I Noticed That I’ve Become A BL Game Protagonist’s Younger Brother! Chapter 4

Translated by @extremelytrashyperson

Proofread by @itsanotherreader

Chapter 4: The Unleashed Monster

After the day’s class was over, the chime that rang after school ended echoed through the hallway.

The people who went for club activities, the people who went for their part time jobs, the people who went out to play.

Every one of them started to act for their own purposes, the school was filled with noise.

As I left the school building and followed the path to the school gate, I sat down on the side next to a low flower bed. I focused on finding my purpose while the BGM plays in the background.

“Akira, let’s hurry up and go home.”

There’s an especially loud noise rambling on nonstop right next to me.

The noise came from Kaede Mary.

Just recently, going to school alone is not enough. He’s obsessed with going to school like he was possessed.

Why is he like that……does he need an exorcism?

Other than that, I should focus now.

Sharpen my five senses, and focus on my objective.

“What’s wrong with you, making such  a serious face. What are you looking at?”

Ignore, ignore him.

I’m sitting down on the block of the low flower bed, but the ‘other side’ is standing normally.

Which means that I can see it from the bottom here.

This is definitely my only chance.


Alright, come on!

Just a little more to the front……!


It can be seen but it also looks like it can’t be seen……what kind of angle is this.

A sanctuary that can’t be trespassed.

However, I bravely stepped onto the ground.

Come on now, I’m not afraid……let me see, hehe.

“Perhaps, you’re not trying to peek into girls’ skirts right?

“I’m not interested in those kind of things.”


I’ve seen panties in my previous life many times till my eyes rot, more like I’ve worn it everyday.


As Kaede said, I wonder if I actually look like a young virgin who’s trying to look at girls’ panties right now.

I feel people glancing at me.

“Akira-kun is here! Ah, Kaede-kun too!”

“Since that beautiful girl’s not there right now, isn’t there a chance?” 

They’re whispering about something behind my back, but I’m throwing my embarrassment away for now.

You have to lose something in order to gain something.

That is the reason of the world.


Ah, Shirousa-san is also looking at me.

She’s glaring at me as usual.

It looks like she would wear a wrestling uniform instead of panties.

Oops, I thought of something bad.

I should focus.

“……Akira, are you not interested in girls?”


Kaede, you’re noisy and you’re in my way.

I don’t know what you’re nervous about, but could you stop loitering around me?

Ah, I can see it!

All right, all right……just a little more!!!

“Hey, Akira!!”

“Ahh!? You-,you’re in the way!”

I frantically pushed away Kaede who stepped out in front of me, blocking my sight……but it was too late.

The target was already gone.

Ahh, I can’t see again.

But I was so close, can i cry?

“You, you really can’t be like this……”

“What is it! Really, what were you looking at since just now?!”

The target, it’s something I really want to see.

And that is someone’s ‘Real face’.

That real face, is skillfully being sealed right now.

The seal itself is not that strong.

It’s nothing much. It can be on bangs, towels, those kind of common places. It can be anywhere.


This is why no one recognizes it as a seal.

I don’t think I can unseal it if I don’t recognize the sealed item.

Now that’s clever.

Right next to them is a treasure, yet no one is aware of it.

But, I am.

I have a treasure map from my previous life that I can use to get there.

The treasure’s called the “Hidden Gay Ikemen”.

The owner of the treasure’s real face is called “Hiiragi Touma.”

A tall mature guy. If I’m not wrong, his age was 25.

He’s not a teacher, but a janitor.

He’s one of the broken-hearted gays.

He’s wearing a grey jumpsuit with a white towel around his head. At first glance, he looks plainly lame.

His hair is a bright orange that shouldn’t leave an impression of “lame” on him.But in reality, if you look at it, you would get an impression of “plainly lame” from him.

But, I know.

Beneath that white towel around his head and long bangs, he’s hiding a pair of narrow and sharp golden eyes!

When his real face was exposed, his appearance when he becomes an open ikemen, if you talk about his beautiful body shape, then he would most likely be the first among the characters to capture the audience.

Such a delicious existence. I wanted the real face that should be protected in the country’s natural monument to be burned directly into his retina with my evil eye, but I didn’t get to see him again because of Kaede.  

