not really in trouble in regards to money. I don’t need the bounty on your head. There’s also no merit for me to tell about you to others. The only thing I needed from you is your ability as a warrior.]

Mist has a complicated smile floating on her face.
No— Seras Ashrain.

[That time you’re wavering about travelling with me earlier, are you worried that your real identity may be revealed to me?]
[That time when you’re travelling with me while trying to hide your identity, there’s one problem that came up. That problem is probably about your inability to sleep. Am I mistaken?]

Seras became surprised that I realized.

[Y- Yes.]

If it were inside an inn, you could just separate by going to different rooms.
However, it would be different if we were to go towards the Golden Demon Zone.

[My understanding is that whenever you fall asleep, that power of yours that makes you able to change your features would be temporarily lifted. Your face and ears that have been changed with your ability would turn back to how it really was. But if I already know your identity, there will be no problem even if your face would turn back even while you sleep.]
[But now that you’ve already turned your identity, it would only be your own determination that’s stopping you from stepping forward.]

As a result, I have drawn her decision closer towards my side.

[I’ve already said this before, but I don’t intend to sell you out to others. There’s no reason for me to give away a plausible war potential that I needed. Besides, you could easily talk with someone around those times that you’re in need with people that know you for who you are.]

Seras hadn’t spoke anything for quite some time.
Soon, she spoke out as if she made her decision.

[My spirit ability is a bit different compared with other spirits.]

Seras puts her hand over her chest.

[When I’m borrowing the power of my contracted spirits, I would need to offer my “desire to sleep” towards the spirits.]

It seems that you would need to offer towards the spirit the things that someone desires the most.
Seras explained.
It seems that her most important desire is her sleep.
If you were to compare it to other people’s desire, you would be able to sense how unavaricious she is.

[In short, does it mean that you can’t sleep when you use the power of the spirits?]
[Yes. I could get a very shallow sleep where I’m going back and forth between half-awake and half-asleep, but I’m not able to get a deep sleep.]

I see.
That’s why she been short of sleep all these times.

I feel like I’ve heard of someone who has paid someone with her sleep.
And, I could see the image of someone offering her sleeping time towards the spirits.
Is it just High Elves who offer their sleep in order to power of spirits?


You need to sleep, but can’t have any sleep at all.
There were some rare nights like that back in my previous world.
You could feel that those nights would continue on every night.
Moreover, you’re in a situation where you haven’t got any decent sleep at all…
Depending on how you look at it, that kind of situation send shivers to my spine.

Seras has three spirits she’s contracted with.

The power of the Spirit of Light made her have the ability to change her facial features and ears.
The power of the Spirit of Wind made her have the ability to sense the authenticity of the words of other people.
The power of the Spirit of Ice made her have the ability to reinforce her weapon.

It seems that the ability to generate her armor and equipment is the combination ability of the three spirits.

[The only time that I’m able to sleep was when I’ve paid my due times to the spirits… It’s only around those times where I could release the effects of the changes on my facial features and ears.]

That means that sleeping is literally equal to returning to her original form.

[That’s why, you avoided staying in cheap inns where you have to share your inn huh… It’s to prevent others from seeing your true face while you’re sleeping.]

I think she didn’t intend to sleep at all in the Mills Ruins.
No, she refused to sleep at all.
She must have thought that she don’t have to worry about anything since she can’t sleep at all.
However, she hadn’t expected that she would be put to sleep by my <Sleep> and her Spirit Technique was released.

[And also, that four-man group you have defeated before—]

Seras looked downwards as she continued speaking.

[They were chasing after me. I had thought I’m completely alone when I slept on that place… However, they saw me sleeping. Of course, the effect of my spirit’s ability was deactivated since I was sleeping.]

The spirit’s ability to change the user’s features cannot change anything other than her head.
If it’s just the other features that match, you would have thought that it’s almost impossible to trace.
It seems that the four-person group were somehow capable people…

[The absence of those four people, the White Walker, gave me some space in my journey. I really appreciate what you’ve done with them.]

Around that time, Seras’ head began emitting a faint light.

Her original features have returned.

It’s “that appearance” of hers that I’ve seen in the ruins.
Her ears were pointed.
Her beauty has also visibly increased.
When I came to, my impression towards her has changed.

[About this difference with my facial features—]

I stood up.

[Have you thought about it if you could trust me?]

Seras also stood up from the bed.

[Yes. I believe in Hati-dono. I think that you—]

She looked deep into my eyes.
The cloudiness in her eyes disappeared and her clear eyes became lost any shred of doubt in it.

[—are a trustworthy man.]

Trust, huh..

[It’s Touka.]

Seras’ eyes opened wide.

[Let me tell you a secret of mine. My real name is Touka Mimori. Instead of hearing my name from the mouth of others, I think it would be better to tell my real name to you now. Well, you shouldn’t say my name in front of others without my permission, just as I shouldn’t say yours.]

I revealed my real name.
It’s a message from me that shows my trust towards her.
Such a method seems to be effective for the type of people like Seras.
A manner of tying it close with each other, through the chain of trust with each other.

[Hati— No, Touka-dono.]

Seras’ eyes softened.
It seems that the effect that I wanted to achieve has worked as I intended.
She held out her hand towards me.

[Introducing myself again, I’m Seras Ashrain. I’ll accompany you as your guard as we travel through the Golden Demon Zone.]

I clasp her hand in return.

[Yeah, I’m in your care.]

I look towards the door.


Pigimaru squishily hops his way towards here.
Until now, Pigimaru has been keeping guard in front of the door to see if someone was trying to sniff out our conversation.

[Pyuuu~ ♪]

Pigimaru’s color started turning into a light pink as she cries out on Seras’ feet.
Seras gracefully smiles and comfortably brought Pigimaru on her lap.

[Pigimaru-dono too. Once again, I’ll be in your care.]

[Pii~ ♪]

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