I Really Can’t Act Chapter 1 (part 1/3)

I Really Can’t Act 

Chapter 1 Mr. Snail (part 1/3)

Translated by @anonymous972wp and proofread by Maraylynx

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“What money, what dowry, it’s just your elder sister selling money!” A handsome young man gnawed his teeth and looked at the beautiful woman standing in front of him as if looking at some piece of wood.

“The man of Li’s family is weak. He married several wives and died. He had a lot of children. Seeing my family’s decline, he decided to take his sister’s advice. God has eyes. He accepted him early. At that time, I was too young to save my sister, but now I have a job. Elder sister, you are so young. Who are you marrying?” The youth was pressing, as if to force his sister to make a decision.

“Sister, have you forgotten? Brother Wang is still waiting for you!” The adolescent finally dropped the last sentence, which made the woman’s eyes suddenly change.

“OK! Cut. “

With the director’s command, the tears in the eyes of the youth and the woman disappeared in a flash, and the two also laughed.

“Very good, very good. Xiao Mei, your mood was a little flat just now. You’d better roar a little more. Do you understand?” The director had a big stomach and gestured towards the young man. “The aunts don’t have good eyes. They don’t feel the same when you’re not in a strong mood, do you understand?”

“I understand.” The young man nodded and signaled that he knew.

“Well, we are going to have dinner. We have more than ten scenes in the afternoon. We will try to finish shooting it this month!” The director left with satisfaction, without any intention of staying to accompany them to have lunch.

It’s been only half a month since the show was launched. According to the director’s plan, the 40 episode play will be finished this month, which is impossible to catch up. In other groups, it’s unfeasible to finish a play in a month and a half. But for them, hey, ride light!

In terms of this TV play, there are those who run for the popularity rating, and naturally there are those who run for the money.

“Li’s Widowed Wife” is such a slogan of women’s self-reliance. It’s called the latest sadistic Anti-Japanese war drama in the Republic of China. In fact, it’s all made up of old-fashioned plots. Netizens often call these “Lei opera” and “Da Ma opera” and so on. Alas, let it go.

Although the plot is old-fashioned, it can’t change the fact that aunts love it.

The leading actors are all unknown and fallen third-rate actors, the price is very cheap, and the acting skills are also a little bit, there is no shelf, natural, fast and good.The TV station is also willing to spend some money to buy these dramas to rush the audience rating of the daytime slot, anyway, it’s ok if it’s not under pressure.

Thousands of TV plays a year can be filmed, so hundreds of them can be aired, which is better than anything.

But just now, the play is about the scene where the younger brother of the hostess comes to ask her sister to remarry, but the hostess refuses to bow, showing her unswerving and noble character.


Well, the screenwriters say it’s all they have to do. They just have to go after the performance and get paid.

“Xiao Mei, you did a good job just now. If you listen to the director, you can’t really go back to roaring brother.” The woman who came to talk to me was Wang Xiaoman, the star of “Li’s Widowed Wife”.

“Hey, Xiaoman, I know.” Youth, that is, Mei Zihan, who plays the role of the heroine’s younger brother, smiled sheepishly.

Mei Zihan is a name that no one knows. On the contrary, people even boast that “the name is really inspirational”.

April showers bring May flowers. Even the children in the first grade know this sentence, is it a model of inspiration?

However, Mei Zihan himself is not very inspirational, or he wouldn’t still be in a Lei drama.

[TN: Lei drama is essentially a TV soap opera.]

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