Kaede, your sin is heavy!

Ahh, I want to see him.

If I get to see him, I can even pay with all the fortune in my wallet for that.

If I have to work to pay for it, I can also get a loan to pay.

As I was thinking about the janitor, Kaede who was next to me started shouting.

It seems that he’s angry because I said that it didn’t matter to him, but it actually didn’t so what can I do?

Ah, but I guess it does matter a little because I was his former rival who took his big brother.

From a former rival, tooooooo, love!

……It might happen.

To lick each other’s wounds, and to lick each other physically……hehe.

I shouldn’t think any further in this sacred school building.

The continuation of my fantasy, I should leave it for me to think at home later.

“Kaede, an older, orange is ‘Good fortune’.”  

“Huhh? What are you talking about?”

“I won’t say too much. But, keep it in mind.”

“Akira, you don’t make sense sometimes when you talk.”

Since I was able to give Kaede a divine revelation, I will accept it today.

Let’s do our best tomorrow!



The two doors originally had a trace of white but as the days went by, the colour faded.

There was a nameplate on top of the room door that wrote ‘Janitor’.

Today, I’m going to intrude my target’s base.

Well, of course this is the room that the janitor uses, but there are times when students visit him too. 

Such as, for all kinds of consultation.

They consult about their career or private problems, when it’s hard to tell a teacher about their problems but they want to. They visit the janitor and he listens to them.

First, I don’t know what I should talk about.

I’m still thinking about my career and I can take my time since there’s still a long way to go. However, I can only think about ‘whether I should pay or not’ as my problem.

Besides that, it’s probably dangerous to touch him directly.

If I carelessly talk about some knowledge from my previous life, and something bad happens……

Also, this school’s janitor is a hidden ikemen. And there’s actually another person, a woman in her 40’s who’s like a tough mother. The person who’s mainly in charge of counseling people is that tough mother, and the hidden ikemen goes out often to do some work, such as being an instructor for school management and hands-on activities.

There’s no point in coming here if he’s not here.

As I thought, this won’t do.

Observing is the best option for now.

I thought of that and when I turned my heel to return, the door to the Janitor’s room opened.

And as I looked back, the hidden ikemen was standing there.

“Do you need something?”

Long bangs that looked like a corded curtain with eyes that can’t be seen, today he had a plain face and an ikemen voice as usual.

He had a nice voice that sounded like he should be a protagonist from an anime.

Ugh…I can’t bear with this, I want to hurry up and see his eyes!

“Ah, no, it’s nothing.”

“Well, come in. You can drink some tea or something.”

‘Come in,’ I was told.

I was a little lost, but I decided to drink some tea since he said I could.

Inside the room was a small table, with a cheap light brown coloured two-seat sofa facing each other placed across the table.

It felt quite a bit like a reception room.

There are two doors leading to the back, one is a storehouse for equipment or materials, the other one is for both the janitor’s work desk.

It’s a scene that I’ve seen from the game before, the impression of two dimensional and three dimensional are different as expected.

If it was a picture, it’s nothing much because it would just be a scenery. Yet in reality when I’m standing here, it’s so dark that I can’t see what’s inside the room and the desolate silence of this space made me a little uneasy.

As I was feeling restless while sitting down on the sofa to wait, a cup of tea was placed in front of me.

It was a warm cup of roasted green tea.

The nice smell and the steam from the tea somewhat made me feel a little relaxed.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

Since I was offered to drink it, I took the cup of tea and blew on it to cool it down. Hiiragi sat down on the sofa in front of me.

He was looking at me.

I couldn’t tell because of his bangs, but I could feel the sharp gaze looking at me.

“Do you have anything you would like to ask me about? Amachi Akira-kun.”

Even though I didn’t give my name out, he called my name and my shoulder jolted up.

I got flustered because I thought I got caught for aiming his real face but……calm down, me.

Since I’m Amachi Makoto’s younger brother, my face should be known. It’s not unusual to know my name.

“No, I have nothing to ask.”

“Really? But haven’t you been looking at me recently?”


What should I do? I’m starting to have cold sweat.

I can’t bring myself to look at Hiiragi either.

I have to trick him somehow.

‘I wonder what it is, I don’t know, teehee!’, I smiled as that thought came into mind.

