Abnormal State Skill Ch. 72

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat

The Black Dragon’s Pursuit

A high elf is running through the dark forest.

(It’s quite ironic that I came back into this forest even though I’m a fugitive…)

I inadvertently bit my lip too hard.
It was completely unexpected that they have a Magic User that is capable of using Illusion Breaker present on that place.
It seems that this other visitor was beckoned from the magician guild.
There are only few people that exist in this continent that’s capable of using Illusion Breaker.
I don’t know if I just have that bad of a luck.
Or possibly,

(Is this the rebound of my meet up with him last night?)

The thought that floated in my mind was his, Touka Mimori’s face.
I can’t help but feel a stinging pain in my chest.
Did he think that I had ran away with the Azure Dragon Stone in my hand?
Or did he already knew that my identity was revealed and left Mills just as he planned today.
I’m honestly… quite shocked that there’s still some hints of sweetness left in this woman’s heart.

(Whichever it is, he must have already thought that I had betrayed his trust…)


I slid the sole of my shoe to the side and faced towards my back.
Holding my sword in front, I prepared for the incoming ambush of this “enemy” that came from my behind.

(As I thought, I can’t just escape anymore…)

I was already prepared to be chased by the private soldiers of the Marquis and the people of the Mercenary Guild.
But, I’ve never thought…

[Gyooggeeehh! Gyyiiieeehhhh~!]

The cries of the Black Dragons were approaching.

(…That the Black Dragon Knights were in this place—)

I have just exchanged some attacks with one of the Dragon Knights.
Their ability was so great that they’ve been called the Strongest Knights.

(If just their ordinary members have that much of a skill, then the people above them must have…)

There were 5 Dragon Knights that holds the title of the Strongest Knights in the World.

They were dubbed as the Five Dragon Warriors.

These Five Dragon Warriors were famous in this continent because they held “Heroic Blood” within their veins.

However, there’s someone whose name was more widely known that them.

“The Humanity’s Strongest”

Some say that it’s because of the existence of that one man— “The Humanity’s Strongest” that had made the Black Dragon Knights the strongest.

He’s not some of those children of Gods that fell from the heaven that had appeared in the legends.

He’s also neither a Hero from another world, nor did he come from one of those families who bear the Heroic Blood in their veins.

He’s just an ordinary person who climbed up and reached the seat of being the “strongest” person in the world.

(Although I’ve heard that just “The Humanity’s Strongest” have a power that matches a nation—)

A dragon sprung out from behind the overlapping trees in this forest.
Without pause, the dragon aimed for the assault.
The mount that symbolizes the Black Dragon Knights, Wyverns.
Twisting my body, I intentionally tilt over on my back.


The dragon’s fangs made a large sound as it try to bite me, but hit nothing but empty air.
In the meantime, I have avoided the bite of the dragon, but…
This dragon certainly is releasing killing intent.

(Their target… is not to capture me?)


There were some saliva that’s drop into my cheeks from that dragon’s fangs that has missed its prey.
Its murderous red eyes were looking down and glaring at me.
At that moment—-


With the increased strength from the rotation and the power of the wind spirit on my body…
The weight of the centrifugal force also added into the power…

I let the sword ride with the rotation of my body and slashed with it vertically.


There’s a visible slash on the black dragon’s throat as it collapses.
The black dragon tried to scream out, but its voice couldn’t be heard.
Noticing it’s incapability to scream, the dragon rolled up the dust as it slid on the ground instead.
The dragon knight who was riding it jumped off and left the dragon.
That dragon knight who landed on the ground tried to reorganize his posture with the sword in his hand.
I quickly invoked the assistance of the wind spirit and used it to increase my speed.

In just a few steps, I had already closed in on him.


The flustered dragon knight tried to step back in order to avoid my approach.
However, it’s already too late as I had cut his throat with the ice sword in my hand.


Even if he’s wearing that armor and helmet on your body, my sword would still be able to pierce through the gaps in his armor like in his neck or his joints.
The dragon knight fell down as blood flowed down from his neck.

Rustle, rustle—!
Rustle, fuzzle, rumble– !


The next black dragon appeared after it crashed through some branches.

(It seems that there’s none of them that’s capable of launching fireballs…)

There should be no need to worry that they would just burn this forest just to hunt me down.
I started slashing down on the black dragons that have been attacking in succession.
I also didn’t forget to keep on thinking even while I’m fighting them.
What should I do from now on…
How I can escape…
Where should I escape to…
The Spirit of Light is currently in a state of confusion under the influence of the Illusion Breaker.
I wouldn’t be able to change my face until it calms down.

(First, I should earn some time to…)

[Just die obediently, Seras Ashrain!]


A swordsman leapt towards me.
At this time, I’ve already drawn my sword.
The enemy has already been in danger.
As if my latest piece falls down into the board, it has sealed the checkmate for him.
After I’ve crossed swords with him multiple times, the dragon knight finally became aware of it.

