I Really Can’t Act ToC

I Really Can’t Act


Original Author 青丘千夜



According to Jianghu rumors, the following levels for Mei Zihan’s fans are:

After watching one of his local dramas, they are passersby fans; after watching ten, they are true love fans; after watching all of them, they are fans of the ultimate ashes. But on the way to upgrade fan status, most do not go from passersby fans to true love fans. Instead, the transformation is the blackening of a fan.

Mei Zihan has a glorious name, but he often acts in soap opera with bitter mother-in-law conflicts and anti Japanese war drama. Before meeting Jiang Ying, Mei Zihan’s biggest wish was to become a middle-aged handsome uncle. After meeting him, he was forced to act in the theatre group and go home to practice. What kind of acting do you need for a show that causes brain damage? It’s good enough to live. Honey, I really can’t act!


Translated by @anonymous972wp

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1  Mr. Snail: part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Chapter 2  Script part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Chapter 3  Disqualified 

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