I’ve learnt from Kaede’s nicopo. It’s a satisfying smile that captures your heart, hyah!


No change, no reaction.

It seems that he has no intention to stop looking at me with that piercing look.

On the contrary, It feels like the pressure that says ‘I know you’re looking at me, grahhh!’ is increasing.

Strategy failed!

It feels like my heart’s shrinking.

“I-I wasn’t looking.”

As I tried to trick him, my voice broke.

It was obvious that I was lying, it’s enough to make people laugh.

I need to change the topic and avoid this crisis somehow.

“You, did you hear anything from your big brother?”


Even though I was thinking about how to escape, he suddenly brought big brother up and I unintentionally let out a strange voice.

I know that big brother and Hiiragi fought before once in the game, but I don’t actually know what happened. And I never heard big brother talk about Hiiragi before.

But the relationship between big brother and Hiiragi isn’t just a student and janitor relationship, I only know that ‘something happened’ in the game……

And right now, I’m showing that reaction as it is.

I’m an idiot, I’m so much of an idiot that I’m embarrassed.

“I-I don’t know? I didn’t hear anything.”

It’s painful but in spite of that, saying ‘I don’t know’ is the only way left.

It’s not a lie that I didn’t hear anything from big brother. 

……But because of the information from the game, my voice flipped.

Ahh…I’ve been raised to be such an honest child!

“I wonder what did you hear. I’m troubled.”

He put his elbow on the armrest, and rested his cheek on top of his hand. I felt blood thirst from the person in front of me.

It appears that Hiiragi realized that I knew something, it feels like he stepped on me. 

Ahhhhhhh! You’re too scary!

Or maybe, did you do something that would be troubling if someone heard about it?

I’m really curious about that!

Speaking of which……he’s normally warm and gentle in the game, and when it comes to his love affair he has a coercive side to him. Like that time where he locked big brother in the janitor room……so that was it!!

I remember now.

There was such a scene in the game.

That was probably what happened.

If I’m not mistaken, he pushed big brother down onto the sofa……ah!

That sofa is the one that I’m sitting on right now!

I want to take it home as a souvenir.

I caressed the cheap sofa without thinking.

……No, that’s not it!

Now’s not the time for that.

Hiiragi pushed him down, but wasn’t able to do it, and brother escaped……but in reality this is quite a big problem. 

If this gets spread in school, it’s a big problem.

“Did you really not hear anything?”

While I was panicking, I was asked the same question again.

My voice couldn’t come out, so I nodded my head a few times to reply.  

“……I see, then it’s fine. Go home.”


“Your face, it says you want to go home. It’s fine already, so you should go home.”

Even though I was thinking about how to avoid the question till my head felt like it was going to overheat, it seems that he’s letting me go easily.

If that’s the case, I’m glad.

Then the long visit was useless!

“The tea, it was delicious! I’m sorry to have disturbed you!”

I dashed off, and as extended my hand to open the door to exit――



Right behind me, I felt a presence close enough to feel the body temperature.

And then an arm was extended past the side of my face and pressed against the door, keeping it shut.

“Just joking, I still can’t let you get away.”

I heard a voice close to my ear.

It was Hiiragi’s voice.

The low voice that resounded in my eardrum felt like an aggressive attack, I felt scared.


I felt scared, but!

More than that, right now something serious is happening……isn’t this a major incident!

This is……that, so called legendary……!


Isn’t this the kabedon that every girl yearns for!

This isn’t accurately a wall but a door, but above all right now it says ‘Don’!

This is it, this is definitely it!

The distance between us is close, and also there’s a feeling of fear when the pressure of being pushed into a corner, and from there the exaltation arises!



Well, I made a valuable experience!

This is good……I understand the feelings of other girls, even now my heart’s beating……!


When I heard Hiiragi’s voice, I came back to reality.

Huh……by the way, wasn’t I in a crisis?

As I turned my head to see, he was expressionless.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Please continue your sentence.”

I’m certain that ‘As I thought, I won’t let you run’ was the case.

“……No, it’s fine already.”

Hiiragi looked tired. He dropped his arm and went back to the sofa, cradling his head with both his hands.

Surely I couldn’t read the air, but at least I’m aware that I broke the flow.

