I [Imperial] Am Not This Kind of Man Chapter 1 TEASER

Chapter 1: To Climb the Bed By Imperial Order

Hello, this is Daed with a new project. Here’s a teaser of Chapter 1 in the novel.

Here’s the sypnosis again:
Qin Nuo transmigrated into the Great Zhou dynasty, becoming the dim-witted Ninth Prince. As if it’s not enough to be a female transmigrating into a male, (s)he thought that (s)he could just enjoy a life of drinking, eating, and being merry but no. He ended up being pushed to do something way beyond his abilities and entered the fight for the throne. Internally there is strife among brothers, and a powerful official with great authority; externally there are foreign powers looking to invade, and the discontent of the people that is boiling over. How is he supposed to pave a path through this mess both domestically and abroad? It’s hard to be emperor, and even harder to be a good emperor! This is a story about an emperor farming. While others are farming a field, he’s farming a whole imperial court.

Hope you all enjoy!

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A late summer night, a rare refreshing time, a slight breeze swept away the blazing heat of the day.

Qin Nuo sat on the winding corridor by the moonlit lake. Lazily reclining against the railing, he was nodding off to sleep.

Suddenly, there’s the sound of light footsteps approaching, bringing a sweet floral fragrance. A graceful, touching mutter traveled to his ears: “Your Highness, how can you fall asleep here again? Near the end of summer, the autumn winds gradually rise. The nights are already quite cold.”

Accompanying the quiet, soft words, a white hand slightly raised, a thin layer of silk cloth spreading open as it landed on Qiu Nuo’s abdomen. At the same time, the hand mischievously moved in a caress.    

“It would be bad if Your Highness felt feverish again, let this lowly servant take a look.” 

The slender white hand nimbly wandered around, trying to wake up a certain NSFW thing. 

Occasionally there are palace workers passing by this corridor and look at them from afar. With romantic surroundings and a beauty in his embrace, it’s a very charming scene.   

Qin Nuo slightly moved his body.

Thinking that he had a reaction, the beauty is secretly delighted. She immediately stuck closer to him with more unbridled passion, hating that she could not hang onto Qin Nuo’s figure. 

The palace workers who passed by lowered their heads one by one, yet couldn’t resist peeking towards this side. This Ninth Highness is too much! To go this far in broad daylight …Nowadays His Majesty is still ill, if he heard this kind of news and….. 

Just as the beauty is getting close, she didn’t expect that Qiu Nuo seemed to be completely unaware that there is another person on top of him. He stretched out, turning his body over at the same time.

With a gasp from the beauty hanging onto his figure, “PA-TONG!” She fell into the scenic moonlit lake. 

A shriek rang through the air, “Ah! Save me! Someone, wuu….Save….me!!”

At this moment, the Qiu Nuo in the corridor seemed to arouse from slumber. Opening his eyes, he looked around him. “Ai, what’s that sound?” 

Several palace workers who had been passing by ran towards this side, everyone lending a hand to pull the beauty who had fallen into the water out of the lake. 

The lake is extremely deep, and quite cold. Even in the end of summer, falling into the water at night is not an enjoyable experience. As for one’s image? Don’t even mention it. The thin silk palace clothing is already soaking wet, clinging to her body. The meticulously done hairstyle has been undone by the water, messily scattered across her face. 

The Qin Nuo across from her just woke up from his dreams to see this sight. He immediately screamed, “Ahhhh! It’s a ghost!”

A few young palace workers couldn’t resist laughing. They all say that the Ninth Highness isn’t very sharp. As expected, the rumors aren’t wrong! Putting aside his act of pushing away the beauty who had thrown herself into his embrace, he also made a big deal out of nothing.

The “female ghost” reached a hand out to pull down the dark green aquatic grass on her head. She wanted to speak, but sneezed in succession.

“Ai yah, it’s Lu He! How did you fall into the water?” A familiar voice evoked his memory, Qin Nuo scrutinized her for a good while before recognizing that it’s his personal servant. 

“Your Highness……This lowly servant saw that Your Highness fell asleep here. Thinking that the night breeze is too cold, I’d wanted to help cover Your Highness with something. Yet…” The beauty Lu He is both embarrassed and angry, and full of grievance in her heart. When she finished speaking, she couldn’t resist covering her face.

Putting aside the failure of her seduction attempt, to be seen by this many people…She’s afraid that it won’t be long until it’s spread through the whole palace. She really does not have the face to meet people!

“Then it must have been that I was half-conscious in my sleep.” Qin Nuo scratched his hair apologetically.  “You should quickly go drink a bowl of ginger soup. It would be bad if you catch a cold.”  

Lu He squawked, holding her face as she turned around and ran away.

Qin Nuo blinked in confusion, then turned to smile at the couple of people who had helped pull Lu He up: “Thanks for your help earlier.” 

The couple palace workers currently kneeling on the ground in ceremony are overwhelmed by favor from the superior: “How could we dare to accept Your Highness’ gratitude.” 

Another person said: “Lu He that girl doesn’t know any etiquette. Your Highness bestowed her ginger soup, but she didn’t even express gratitude. She just ran away.”

“She’s all soaked, it’s hard not to be impatient.” Qin Nuo smiled indulgently, turning to walk down the long corridor.

This Ninth Highness, doesn’t seem to have realized that Lu He that unsettled girl had wanted to seduce him ah! The couple of palace workers thought. With great tacit understanding among them, none of them mentioned it. 

Once he was gone, the couple of palace workers stood up. A young, small eunuch among them couldn’t resist saying, “No wonder they all say that the Ninth Highness has a good temperament.”

Another followed up with: “It’s a shame that he’s not that bright…….”

“Stop right there! Is it even your place to say these kind of things?” The oldest eunuch among them hurriedly interrupted his comrades’ conversation. “Anyways, I heard that ever since the last time Ninth Highness fell severely ill, he’s already gotten much better.”

The little eunuch also realized his mistake, changing the subject, “That Lu He, that appearance earlier is really…”

“Heh heh, the clothes was so thin it was like there was nothing. That pair in front of the chest…

The couple of eunuchs giggled, the last part said in a very low voice.


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