[Oh, no—]


It’s already too late.
That dragon knight is dead.
Immediately after that, I brandished my sword without returning it to its scabbard.
I slashed the black dragon’s throat with the sharp blade of my ice sword.
Large amounts of blood spouted out of its throat as the dragon drew its last breath.

[Haaa… Haaa…]

I wipe away the sweat that flowed on my chin.
I mustn’t get discouraged…



A black spear flew into my direction.


I felt the presence of a black dragon from behind me.
I glanced towards where I’ve felt the presence.
And… I became shocked.
I remembered that technique that Touka had used to deceive me back then.
I remembered that he also appeared behind me in that forest.

(This is different from that time— …The enemy certainly is in front!)

That dragon from behind me is probably something intended to deceive me.
Invoking the power of the wind spirit, I rushed straight ahead like a sudden gust.
With the wind flowing around my body, I slashed towards the thriving bushes.

[So, you’ve seen through me!]

There was a man wielding a sword on the other side of the thriving bushes.
I feel like the atmosphere of his armor is slightly different from the ones the other dragon knights wear.

[My name is Gizun! I’m the deputy of the vanguard corps led by one of the Five Dragon Warriors, Oban-sama! I don’t have any resentment towards you at all, but I’ll have you die in this place, Seras Ashrain!]

I understood immediately.
He’s a stronger enemy compared to the previous dragon knights.
I can’t use the power of the light spirit right now.
Therefore, it’s not possible for me to use the combination ability of the three spirits.

(If I could use the power of the spirits, I could easily fight him…)

I glanced at the rock at the right hand corner of my sight.

(If I could exchange my swords towards that rock behind him—)


Our swords collided with each other.

(Kuhh!? The speed of his slash… is faster than I had expected!?)

Our swords repel each other out.

[I’ve been looking at the movement that the Bakuos Empire has made thus far, and I thought they just aimed to arrest me but… did they finally change their plan and they now want to end my life?]
[Fuunnn, the plan that was sent to us from the top isn’t particularly changed! Fine! I’ll tell you this before you die! We, the Oban Corps were under the orders of that deplorable man!]

I could feel Gizun’s gaze slowly go lower and stopped towards my breasts.
Gizmo… licked his lips.

[That beauty that’s as sweet as nectar, that body that plays with the instinct of men…! Many personages wants to keep it for themselves and lock it up into their birdcages! However, there are also people that wants you dead! Fuunnn~!]

Gizun pushes back my sword with his own.


He’s more powerful than I had imagined.
Most of all, High Elves weren’t exactly as powerful as humans.
I also can’t concentrate most of my attention towards him.
This is because I also have to pay attention to that dragon behind my back.

(As I thought, this enemy isn’t someone I could fight without my Spiritual Garment…)


(Oh no!)

My feet were unexpectedly entangled in the mud and my stance was about to collapse.


Behind where my feet was tangled in, the black dragon has suddenly appeared menacingly as it spread out its wings.


I could feel a stinging pain as Gizun struck at my wrist with the flat side of his sword.


I lost the grip on my sword.

[I could see the shadows of fatigue in your eyes, Seras Ashrain! I should be quite thankful that you can’t use all of your power! Or is it that you’ve become too tired with living your life running away from the pursuit of others all this time!? ]

I tried to pick up the sword again.
However, my sword was kicked away.
In the next moment, I was held down by Gizun.
I turned away from his line of sight.

[If you’re going to kill me… Just kill me already…]
[We were told to immediately kill you upon sight but… I changed my mind. It’s impossible for me to hold back with something like this in front of me…]

(Kuh… If I could just use the Spiritual Garment…)

It should have been usable as long as the confusion of the spirit of light has subsided.
I need to settle down so that the confusion would subside as fast as possible.

[Rejoice, Seras Ashrain. If you haven’t known of this already… This Gizu would teach you the pleasure of being with a man, and then kill you. Aren’t you glad that you’d be able to know the joy of being a woman before you die?]

Gizun’s grip on my wrist twisted.

[You don’t have the pride of a k- knight… Aren’t you ashamed of your wretched conduct… Nngh!]
[Don’t you f*cking nag on me!]


He suddenly slapped my face with the back of his palm.

[Listen here? If you try to make any strange moves, that dragon over there would punch a hole right through your eyeballs with one of its nails. If you want me to kill you humanely, then just stay quiet there for a while.]
[Aaahhh… To think that this day would come! The day that I would enjoy that Holy Knight famous for her beauty, as a man, I’m really thankful for the God in heaven that governs over destiny for this day!]


[Now then, Let’s just… re… move… this… Hmm? Ah? What the…?]

(That… voice—)

From behind the thickets, his figure appeared.


He held his hand towards me.

[The time for our appointment has long been over, you know?]