I felt bad if I just left him alone, so I had no choice but to return to the legendary sofa.

“Uh, I’m……I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, leave it. Someone like me should……”

‘Is that so. Well then, goodbye.’ I was going to leave, but I was going to fall for this troubled person’s looks so I feel uncomfortable.

Besides that, it also felt like he was in despair and I was curious.

Let’s talk for a little while. 

“Did something happen? Something like, problems……If you’re fine with me, I can listen to them.”

As I said that, he slowly lifted up his head and looked at me.

His eyes can’t be seen as usual.

“That, it’s my job though.”

“I know that. But I think it’s the opposite situation right now.”

Hiiragi held his head up and looked at me, sitting upright.

If anyone asked who’s troubled, they would answer that it’s Hiiragi without doubt.

“……Let’s see. Well then, let’s start.”

“Huh? Ah, sure.”

Ah, so you’re telling me about it.

I said I would listen, but I didn’t expect him to tell me about it.

I’m kind of excited.

I should at least sit upright, and face Hiiragi.

It should be about this and that with big brother!

I have released my evil eye already!

“Have you ever thought of seriously killing someone before?”

“Excuse me? Huh, what, no, never.”


What kind of topic is this?

Are you that[1] type of person?

It doesn’t look like he’s joking.

[1] As in being a sadist

“Of course I’ve basically ‘never’ done that either. But you know, things such as the situation, circumstance and timing, if those factors are complete….and at that moment you think, ‘Ah, I can do it now,’ but you’re not confident if your hand could stop.”   

Is this the moment everyone talks about, the devil’s whisper?

The way he whispered sounded like he was possessed.

“You have to think about the people mourning for that person if you kill them, so you can only do something to restrain yourself. Or rather, uh, what kind of topic is this?”

It’s too unexpected to handle.

The meaning is unclear.

Although I was waiting for the 18+ topic, we ended up talking about something dark and I’m honestly downhearted.

My evil eye is starting to protest fiercely!

“Ah, I’m sorry. It’s just that there’s someone who’s in my way. I was just thinking, if that guy wasn’t here then I could’ve gotten what I wanted. Last time, I dropped something from a high place and suddenly thought of something. ‘If that guy could just walk by here.’ Just saying.”

“Is that……”

This is……if you think about it wasn’t his black love originally pink?

Like if how blood was oxidized it’ll become black, that pink also became black!

Of all possibilities, you’re talking about big brother and Haru-nii aren’t you?

This is bad! Haru-nii’s life is in danger!

Danger! Danger! Danger alert!

The broken hearted gay is becoming a yandere!

No, it seems like there’s no dere[1] so it’s just plain illness!

[1] Lovestruck/lovey dovey


He hates big brother that much……Ah, love between gays are deeper than the depths of the sea! Such passion! But on the other hand, the warning siren is ringing.

What should I do? What can I do?!

I want my big brother couple to be happy and be zealous.

The one to protect my dear brothers’ passionate life is me. I’m the protector of passion, Guardian Kahma!

“Well then, you don’t have to go to such a high place!”

“That won’t do. Besides, that’s just one of the examples, like standing in front of him at the train platform……”

“Let’s not ride the train! Just drive the car!”

“When he’s driving and I walk in front of him……”

“Walk! You can walk anywhere else!”

“And when I’m walking at the intersection in front of him……”

“Just stay at home!”

What a difficult person!

I can’t see his ikemen side anywhere!

On top of being plain, he’s got an illness. He’s got no other ikemen characteristics other than his voice.

“What should I do……I actually hate this side of me. Because I’m like this, I wonder if I’m not good enough.” 

Hiiragi held his head with both of his hands once again and sank down.

Even though he’s supposed to have a good physique, he looks really small.

I heard him murmuring, and thought that this person really liked big brother. It was painful to watch.

The stagnate pain of the grudge and jealousy of a broken heart, it feels like he’s tired of himself.

I want to save my brothers, but I wonder if I can also do something for Hiiragi.

For this person,‘lending a hand’ might be an exaggerated way of saying it, but I’d like to be his strength somehow.

“Then why not, if this dark feeling of yours gets worse, contact me for the time being?”

“To you? Why?”

“Thinking alone, and being confined in a shell is depressing so it piles up. If you talk to someone and let it out, the stagnation will become lesser, don’t you think so? Well, why don’t we try it out first? Ah, if you would like to.”

I tried suggesting what I thought.

Problems are something that you tell other people about. When you do, your thoughts will become clear and you’ll feel refreshed afterwards.

Hiiragi opened his mouth and had a blank look.

He stayed in that stiffened state for a while. Then it looked like he had no strength, but a smile appeared on his face.

He returned from being a person who’s quietly troubled. His good attitude has also returned.

“Haha, you don’t have to forcibly use honorifics. Let’s see, can I trouble you?” 

At last I can hear his bright voice. 

“I will still use honorifics. I think I’ll forget sometimes though. Well then, please contact me using Line or email.”

“I’m not using Line. I’ll be using email.”

“All right!”

I got his number for now, and while I check on his illness every time it comes back, I’ll observe him.

With this I can probably sense if my brothers’ body is in danger or not.

Isn’t that a good idea!

After I bid him goodbye, I left the janitor room without the door being slammed this time.



After that, during weekdays when there was school, Hiiragi sent me an email everyday.

Basically ‘That guy’. He didn’t say it clearly, but the content is that every time he sees Haru-ni….his murderous intent explodes.

I felt extremely depressed reading it.

However, I was the one who subscribed to Hiiragi’s e-zine.

This is for my big brother couple, and Hiiragi, so I have to endure it.

When I was thinking about that, my email’s ringtone sounded.

The ringtone is a song from the movie where a long haired woman crawls out from a well.  

There’s probably no other songs that are as addicting as this song. 

And today, yet again ‘She’s coming……she’s definitely coming……’ the ringtone sounded.

“Sorry. I was holding a shovel to fix the flower bed when that guy suddenly passed by. Can I kill him?”

It seems like his illness today is in perfect form as usual.

“>Re: Of course you can’t. Smell the flowers and calm down.”

“Reply……done, sigh…“

By the way, I told Haru-nii to put some salt at the entranceway.

But he just laughed and said ‘What’re you talking about?’ Well, your life’s in danger!

Good grief, is his head filled with having a year-round mating season with big brother?

It’s because you have a life that you can be zealous, you fool!

And then, the following day.

“That guy passed by when I was coiling a 5 metre hose. Can I use it to strangle and hang him?”

“>Re: Of course you can’t. Isn’t this great timing, spray yourself with water and tidy up after you calm down.”

If he caught a cold and laid down on the bed, the demon should leave.

It’s either that or he should just go to a waterfall[1].

[1] To meditate under a waterfall 

And again the following day, I feel like his symptoms are gradually deteriorating……

“I needed to boil water to make tea, but when I looked at the boiling water, I felt like cutting that guy up and putting him in the water. Can I kill him?”


Scary, you’re scary!

What is this psycho horror?! Is this Splatter[2]?!

[2] A horror movie from 2009

If I don’t do something about this, an incident might happen!

I inevitably moved my shivering fingers, and sent a mail.

“>Re: Please, could you stop. Stop the fire, leave the hot water as it is, give up on drinking hot tea and drink a cold one instead. Once you’ve drank a cup, take a deep breath. And then take a nap. It’s an order!”

It’s hopeless, he’s definitely getting worse!!

Just sending a mail makes me uneasy.

I should go and take a look at Hiiragi.

After class was over, I peeled the clingy Kaede off me and walked to the janitor’s room at high speed.

“Are you serious!!”

As I opened the door violently, a scene of deja vu was being played.

Hiiragi was sitting on the sofa with his head being held by both his hands.

I saw this scene before, but I know that this illness is more serious.

The air is heavy, dark, cold.

It feels like another world here.

“……Good grief, you’re a hopeless adult.”

“I have nothing to say. I really am a hopeless adult. My opponent is a high schooler……haha.”

Certainly, a member of society having a high schooler love rival to break your hope and torture you. Furthermore, getting consulting with a young high school student….Yeah, it might be something that’s hard to tell others about.

But, I think love has nothing to do with age.

I sat next to Hiiragi and spoke to him.

It’s no good.

If you said that he was dead with this kind of atmosphere, anyone would believe it.

“Well, it’s because you’re an adult that you have to endure many things, and you might suffer. Isn’t it fine, you don’t have to force yourself to act like an adult.”   

After saying that, he looked at me with transient movement that looked like a ghost.

Wow, his illness is really serious.

On the other hand, I think it’s amazing to be able to love people this way and I envy them.

While I was thinking about that, Hiiragi who was looking at me suddenly grabbed my arm.  

His grip was so strong that it hurt.

I was going to look at him in protest, but this time my body got pushed down.

I was lying down on the sofa before I realized, I looked up and saw Hiiragi’s face in front of me, and that’s the situation right now……what does this mean?

My head was filled with questions.

I was going to ask him ‘What’re you doing?’ and looked up. I swallowed my breath.  

The towel that was around his head came off.

And his long bangs were dangling, I could see his eyes.

Ah, I saw it, I saw it!

This is a questionable situation, but I saw it! I did it!

He had a pair of narrow and sharp golden coloured pupils, exactly like the game.

Wow……he looks cool, amazing, something amazing happened!

“During this kind of situation, why are you smiling?”

The pretty face that I was looking at distorted provokingly.

I gasped as I saw that.

I don’t really understand, but this doesn’t look like a situation where I should be happy about. 

“Huh? I’m not smiling.”

“You are though? Perhaps……you’re pleased with this kind of situation.”

“Huh? I’m not though? What’s with this situation?”

“What do you mean ‘what?’, you should understand by now.”

He put his hand on my cheek, and caressed it.

His slow movement was suspicious, it felt like something bad was going to happen.

“……It really fits you. I’ll go with you.”

As he said that, his terribly well-mannered pretty face came closer to mine.

Ah, this is bad.

I finally understood the situation.

More like, why didn’t I understand till now!

Stupid, idiot, blockhead!

Because I never thought that I’d become a ‘Target’, I didn’t expect this to happen.

While I was thinking about that, Hiiragi’s face was slowly inching closer.

It’s almost breathtaking.

Ah, I can’t, I just can’t, it’s not like I didn’t think that it would be fine if it was an ikemen, but I don’t plan on walking on the sacred BL road!

I started panicking, my body was being held down and I couldn’t move.

Ahh! I need to move somehow!!!    



My head was the only part of my body that could somehow move.

As a result of moving my head, I lunged my head towards Hiiragi’s high nose and made a clean hit.

I managed to raise my body with the gap Hiiragi made after I lunged at him.

That was close……what’s he trying to do!

Hiiragi was holding his nose in pain and I punched his stomach with all the strength I had.


“What’re you doing?! Are you stupid?! When I said that ‘You don’t have to act like an adult,’ I didn’t mean acting like this! What does ‘I’ll go with you’ mean! Am I a replacement for big brother!? That’s obviously impossible! As if I can be a replacement for such a perfect big brother! I’m not even 30% there! And I have the right to choose! Just quickly find your new love, you idiot! First take off that lame towel, cut your hair, if you tidied up you’ll become an ikemen and you should be able to find a partner, idiotttt!”

I pushed Hiiragi aside and after our body completely separated, I gave him another blow as a bonus.


I heard the voice that tried to stop me but ignored it, I roughly opened the door and left the janitor’s room.

But because I closed the door in anger, it sounded like it was going to break and that sound echoed across the hallway but I didn’t care.

Why should I care? 

Good grief, even though I was worried about that idiot and visited him!

Those who love big brother are in the midst of mating season, it’s the best!

But don’t get me involved!

I was storming through the hallway with violent footsteps, but the anger began to rise again.

I don’t feel refreshed, I haven’t said enough!

“I’ll say one more word!”

I turned my heel and walked back, I roughly opened the janitor’s room door again.

I immediately saw Hiiragi with the same pose he made when I left the room.

“Akira-kun! You came back! Listen to me. It’s not like that, I……with you, I really wanted to-”


I screamed at the top of my lungs.


He tried to say something, but I didn’t care.

I said what I wanted to say and left the janitor’s room.

I will never come back here ever again.

Farewell, Hiiragi.



“Why are you so down today. I’m the one who should be angry!”

The following day after parting with Hiiragi.

Today Kaede Mary dragged me to school with him again.

Ever since this morning, he kept asking me, ‘Where did you go yesterday?’ and got scolded……what is this, really.

“I said I understand. You’re really noisy, shut up. You’re only cute when you’re quiet.”

“Wha! D-don’t call me……cute.”

Just like that, it’s best when you’re quiet and embarrassed like that.

My eyes have been blessed, thank you.

I was healed by Kaede a little, but yesterday’s fatigue has not faded yet.

I walked with my head hanging down, then I realized it was very noisy near the school gate.

“Huh, who’s that? He’s so cool!”

“I don’t know. Maybe a new teacher?”

All the girls were making noise and gathering around that person.

I thought it was big brother because he wasn’t here yet, but I was wrong.

It seemed like someone I didn’t know and I wasn’t interested either, so I was going to leave when suddenly――



I was called by someone?

I tried to find the owner of the voice, but couldn’t find where it came from.

I thought it was just my imagination, and continued walking when someone suddenly appeared from the center of all the commotion.

He wasn’t wearing a jacket, but it was an ikemen wearing a suit.

He looks familiar.



Kaede asked in a small voice while I sank in silence.

Of course, I also thought ‘Who’s that?’ for a moment there.

But, I recognize him.

I’ve seen his face nearby yesterday, I can’t forget his beautiful face.

“……Hiiragi-san, the janitor.”

“Huh? Huhh!?”

After hearing my answer, Kaede and the girls around us became noisy.

So they didn’t know.

But……something amazing has been released into this world.

He was different from the open ikemen style in the game. His bangs were also cut and it was tidy. He became stylish with the suit he was wearing, and it felt like his ikemen level was maxed out.

“It’s because you said that I would look better like this. How is it, is it weird?”

“Huh, did I say that?”

“You did. You said that I’d look cool if I tidied myself up.”

It feels like I did, but it also feels like I didn’t.

Honestly, I said it out of anger so I don’t really remember anything.

“Really? Well, you do look better like this. But, are you going to wear  a suit while doing garden work?”

“I’ll change when it comes to that. I’m glad that it’s not weird. Akira, I’m sorry about yesterday. I have something to talk to you about.”

“No, no need. No need to talk either.”

“Then, will you listen to me now?”


What, now?

Of course it’s not fine!

The girls around us were interested and their eyes were shining. Kaede who was next to me murmured, ‘What does yesterday mean?’ and bloodthirst was released in the air.

I don’t know what he wants to say, but it’s definitely something useless.

And he’s suddenly calling me by my name too!

“I’ll come by to listen again! Bye!”

I broke away from the crowd and escaped.

Kaede was endlessly murmuring the same sentence, but he’s still following me closely.

Seriously, you’re totally horrifying.

Ahh, it’s a failure!

Another failure!

I just want to look at BL only!

I don’t want to be involved, I only want to observe them from nearby!

The older brother who was standing behind his younger brother stood still in a daze, and watched the scene in front of him.

And next to him was someone who was recently exposed to life threats without him knowing.

“Hey, Makoto. What does that mean.”



“Ahh…sorry……Akira, that kid is really…”

“After Kaede, that guy too?”

“It’s probably like that. I’m scared of that kid.”

The person next to him thought, ‘You’re the one to talk.’ I’m amazed, but I agree with big brother’s opinion.

“Your charm is the most terrifying to me, but his is certainly awful.”


“Don’t be jealous. I’m saying that if you weren’t included. If you weren’t included, he makes you want to jump at him, or have the impulse to make him yours. That kind of thing.”

“Hmm…? So you were thinking about that kind of thing. I see……”

“Like I said, don’t be jealous.”

The story steadily progresses without the person himself knowing.

The actors are also gathering.

The concern of the previous protagonist, it will accumulate much more from now on.   


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  1. Oh my cheesecake!!!!

    I can’t believe that he actually manage to let the janitor fall for him! Hahahahahaha
    It’s so funny just imagining the scenes being portray.

    Also when he unconsciously admitted to kaede that he is not interested in looking at underwear really look like he is admitting that he is gay… Hahahahahaha

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  3. Ahh… kind of makes you want to step back and say “kowai…” his charm is really scary?!
    Thanks for the chapter.. and there are still 2 more hidden cards? The bloodshed will be horrifying.


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